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  1. Small status update regarding my table artwork if you're interested. After receiving a couple of proofs from the Big Bang artist mentioned above, I really wasn't that convinced about the way it was going. My initial brief was to fill up the cab with as many pinball, videogame and arcade characters and the artist just wasn't willing to budge. Here are his first couple of proofs he sent me: Version 1 Version 2 So after receiving the first version, I started researching other artists that specialise in pinball designs and eventually I fo
  2. I think they've done it on purpose, so that when the next gen versions come out, they look absolutely amazing. Kind of like what NBA2K did.
  3. I was prepared for this to be Lego Mario levels of disappointment. Now it seems I have to get it!!!
  4. Here's a semi-decent match of me playing Dom on the new Cartel map:
  5. Anyone been playing the beta? I've pretty much been playing it non-stop the whole weekend and overall it's a little rough IMO. - Everyone seems to be a COD god now: skill based matchmaking means that if you do well in a few rounds, you will be put up against pro level gamers in the following couple of matches. Such a ridiculous system Activision has now. - It's kind of hard to see enemies. especially on maps like Miami. And what were they thinking about putting those giant bushes in the middle of Cartel? - The lag seems to be pretty bad, especially when you
  6. Thought the flip grip would satisfy my itch...It just accelerated the craving
  7. I kind of went all in on this pinball thing. I really wanted to buy a proper pinball table to have at home for me and the kids to enjoy. So I did quite a bit of research over the past month and found that at the end of the day they are really expensive and maintenance is usually a bit of a headache. So I started looking at the best digital pinball alternatives and found an Australian company called Xtreme Gaming Cabinets who seemed the best ones in terms of what they were offering over their competition. Basically, I ended up getting their 2in1 Virtual Pinball machin
  8. Buy this (if you want to spend a little): Or these (cheaper alternative):
  9. Played my wilcard, took out Son but somehow miraculously still managed to hit 99 points and now I'm 3rd!!!! Highest I've ever been in the Rllmuk League in 4 years playing. The only way is down....
  10. Why couldn't these Treyarch fuckers just come out with 15 new multiplayer maps for MW instead? The MW engine is miles better in terms of graphics, movement and overall gameplay. This yearly cycle that Activision forces upon its devs is really hurting the franchise I feel. I've still bought it as COD is what I mostly play online with my friends, but don't really have high hopes. Fingers crossed the game comes with a new Warzone map.
  11. I jumped straight into Galaxy as I've never played it before. A couple of stars in and it really is something special isn't it!!!
  12. You can download the multiplayer alpha of this today and play it tomorrow (on PS4 only).
  13. I just bought myself a Flip Grip for the Switch, and ended up buying all the Pinball FX tables for the 3rd time (PS Vita / PS4 and Android beforehand), just coz I had to have them on the Switch. Firstly I was disappointed that my Hori Split Pad Pro joycons don't work on the thing . But once I got used to the smaller Nintendo ones again, it really is an amazing simple piece of kit and makes vertical games, expecially Pinball FX, much more enjoyable. Quick question - there are a bunch of tables missing - all the Marvel ones, South Park ones, Plants vs. Zombies etc. What'
  14. I watched a bunch of Scump's stream last night, and I actually liked the look of it tbh. Then again...it is Scump and he shat on everyone so it could just be that!
  15. Huge multiplayer reveal! The ship to ship map looked fantastic. The desert and Miami ones also looked like they played well. I'm excited!
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