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  1. 1 hour ago, Shaky burn said:

    The pc inside my cabinet doesn’t have wifi and i can’t get Ethernet to it, so when adding tables, I’ve used a laptop to download them onto a usb drive and then plug that into my cabinet and move them across. I am a bit of a muppet where anything  technical is concerned, so have kept away from messing with the software too much, in case I completely f*** it up😨


    Is there an idiots guide anywhere, to do the update?  And it doesn’t adversely affect any of your 10.6 tables etc?

    I transfer everything over USB to my cab as well.


    Download this - https://github.com/vpinball/vpinball/releases/download/v10.7.0-367-e242d7c/Main.Download.Minimal.-.VPinballX7_Minimal.zip


    And then overwrite all the files into your Visual Pinball folder.  Create backups of all your existing files if you're worried.  It's very hard to mess it up don't worry.

  2. 2 hours ago, Shaky burn said:

    That’s great, thank you 🙏 . Will it work on 10.6 vpx ?( I don’t  have the 10.7 beta installed )

    Not sure.  But why don't you just upgrade to 10.7?  It's not in beta anymore and there's a full release.  Just overwrite the files - it's very simple to do.  I'm on 10.7.1

  3. I'll have to admit defeat this week.  Can't break my 333M on LW3 and I think I'm done with it for a while.


    I have a nice surprise for you guys.  One of my favourite pinball tables is Ghostbusters by Stern but it's always been a bit dodgy on VPX.  Firstly, it uses the rom from Farsight's Pinball Arcade version (which is technically illegal) so it's never been readily available on VPF or VPU.  And secondly, the physics were terrible.


    I reached out to a creator on Facebook who created a VPW-like recreation and he shared it with me in private and it plays fantastic.  So now I'll share it with you and I suggest we do this one this week.  What do you guys think?


    Here's the link to download: https://we.tl/t-Kf61G925VZ



  4. Damn!  Nice one Cheeko.  Need to get back on it tonight then and try to reclaim.


    In the meantime, check out what I was playing yesterday - an official Data East table was made for Aaron Spelling (the guy who created a bunch of shows like Dynasty, 90210, etc) which is actually the exact same layout and rules as Lethal Weapon 3 but it's got different art, Rom and DMD :)




    You can download it here - https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=15478

  5. On 06/05/2022 at 15:41, Shaky burn said:

    This is the best I can do atm, just snagged the GC score and got to one of the wizard modes and then drained the last ball when I had a tri-ball queued up,,,,bah.   I find I lose most balls down the side outlanes, after they have been catapulted  in there by the slingshots.   


    Barely took the lead:



  6. 2 hours ago, Cheeko said:

    I’m not into the visuals of that Blood Machines table but I’ll concede it has a nice smooth and fun feel to it, more reminiscent of a Pinball Dreams game table, it grows on you over time.



    Great missions too. 


    Make sure you drop 5 Euros on the soundtrack.  Makes a big difference to the atmosphere.

  7. On 29/04/2022 at 19:41, Shaky burn said:

    Hers is my best Indy score. It’s a great table, the call outs and number of different modes really help keep it fresh to play.


    Nice score man.  How did you get the VPW version to look so bright?  Mine is pretty dark.

  8. Yeah I can't get past the 700M I hit earlier either and think I'm done with this one too for now. 


    If no one has any recommendations, I think I'm going to be focusing on the VPW original table Blood Machines this week.  It is phenomenal as an original table with lots of amazing innovations.  I'd also be happy with VPW's versions of either Tales from the Crypt or Lethal Weapon 3.

  9. 7 hours ago, Cheeko said:

    Anyway, on to Indy, it’s great fun! I really like the physics and flippers on this one, the ramps seem tough to hit though.


    Yes, VPW did an amazing job with the physics but just like TOTAN the ramps aren't quite where your brain would imagine they would be - the left one is early the right one is late and they're quite tight as they are in real life.  Nothing like a bit of a challenge.

    Love the modes on this table though and in general we should be able to get close to 1.5-2B points.  Highly suggest you download the colour DMD for this one.

  10. I'm done with TOTAN for now - just over 20M is my best score and I've gotten so close to wizard mode a bunch of times without ever being able to.


    I've also been spending quite a bit of time on Blood Machines (fantastic new VPW table) but for this week I will be focusing on getting some high scores on Indiana Jones Pinball Adventure if anyone else cares to join me or catch up at a later date.


    Will be using this table - https://vpuniverse.com/files/file/8568-indiana-jones-the-pinball-adventure-williams-1993-vpwmod/



  11. 10 minutes ago, CJB said:

    Thinking about getting one of these myself. How are you finding it so far?

    It's arrived but I'm waiting till next month to open it for my son's birthday.


    From all the videos I've seen, it seems to be the best Ender so far.

  12. @Cheeko Most jewels have you trying to hit multiple yellow circles, but in reality for most of them you can just hit one and then claim the jewel by going up the ramp without sacrificing your score too much.  Also, for the other more difficult ones you can go up the bizarre / make a wish scoop and collect the jewel to bypass.


    Another strategy is to get multiball, try to trap two balls on your right flipper and then try to bash the genie as much as possible from the left flipper for 1M each hit.


    But yeah, it's not the easiest table and I still think that the key is to get to wizard mode by collecting all the jewels.

  13. VPin Workshop, the talented group who are known for the most realistic and graphically accurate recreations of pinball tables, have just come out with their first ever original table called Blood Machines.  It is based off of this weird little sci-fi movie that no one has ever heard of: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6197070/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1


    What is most exciting about it, besides the gameplay that I've seen, is that the music is composed by Carpenter Brut, an amazing darksynth artist who I've followed for years.  And to experience the table fully and play it the way it was meant to be played, you will need to purchase his soundtrack for 5 Euros (https://carpenterbrut.bandcamp.com/album/blood-machines-ost?fbclid=IwAR0kw1MuiyTbTKnchYZ5Knbyu1AQgbibienv1ScRsYAFOKkdbkFw-XxdzcI).


    Here is the link to the table: https://vpuniverse.com/files/file/9847-blood-machines-vpw-original-2022/?fbclid=IwAR2aqXLxETMZFeMXMCZqVDyQX-0oMHflGjLRQYE3gZ_u9LpPePlFLohIis4





  14. 8 hours ago, Cheeko said:

    All over the place with this table, it’s a lot of fun but don’t think I’ve broken 10million yet. The ball drains a lot!

    It opens up once you find the ramp shot which isn't in the same spot most left ramps are in so your brain needs to adjust a bit.  But yeah the lack of ball save is pretty annoying.  I seem to be playing this table a lot more strategically and slowly by trapping the ball a lot.


    But it sure is purdy isn't it?

  15. 15 hours ago, Cheeko said:

    Do we need to unleash another big hitter table to get us all back on it? @Omizzay you back in the game this week?

     I’m away from Friday so would maybe let it roll on but Totan? Monster Bash? Spider-Man?

    I'm back!!!  And definitely in for some pinball action.  Happy to be back on my cab.


    Yes I suggest we go with some heavy hitters this week: TOTAN, Monster Bash and Spider-Man would be great.  Would also be happy with Indiana Jones, Twilight Zone or Addams Family as well - some of the most popular tables of all time and all them have great VPX recreations.  IJ would be my choice but you guys choose and I'm in. 


    Also, will have to retake the lead on some of those older tables @Cheeko.  I see you've been busy. :)  Don't forget to try and beat my high score on the VPW Lord of the Rings table too - I think the score is in the other thread though.

  16. On 29/03/2022 at 17:32, Cheeko said:

    For a while I've been thinking its ridiculous that you can't do proper flipper skills in VPX(the little ball taps, post passes etc) as they've done so much to make it a simulation and then something as fundamental as operating the flippers seems totally wrong. Anyway, I finally got round to looking it up on the forums and it seems solutions were provided for this years ago but don't seem to have been implemented into the core code.

    Dunno if anyone is interested in implementing this into our weekly games? I'm wary of fiddling with any default settings as you want it to be a level field for everyone but here's the code thread and where I've added it to White Water, I think it makes quite a difference.



    Enables you to have more control like this:-




    Ask and ye shall receive :D


    There's a guy on VPU updating a bunch of old tables and adding nFozzy physics, LUT settings, Fleep sounds etc.  He's already released an updated version of JP's Deadpool, Family Guy, Gorgar and Fire and has a bunch more to release (after approval from initial authors). From the reviews the changes are pretty amazing.






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