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  1. Well most of us on this board have been playing since beta/launch so i think its safe to say 'yes'.
  2. What about rogues killing people on 50% health during a battle at TM or wherever? If thats not allowed then surely this isnt?
  3. Didnt the article just say you could get cosmetic enhancements rather than weapons and armour? I did only skim through it mind.
  4. spork


    Armcutter was another forumite (think it may have been Spun).
  5. Ithica had a double called Ithika and I recently saw Laithe's double called Lalithe.. It is a bit confusing when you see someone with pretty much the same name as yourself As for music, I usually go for the ingame stuff, although I do find some music for certain zones a bit anoying after a while. Playing to othermusic just doesnt seem right, or is that just me?
  6. Someone posted a screenshot of the undead starting area on the new server. Suddenly I'm not looking forward to the new rppvp server screenie
  7. maybe theyve put a smaller limit on the number of people allowed in for the initial zerg of people who will be trying to get on?
  8. spork


    Whats the mod which tells you how much damage/healing/manause/etc everyone in the party/raid have done?
  9. spork


    My shadow priest spec Bearing in mind this is for a mix of instances, soloing and a bit of pvp. Has served me well so far!
  10. From the top picture it looks like it might be date rape or something. The female looks pretty out of it..
  11. It's coming with the next big content patch apparently. This was just some sort of small fix to BWL (i think?)
  12. That made me chuckle Also, if you want to play a priest I'd say go for it. I can't see too many people who start priests on the new server to carry on playing them for too long for some reason..
  13. Unfortuanetly since ive hit lvl 60 I have sort of got a bit bored too.. Two whole days i havent been online now.. scary stuff! Hopefully the new rppvp realm will be up soon. please.
  14. spork

    Oh Noes!

    What about just 'Sui', seeing as that what we generally call you in guild chat and whatnot?
  15. I've already died for this cause a few times, so count me in!
  16. I haven't so feel free to explain..
  17. It also seems to keep me out of worlddefense chan too. Why do they actually have test servers?
  18. Don't roll your eyes at him, he's probably drunk!
  19. Definetly an undead, and then either a mage or a rogue As for professions, I will probably definetly take skinning to be able to supply for guildies, and then depending on my mage/rogue choice, I shall go either tailoring (mage) or mining (rogue) as I'm sure if I supply the leather some nice leatherworker will be more than happy to make me armor if I need it..
  20. So new name but keep with some sort of rllmuk reference? And as for which class, I'm sort of stuck between being a mage or a rogue.. The stealth ability of the rogue just seems far too appealing, especially for killing alliance without them having a clue at what just happened
  21. Well I'm going to be starting an alt there and then see how it all pans out, but I doubt I'm going to be able to just forget about Ithica or any of my other chars that easily!
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