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  1. Anyone know how to change the NAT Type from Moderate to Open? I have Google Mesh Wifi if that helps???
  2. This feels really really really good so far. Any idea on when we can play ground war?
  3. Holy shit. Check out this Ground War map. Looks insane. Can't wait to fire it up tonight.
  4. I have both the Skull & Co Gripcase and the Hori Switch Pad Pro. Hori wins by a landslide in terms of comfort.
  5. With Mario & Sonic at the Olympics getting a 34. Not great for what was meant to be one of Nintendo's biggest games of Q4. I'm already getting buyer's regret
  6. Does this list still apply if you're a noob to Overwatch? https://www.denofgeek.com/us/games/overwatch/273227/best-overwatch-characters-for-beginners
  7. Gone Girl 5/5 Always thought I had watched this but it turns out I had confused it with Gone Baby Gone with the other Affleck. Anyways, what an absolute masterclass in thrilling storytelling and filmmaking. David Fincher at his very best and Rosamund Pike plays one of the best psycho women ever.
  8. https://www.amazon.com/Nintendo-Switch-Machina-Ergonomic-Controller-Handheld/dp/B07T5QKKVP
  9. Don't think this has been posted Not really sure why they went with the blur effect in the end. I definitely prefer it without.
  10. Thanks a lot for the recommendation. Wouldn't have found it on the eshop if you hadn't posted this. Put in 6 hours already...really good game!
  11. I played my first ever game of Fortnite ever last night - mainly coz I'm testing out my new Switch Hori Joycons. No clue what I was doing. Didn't build any apartment complexes this game is so well known for. And I ended up winning :O Definitely full of bots. Also...I prefer Blackout.
  12. So this thing finally arrived and I've been playing the Switch exclusively in handheld the last 5 days or so just to fully test it out. And the bottom line is that it's truly awesome and well worth the purchase IMO. The Hori Split Pad is so comfortable to play long sessions on and I was really surprised that it was so light. The thumbsticks are really well designed - a lot bigger and therefore more precise - ideal as Overwatch just got released. I also tried out the dpad with the only fighter I have (DBFZ) and it feels perfect. There are additional buttons on the back that can be programmed but I haven't made much use of them till now. The build is quite solid, but that's to be expected as it's actually licensed by Nintendo. The initial shock at the size of the controllers is soon forgotten about (especially if you have big hands) and I don't think I'll be able go back to the Nintendo Joycons anymore. Highly recommended.
  13. I've binged the whole of season 1 and half of season 2 over the course of this last week. What an unbelievable show! I'm shocked that this thread isn't a lot longer to be honest. For me, I see a lot of similarities between this and Game of Thrones. It's as if Tywin Lannister was a media mogul and Jaime, Cersei and Tyrion were all jostling for position and fucking each other over to succeed him. The actors are all amazing, and the writing very sharp. So happy they renewed for Season 3.
  14. It's just a way of Sony stamping their exclusivity in some way. It beats the alternative of having a season pass with paid multiplayer maps releasing early on PS4. Now, the maps will all be free with no season pass and launch at the same time on PS4, XBox and PC. Not a bad trade off I feel.
  15. My second set of Joycons have now started to drift to the left, and it's getting really annoying and tiresome. Cleaning them once in a while is basically just a temporary solution and I can't be fucked to take them apart to maybe fix them. So I've just gone ahead and ordered the officially licensed HORI Switch Split Pad Pro: Reviews so far have been very favourable, and as I mainly play in handheld mode these seem like a perfect (and hopefully longer-lasting) replacement. The lack of rumble and gyro isn't a dealbreaker for me anyway as not many games take advantage of that functionality. Here's a review if anyone is thinking about getting them. I'll update with my feedback once they arrive:
  16. The M4 was definitely my most played weapon by far. But last night I ended up trying the Odin and it has quickly become my assault rifle of choice. If you put stopping power on it (no need for munition packs in ground war as they're all over the place anyway), then it's a two shot kill from any range. Absolute beast. The MP5 is a monster too - close second or third best gun in the game. So sad that the beta is done, but there is so much to look forward to for when the game launches properly next month. Here's the video that made me try out the Odin:
  17. Just watched this video on running homebrew on your jailbroken Switch. It really doesn't look too complicated to set up and the homebrew switch scene seems like it's quite far advanced. It would be nice to get all those retro emulators including the N64, plus being able to watch youtube / netflix / plex etc. Also the fact that you can essentially dump your game cartidges on your SD card is nice. Has anyone here done it? I think I will once I buy a second Switch (holding out for the Pro next year).
  18. Ground War 32 v 32 is just phenomenal - so hectic and full of action at every turn. I really see myself spending the most amount of time in this mode when the game launches. Hopefully they add a few more maps to this mode. My usual strategy at the moment in GW involves patroling the rooftops of those two central buildings near C flag as that tends to be where the majority of the action is. @Dave White I like your tactics of using Overkill with a Sniper rifle backup. Might try that tonight, though I'm sure I will miss my handy rocket to blow up tanks and helicopters and get those kills. My best games so far in multiplayer have been a 35-6 and 32-2 on Domination, both of them in Gun Runner. Mainly involving camping in that small room with the tiny passage with claymores on both sides and just waiting for my VTOL and Heli Support to come in.
  19. I think there was an option. I saw a video of Shroud playing a tournament with Scump and a couple of other COD pros and he was using the mouse and keyboard while they were on controllers.
  20. Well I liked the beta overall! It wasn't perfect by any means, but the good definitely outweighed the bad for me and I'm hopeful I can finally wipe the bad taste of BO4 out of my mouth and get back into COD on a daily basis like a few years ago. The good: - Graphics: this the best that COD has ever looked IMO - The guns and gunsmith: Spent a lot of my time making different class setups with the same guns but with different attachments and perks to see the variations and results. I have high hopes for this. The guns themselves also feel real meaty and it's the first time in a while that I feel the submachine guns and shotguns will be just as used as ARs (kind of like how MW2 was). - The maps: I know there's a lot of hate at the moment about the fact the maps don't have the traditional 3 lane design etc. To me, I prefer these kinds of asymmetrical maps as they remind me of some of my favourites from MW2 like Aghan, Estate, Favela. Irregular shapes, places to hide and take a breather. Once you learnt them, they start making a lot more sense and you can rack up some kills. Also, new maps that will be introduced during the games lifecycle will be FREE. - The killstreaks: Once I got over the personal UAV / UAV / Predator missile combo and unlocked some of the higher streaks like the VTOL (basically harriers from MW2) and the Pavelow one, they felt extremely effective. I love me some overpowered killstreaks. - The different modes: I thoroughly enjoyed testing out night mode and the 2v2 gunfight modes. Can't wait for next weekend when Ground War 32v32 is introduced! Also, I'm sure they will have a Battle Royale map ready if not by launch then early next year. - Crossplay - can't wait to see if this really ends up working. The bad that a lot of people are complaining about: - Lag: First day I experienced a bit of lag, but nothing more than normal. The rest of the 3 days felt smooth as butter (I'm on Middle Eastern servers though so it could be different for Europe and the States). Think this should be sorted out by the game's release. - The mini-map. Really not sure why Infinity Ward broke something that didn't need fixing. The compass / different minimap combo they went with don't do it for me and hopefully they go back to the way the minimap has always been. - The respawing - I don't want to wait 5 seconds to jump back in the game. Needs to be fixed. - The spawns: sometimes the spawns were ridiculously shit, but Inifinity Ward claimed that it will be sorted by the time the game releases - Camping: yes, there was a lot of camping. But I have a simple solution - they can just change the way the Ghost perk works. Currently, they just don't show up on the minimap at all. Change it so that they show up if they don't move out of a building or aren't moving at all for more than 3 seconds. Overall, it's just a more old-school tactical shooter that remind me a lot of the original COD4 and MW2. And since those are my favourite two of the series (MW2 especially) I really have high hopes for this. And whoever mentioned the microtransactions - what else did you expect from Activision? You don't have to buy them though. And word is that you will be unlocking them the more you play as well with daily challenges, etc. Anyways, fingers crossed. And more impressions after this weekend.
  21. Been playing solidly all weekend. Currently at level 20 and been busy trying to rank up the M4, AK47 and the MP5 so I can unlock the attachments with gunsmith. Man, this is a good return to form after BO4. No bullshit specialists, just proper good gunplay. Took me a while to figure our the maps and playstyle, but once I did I've been able to get chopper gunners quite a few times. You just have to play a bit slower and smarter. Great beta so far and really looking forward to the full game!
  22. Anyone know if your leftover COD points from BO4 will end up being usable for this? I pre-ordered yesterday and there seemed to be a bit of an overlap with BO4 (like exclusive blackout skins etc) so hopefully they will.
  23. Nowhere near enough memory! I got myself a 400GB one and its 75 gigs shy of being full.
  24. New Kirby impressions: Game looks like it was originally meant for mobile. Doesn't look great.
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