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  1. Definetly an undead, and then either a mage or a rogue :D

    As for professions, I will probably definetly take skinning to be able to supply for guildies, and then depending on my mage/rogue choice, I shall go either tailoring (mage) or mining (rogue) as I'm sure if I supply the leather some nice leatherworker will be more than happy to make me armor if I need it..

  2. So new name but keep with some sort of rllmuk reference?

    And as for which class, I'm sort of stuck between being a mage or a rogue.. The stealth ability of the rogue just seems far too appealing, especially for killing alliance without them having a clue at what just happened :wacko:

  3. So will everybody be going to this new server then? I might come back then if thats the case.

    Well I'm going to be starting an alt there and then see how it all pans out, but I doubt I'm going to be able to just forget about Ithica or any of my other chars that easily!

  4. Can you imagine the amount of abuse that would go between horde and alliance if we could learn each others language? It's bad enough just having to put up with most of the crap in general chat!

  5. I think he's just dissapointed that WoW doesnt have that old guys voice telling you that there is a new quest that needs doing every other second and that you can actually stray off from the path :lol:

  6. Well I've been rather addicted since the game launched back in February and pretty much end up playing it whenever I'm not working/at college/out.

    It's also got to the point where I log on and can't be bothered to do anything in game so just end up staying for the guild chat...

    I think I probably need help? :D

  7. So is it going to be more of a slowly add new people to our guild type thing rather than have 2 or 3 relatively average sized guilds merge to create try and create an UBER guild?

    Aslong as it still has a sense of being 'our' guild I'd definetly be up for it..

  8. While I think we do need some more new blood in the guild, I'm not entirely sure merging with others would be the best idea, although part of me is quite up for it..

    I guess I'm just a bit worried about the possible politics which could stem from such a merger?

    Aslong as we can prevent all of the crap which has happened to our alliance counterparts on the forum, I see no reason why we couldn't make things work..

    And could we get Bright to join? :D

  9. Does anyone have any idea what runetotem is actually like?

    Will any of the rulers be heading over there?

    Won't disgruntled horde move there and make the situation even worse on ER for horde who do stay?

    Couldnt it also effectively ruin runetotem if too many of one side from ER more their?

    Too many questions!!

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