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  1. Top ten of all time for me. Watched it countless times and as kerraig mentions, it was a glorious time for cinema. Also, I really need this on my wall:
  2. Played a couple of games last night with randoms...didn't go so well. I kept panicking mid or post firefight with forgetting the buttons to heal up and chuck a grendade. Anyways, this might help a few: Will be on again tonight (PS4).
  3. Second best homebrew handheld I've ever owned (after the GPD XD)! Besides all the SNES, Megadrive, GBA etc emaulators and roms, you will need Wipeout, Pinball FX, Everybody's Golf, Hotline, Runner2, and Shovel Knight as essentials. It's a great machine. Enjoy! Switch is miles better though and not really sure what you mean by ergonomically a mess.
  4. Right analogue stick controls confirmed for Switch. Might be tempted now.
  5. I would love to go Switch for the portability factor, but lack of analogue triggers control will probably persuade me to go PS4 instead. Can't wait! Probably my most anticipated game of this year and the one I will probably sink in the most hours on.
  6. Having completely forgotten my XBox One S for over a year (mainly focusing on my Switch and PS4 instead), I recently turned it on and updated it etc mainly due to buying a new 4K tv. This Game Pass thing is pretty much all I need now for the XBox. I don't mind paying $10 a month for loads of free games that I wouldn't normally buy, especially when you throw in AAA titles like Forza 4 Horizon in there. It's a fantastic service - Sony and Nintendo should take note. How long do games last on there usually? What happens if they're removed - does it automatically get deleted from your harddisk?
  7. I'll take either a PS4 or XBone code if anyone has one spare. Cheers.
  8. Been playing quite a bit of this over the holidays. I'm mediocre at best as it's my first Smash, but i'm absolutely loving it. Unlocked 90% of the characters by now too. Couple of questions. What should I be spending my money/credits on in World of Light. I'm a little bit lost in terms of what to do or which spirits are good (I usually just Autopick). How do I unlock Piranha Plant - I pre-ordered ages ago, but I can't find the email with the code anymore. Any other way. I've had most fun unlocking in Smash and Classic mode. Beside World of Light, any other modes fun? I've yet to go online as I'm a bit scared
  9. To be fair, this update has a shit ton of new content: new multiplayer maps, overhauled Blackout maps, new Zombies map, new Blackjack Market, etc. I think it warrants it. It's a really good update IMO. Things are definitely moving in the right direction.
  10. New DLC Maps Madagascar and Elevation revealed here (skip to 6minutes to check them out):
  11. I hit Tier 200 last night, so the Hudson Blackout character and Blinding Glory ICR are finally mine!
  12. Looks like the forum is a little over this game? I'm still very much into Blackout mode and play it daily - absolutely love it. Kind of over multiplayer myself, until they add some new maps. And I never play Zombies. But still...Blackout!!! Speaking of which, there are some massive changes coming on Monday/Tuesday: - New Operation Absolute Zero with 100 tiers (no more reserves and you'll know what you're getting) - New specialist: Zero (hacker with EMP grenade) - 3 new weapons - SMG, Assault Rifle and Melee (not locked behind supply drops and available in Blackout and Multiplayer) - New Blackjack shop mechanics - More weapon camos - Updated Blackout map - most likely going to be snow and ice covered, with the addition of Hijacked - Armour repair system, new vehicle and audio improvements for Blackout - THROWABLE SNOWBALLS!!!! - Bunch of Zombies additions This is their biggest update yet and it looks very promising. I'm a little worried about the specialist in multiplayer though. The streaks are hard enough to get already and I hope Zero doesn't have the ability to just hack your Sentry or Assault Chopper and instantly make it theirs. Still, very much looking forward to a breath of fresh air for the game. For a list of all the changes: https://www.treyarch.com/blog/2018-12/black-ops-4-s-new-operation-arrives-december-11-on-ps4
  13. Smash Bros virgin here. How do you pick up stuff? Is there a training mode to learn the moveset?
  14. Hijacked confirmed for Blackout next week! That's what the 14gig update was about. There's even talks of it being a free multiplayer map as well.
  15. Here's a recent win on Blackout. Such a great feeling when you're making all the right moves (except when I totally miscalculate where the last guy was at). Theatre mode not working for me so I uploaded with sharefactory which is why the first two kills are missing. Still a pretty cool gameplay of me advanced camping in an open field
  16. Yeah I agree. It was my go-to location for landing in the beta when no one really knew about it and now I don't ever bother. Having said that, to unlock the Dempsey character, you need to get this item that only spawns there so I'm gonna have to go back there soon.
  17. According to recent tweets from David Vonderhaar, they have already updated the Blackout map at Treyarch by adding new areas / locations and he has already played it. I am assuming it's in the testing phase now. If I had to guess, the first additional location they will add will either be Carrier or Hijacked in the water. Carrier would be absolutely epic in Blackout - multilevel, helipad, quite a large map, etc. They're also planning to add weapon camos, more characters and other cosmetics. People are suggesting these additions will be put into place in as little as 2-3 weeks time. Fingers crossed, as Blackout is definitely the best mode in this game.
  18. They've added two free map variants: Firing Range Night and Seaside Sunset. For me, Seaside is nicer, Firing Range is worse.
  19. These guys are pretty awesome. Most of their videos and insanely difficult challenges (like coming back on Domination after being down 0-199 and winning, 499-0 Hardpoint comeback etc). Super entertaining, great teamwork. Here's their most recent one - winning a TDM with only one of their team getting all 75 kills
  20. New update up and I have to say something - Fuck Activision and their shitty fucking Blackjack Store. $20 for two gun camos?!?!?! One which was already in the game by mistake (the maddox one), and one which was already in the game as an "exclusive" pre-order Gamestop bonus (Strife). What an utter ripoff. Ridiculous! Most sane people are also not going to pay $8-9 for a skin that they can't see, so character skins are pretty useless. Don't even get me started on the badges, calling cards or decals - who cares about that shite? All we wanted wanted new weapons, variants and camos. If $20 is their new pricing, they can get stuffed.
  21. I've won a fair few as well and generally get in the top 10 on most goes and I only play solos. Great advice by @Minion but I tend to play a bit more aggressively than passively. My go-to place on the map at the beginning of most matches is the underground bunker of Fracking Tower. I don't open the blast doors, but get there through the secret exit building that has stairs leading down to it. For some reason, hardly anyone goes that way, and even if they do end up getting in through the blast doors, you will end up grabbing a weapon on the way into that room to get an easy first kill. 90% of the time there a crate in there with a Paladin and a fully kitted out vapr or kn, trauma kits and some awesome perks. Speaking of perks, make sure you manage them well. Dead Silence and Skullker are the best two by far and I always tend to save them till the end or if I happen to hear someone closeby. Avoid vehicles as much as you can unless you're really far from the circle. I also generally tend to run to the outer edge of the circle almost immediately and then patrol the perimeter. Lastly, the equipment that is essential are the cluster grenades and sensor darts, with grappling hook coming in third.
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