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  1. never mind that, it’s only like 2 weeks or so until the next round of the league cup!
  2. spork


    Time to sign Ronaldo!
  3. Is there much drama to be had with tonight’s games?
  4. Would have been better to see Ghana players all celebrate at the end as if they’ve won.
  5. Who cares when they have 22 world class players in their team!
  6. I've played a few rounds of this. On my third go I beat the 5 bosses and three portals opened up. No idea what they were but I walked into a purple one with an infinity sign and it started a new level with all of my skills and levels intact. The second time I beat the 5 bosses only one portal appeared which I walked into and it took me to the main menu. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Can't win the World Cup without boring at least one big team to tears before scoring a lucky deflected header from a corner.
  8. The extra teams isn't too bad imo but the groups of 3 is going to be absolutely fucking terrible.
  9. Can't remember which game it was, but Alan Shearer commentated on a Man United match recently and I remember thinking how surprisingly good he was. I was then equally surprised last night when there was no complaining about how terrible he was in this thread during the match.
  10. This is the last 10am game isn't it? It's always a sad when you lose a set of daily fixtures during the world cup.
  11. Gutted to realise Germany will probably still get through to the next round even if they lose tonight.
  12. He’s been taking positional advice from Rooney.
  13. That was a banging Friday night game!
  14. Iran to go through as group winners after beating USA and Wales to go through after beating England 3-0.
  15. If I only have The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Steam do I need to buy the GOTY edition to get all the fancy new things?
  16. After how bad Ronaldo has been this season, his interview with Piers and then being released as a free agent with no payoff, he's going to be absolutely amazing this world cup and everyone will go on about how Man United were stupid to let him go.
  17. FIFA 23 with 40% off is still £36. I’ve not got any interest in it but didn’t realise it was on for so much without a massive discount.
  18. spork

    The Man Utd Thread

    Wonder whether we’ll bring anyone in as a replacement.
  19. I guess you’ll be adding two of the main favourites Argentina and France along side England there?
  20. Wonder whether Iran will carry on with the time wasting?
  21. Why aren’t we doing the Love Train during corners any more?
  22. They brought Madge's ghost out for nothing?!
  23. spork

    The Man Utd Thread

    Dan James plays for Fulham??
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