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  1. I really think this is what it is, especially when you consider the rumours that the battle royale map will be a combination of all the spec ops maps as one giant map for 200 players. Rumours are that it launches next week. Fingers crossed.
  2. Nice to see Capernaum in there. More people should see it - absolutely phenomenal movie and very close to home for me. Didn't make my list though as I watched it last year. Anyways, here's my Top Ten: 1. Uncut Gems 2. Knives Out 3. Joker 4. Parasite 5. Hustlers 6. The Irishman 7. Midsommar 8. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 9. Avengers Endgame 10. Ford v Ferrari Films that just missed the top ten: Us, Dolemite, Peanut Butter Falcon, I Lost My Body, Pain and Glory, Toy Story 4, Ad Astra. Still need to watch Marriage Story, Monos, Lighthouse, Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Jojo Rabbit amongst others. I have a feeling some of these might change my list somewhat.
  3. The spawns on Shipment are absolutely ridiculous. Look what happens when this guy spawn traps a whole team with his Wilson over and over.
  4. So this is a nice little Easter egg. Apparently one of the Russian signs in St. Petrograd translates as follows:
  5. Well...I loved it! Definitely not perfect by any means but a fitting farewell overall and redeems the bad taste left by Last Jedi. Goodbye to the story that began the same year I did. It's been epic.
  6. New content incoming today: Vacant, Shipment, New 2v2 content, Dropzone, etc. Not really sure why they keep changing the maps though - I wasn't a big fan of the new "safe spaces" in Crash, and now it looks like people can go on top of the containers in Shipment. Weird.
  7. I still don't get why Scrapyard and Vacant aren't in the game as stand-alone 6v6 multiplayer maps as they already exist within the game (in Spec Ops and Ground War). I know that Vacant is coming soon, but they shouldn't be drip feeding us this stuff.
  8. I bought a launch PAL one in 95, my first year of uni in Manchester. Damn I feel old. So many amazing memories though - Gran Turismo, Tekken 3, Wipeout 2097, Metal Gear, Micro Machines, Ridge Racer, Soul Blade / Calibur, Tony Hawk, Resident Evil. What a machine! Sidenote - I was lucky enough to win a limited edition 20th Anniversary PS4 and ended up selling it for 2,500 quid to a rich kid in Dubai Is there a 25th anniversary edition, so I can try to take advantage again?
  9. MW Battle Pass Season 1 has been leaked - all 104 tiers of it: https://www.dexerto.com/call-of-duty/modern-warfare-season-one-battle-pass-leaked-100-tiers-camos-more-1292628 The good news - So far, it seems like the pass has got a lot less filler items than BO4's battle pass did - less emblems and calling cards and more operator skins, new weapons, weapon variant blueprints, charms, watches, etc. The bad news - Only 23 out of the 104 tiers are available for everyone for free. The other 81 tiers (including all 12 operator skins) are part of the premium paid version.
  10. One of my favourite innovations is the fact that you can edit your loadout and Gunsmith stuff while the match is going on!
  11. Yep, update looks like it will have loads of content:
  12. I really wish they had a FOV slider for consoles, like they do with PC. I don't see why not, as they already do it to a certain degree when you use Dead Silence and it runs fine.
  13. This does look absolutely phenomenal! Having never played a flight simulator before though, is there an actual "game" in there (like Pilotwings) or is it just flying around different aircraft from point A to point B taking in the breathtaking scenery?
  14. With Modern Warfare having just been released under two months ago (and being one of the best CODs since MW2 IMO), Activision is already causing a bit of controversy with their next COD game. Originally, they had Raven & Sledgehammer producing a Vietnam era Cold War COD title for release at the end of 2020. Now, it looks like they've been given the back seat and Treyarch will now take the lead on bringing us Black Ops 5 instead. This is most likely due to the fact that WW2 was highly regarded as the worst COD game in a long time, but also because BO4 was their most profitable generating over $800 million in microtransactions. Personally, I think they should take a year off and keep pumping out content for Modern Warfare. The gameplay and graphics are the best they've ever been and hopefully the seasonal content which should be starting in December won't fuck it up for us like BO4's did. Here's more info: https://kotaku.com/sources-call-of-duty-2020-in-upheaval-as-treyarch-take-1834858368
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