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  1. Just now, Nicky said:

    spork wait! has he had his over the bar shot already???

    He tried to take a shot but missed the ball completely. Not sure if that’s a sign!

  2. 1 minute ago, Hamus said:

    The Magic of the Cup

    Man City's part time £60m winger (one of the best in the world) gets a start to easily finish off a Championship side.


    Brighton outplay Man United but lose in a shootout and the big teams get to Wembley.

    Have you not seen any of our recent shootouts? Brighton have this in the bag.

  3. 13 minutes ago, feltmonkey said:

    How have Brighton got away without a single booking so far?


    That's at least the third booking Webster alone should have had. This is bizarre.

    Counted 4 that should have been yellows. Then the studs up tackle that we’ve seen Casemiro sent off for only getting a yellow 🤷‍♂️

  4. Shaw and Lindelof as centre backs doesn't exactly give any more confidence than having Maguire in the team. Our sub defenders are Malacia and Brandon Williams, so hopefully there aren't any injuries!

  5. 45 minutes ago, CheekyLee said:

    Over the last few years Trent has more assists from right back than any midfielder in the country except Kevin De Bruyne. I'd be willing to be he's had more clean sheets than most other defenders, too. This season is the blip, not the norm. Even in this "poor" season we've won by 5, 9, and most impressively of all 7.


    We have won literally everything we ca in that time frame. Our title-winning season was over sooner than any other seaon. We came closer to the quad than any other team in history. Been in 3 Champions League finals. And we've done it all without the oil billions that others have had pumped in to them.


    The stick that everyone keeps beating us with? It's made of envy. Trent is not a problem, and every other team in the world wants one like him.

    :lol: he’s the new Deli Alli!

  6. While this was the fourth Spanish side we faced in this campaign. This is also the sixth season in a row we’ve been knocked out of Europe by a Spanish team and three of those times it has been Sevilla.

  7. I imagine DDG is staying for one more year as our number 1 because at the very least we also need to buy a striker, centre midfielder and presumably a defender if/when Maguire goes.

  8. DDG has to take most of the blame. Just because Maguire is calling for the ball doesn’t mean he should get it. DDG should have seen the three players ready to pounce.

  9. Personal numbers are better!



    You slayed the Diablo® IV Open Beta, spork, and we’ve got the stats to prove it.

    Sanctuary extends its deepest gratitude to you for committing over 8 hours to completing 39 story quests and slaying 4,455 monsters during testing. The local denizens greatly appreciate the sacrifices made to keep them safe, earning you 455 Renown while in the Fractured Peaks.

    This may be a time of great pain for Sanctuary, but you still made impressive gains and collected 72,292 gold while adventuring. Whether locating missing villagers or tracking down Lilith’s unruly worshipers, little excuse was needed to send you underground to conquer 5 dungeons.



  10. On 22/03/2022 at 09:25, Halo said:
    • Bridge of Lies - Weekdays 4:30pm on BBC1 - A quiz where players have to get across the floor within a time limit by selecting correct answers. Hosted by Ross Kemp. None of that sounds appealing but the twist is that it’s actually good, more than fills it’s time and is genuinely exciting. Recommended if you get the chance to catch it.


    We have recently become hooked on this as they were showing repeats of the first series at 4.30 on weekdays and it happened to fit in with us both having an hour free. It's so good and has a perfect playing along at home feel to it similar to things like Pointless. Two thumbs up!

  11. 6 minutes ago, JamesTW said:

    Weren’t City everyone’s favourite team the previous 5 years? 


    Depends how unlikeable the team they were competing against was I guess.

  12. Yeah, the only thing old trafford has going for it for an international tournament is the capacity. It's a bit rubbish compared to most other stadiums these days.

  13. 8 minutes ago, Bobbi Champagne Jr said:

    They're called Auto-Shooters aren't they?

    I don't think 20 minutes Till Dawn falls into this category as it's a twin stik shooter.

    There is a bit of a crossover generally. 20 Minutes starts with you having to aim and shoot but you end up with loads of auto firing weapons and effects.

  14. Soulstone Survivors is my favourite survivors-like (definitely can be regarded as a genre with how many of them there are now, even if the name sucks). It's a bit faster paced and there are lots of red on the ground type attacks to avoid. All of the classes feel different too with their different weapons and skills. Would recommend!


    My next favourite is Army Of Ruin. It's not as good as VS or Soulstone, but it is compelling enough for me to want to unlock more things. Maybe feels a bit slower and more mobile phone game port than anything. Would still recommend though.


    20 Minutes Till Dawn is another that people seem to like a lot but I struggled to get into it and the early game felt a bit too slow. Would probably still recommend, but only because it's just £3.50 or something like that.


    Will buy the bundle later!

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