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  1. I went on a bit of a silly spree and picked up: Kine - Edge 9/10 I believe and been in my wishlist for a while Gris - beautiful looking ethereal platformer Touryst - based on recommendations in this thread Bro Force - 'Merica!!! Pac-Man Championship Ed. 2 - Classic Katamari Damacy Reroll - always wanted it in my library 50% Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 - for the boy Assault Android Cactus+ - Based off of this thread Super Meat Boy - for the 3rd time Lethal League Blaze - for Jet Set Radio vibes Goddamn sale blowout....
  2. Make sure one of you keeps a claymore or bouncing betty and bait them towards you That...or a rocket launcher or C4. Easy.
  3. I bought it. It's still fucking amazing. Graphics are absolutely phenomenal and the nostalgia you will feel jumping from one set piece to the next is truly something. The sound of the M4. The ACR heartbeat sensor. Cliffhanger. Perma-smile. Can't wait to keep playing and keep smiling today. You also get the added bonus of some cool weapon blueprints and Ghost skin for MW. Also with regards to MW2 multiplayer: I would be totally ok with that. Modern Warfare's gunplay and graphics with all the classic maps and without the cheap annoying things MW2 had like one man army noob tubes, tac insert nuke boosters, etc.
  4. Apparently, MW2 multiplayer maps will keep getting included into Modern Warfare to extend the lifecycle of the game as we probably won't be getting Black Ops 5 this year.
  5. Hope Mario 64 looks something like this:
  6. Can't wait for all of these, especially as I've never played the Galaxies which are meant to be some of the best Marios of all time. Surprised it took this long, as there have been HD versions of Mario Galaxy for the Chinese Nvidia Shield market for quite some time.
  7. Is this available anywhere online?
  8. Gulag. Spray Paint everyone before you go into 1v1. Bright yellow or red. They'll be much easier to spot when you go up against them.
  9. Any word on how the Switch version holds up against its PS4 and XBO counterparts? If it's decent I'll definitely go with that version.
  10. Some cool things you might not have known you can do in Warzone. I love the dying on purpose while getting run over, self-rezzing and then. killing the driver one
  11. I've come in third 3 times and 2nd once and I only play solo. It is possible, and I'm determined to get there Here's a cool little easter egg - if all three of your team have UAVs and activate them at the same time, then you will get an Advanced UAV for short amount of time. Another interesting theory going around is that if you do enough contracts during a game, then you will activate a nuke. Here's Shroud giving it his best (a really cool video):
  12. I disagree. I know we're only a few days in, but so far this is the best BR I've ever played. Better than Pubg, better than Blackout, better than Apex, better than Fortnite. There is so much to love - the gunplay, the map design, the variety of POIs, the bounties, the cash system, the auto collecting and auto healing, the gulag second chances. I don't see myself playing anything else for a long time. The only thing this needs is solos and duos and then it would be perfect.
  13. Well, I'm definitely impressed so far. Played for about 4 hours last night. I ended up turning off Fill in Squad and would just drop in Solo and try my luck. The best I managed was 5th, but even that felt like an accomplishment as I was gunned down by a full party. The map is amazing. At first I thought it was too big, but it really seems like you're constantly in action. 150 players with players coming back from the dead after the Gulag as well as being revived means that there's constantly people parachuting in and around the corner. I also loved doing the side missions of bounties and recon challenges - a great little addition to the BR genre. Can't wait for a proper solo mode to come though. I think it's just a matter of time.
  14. Mine still says Incoming Transmission...
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