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  1. That’s in a couple of weeks time.
  2. lots coming out this afternoon about him having lost the players in the dressing room and the big wigs cancelling their meetings so they can speak to the Glazers today. I just hope when he does go we don’t end up with Phealen and Carrick as caretaker managers
  3. Can't you go back to pretending you work with all of the ex professional footballers or whatever rather than being a bit of a dick?
  4. Could have at least got it up to 100 days played
  5. Doctor Benjy is probably my FM streamer goto. He's not on at the mo but his first FM2022 stream can be watched here https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1183054489
  6. 2021 was my least played FM ever. Steam says just 13.8 hours! I usually rack up hours into the hundreds. Because of that I've had absolutely no interest in this up until seeing that the beta is out and now my mouse is hovering over the buy now button while I watch a FM streamer
  7. If he doesn't play Ronaldo then everyone will lose their minds again.
  8. We’ve been poor pretty much all season. At least our next few league games aren’t against Man City, Spurs and Liverpool.
  9. Yeah, can't wait for it to start up again after this prolonged international break.
  10. spork


    With Midnight Mass, Maid and Squid Game we've been spoiled by Netflix these past few weeks. Good thing they are keeping the quality up with season 3 of You coming out this week too!
  11. @little che will be taking @sith to every match now I assume!
  12. Do you see yourself playing it past the mythical 30 day mark?
  13. What's worse is that their goal came from a corner that came off a Villa player and then they had an offside player impeding De Gea when the ball went in. My Mike Dean posters went straight in the bin after that. According to this https://www.worldfootball.net/referee_summary/mike-dean/manchester-united/4/ we've lost 6 times at home with Dean officiating (30 games since 2002 fact fans) with the last time being against Arsenal in November
  14. I’ve enjoyed Taskmaster NZ but Greg and Alex really highlighted how rubbish their New Zealand equivalents are in this episode.
  15. I read something saying this will be the 18th (or so?) game he's missed for us due to fitness issues.
  16. Lot's of players with something to prove starting tonight. Actually quite excited to see this lineup.
  17. spork


    Second series of Love On The Spectrum is out. Think The Undateables but actually really good.
  18. I guess including Dizogg was a bit too far-fetched.
  19. It would just be me and Dizogg posting between ourselves.
  20. Waggo is a Leeds fan. If anyone knows about dirty diving it's him!
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