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  1. I live in Dubai...but you're more than welcome anytime if you're in the area
  2. Not really. The backglass file has to match the table name exactly. So the only way to do it I believe is to have multiple versions of it saved as different names.
  3. I sporadically just hit the fire button during multiballs, as I seem to forget the VIP pass thing as well. I do the same on The Getaway for shifting gears.
  4. Managed to better my score...213M now . Love this table when it just flows well. Still not really 100% sure what I'm doing mind.
  5. You need to download Freezy 1.9 and then you'll be able stretch. and move the dmd to wherever you want: https://github.com/freezy/dmd-extensions/releases
  6. Yeah the physics aren't as realistic as VPW's are, but it's still a blast to play. Cheers for all the tips @Wizcat. Hoping you'll join us.
  7. I linked to a PAPA video in the other thread. But here's another one with Keith Elwin (the GOAT) explaining the rules for high scoring in more detail. Basically, stick to Hell's Bell's for the best tactics.
  8. Alright I'll start off the scoring. 141M is my best so far.
  9. Honestly I don't think multiple platforms is the way to go. For example, Zen Pinball's physics (even on their Williams tables) are a lot easier and more predictable than VPX's which depending or the table are a lot more realistic and close to the real thing. The beauty of VPX is that it's free and available to anyone with a PC. I really think that that should be the platform of choice. We can help our anyone struggling to set it up if that's the case.
  10. Lovin the logo! @bradigor I would recommend linking the weekly table so that we're all playing on the same version. This week's AC/DC table should be the Power Up version which you can download for free here: https://vpdb.io/games/acdc/releases/ektewy1nf
  11. In non-VPX related news, Zen Studios has released more details of their upcoming Pinball FX platform which is the follow up to Pinball FX3, complete with better graphics and physics for all existing and upcoming tables. Indiana Jones looks decent, but honestly I'm happy playing the VPW version on VPX which looks like it has more realistic physics anyway. The people in this video are all cringeworthy but the game looks decent, even though you will most likely have to re-download all the tables you have already bought many times over, or at the very least pay for a monthly subscription.
  12. ACDC it is then. Gonna get some practice in.
  13. You can stretch and move as much as you want. I generally try to recreate the right dimensions of the original playfields as much as I can, even if it means having small borders on the left and right. I would rather that look than stretched. I also like to see the aprons and the side art / back of the cabinet so try to include those as well.
  14. And so it begins...Nice one man. This setup will definitely give you a better experience than playing in desktop mode and the fact that it cost you nothing is amazing. Next step should be some sort of DIY wood or MDF cabinet to house your playfield screen as well as some arcade buttons for flippers / launch / coins. There a great groups on FB that can help you build a no frills cab if you're interested. I know it's still a couple of days early but I think I'm pretty much done with LOTR for a bit (I haven't been able to get anywhere near 100M again). What does everyone think about doing two tables for next week so we can at least juggle between the two if one table is at a stalemate? I'm thinking The Getaway: High Speed II (has great flow and also one of the best toys in pinball - the Supercharger) and AC/DC Power Up Edition (my favourite music pin). If anyone else has table suggestions, please feel free to suggest away. The Getaway - https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=13130 AC/DC Power Up - https://vpdb.io/games/acdc/releases/ektewy1nf
  15. Yeah I have it. Will send it across to you.
  16. This is the main Virtual Pin Google Doc you want to use - pretty much has every single table that is available. The ones that are not working are the ones that used to be on vpinball.com and haven't been reuploaded. But if you're looking for a specific table or rom let me know as I pretty much have them all. https://datastudio.google.com/u/0/reporting/23ac46f4-cbe4-40f4-867b-70ff6bf9a5d6/page/D1ciB
  17. Vertical for all tables is the way for sure! It will feel a lot more like you're standing over a real table. These are the settings I have for most of my tables in cabinet mode (which should be the same for your vertical screen): - Inclination 4.00 - Field of View 35.00 - Layback 75.00 - x/y values : just stretch to fit the whole table in the screen and adjust X and Y values and offsets accordingly - z value : don't touch whatsoever (it messes up the table) You can get to these settings by pressing F6 after loading the table in VPX and then cycling through the different options by pressing the magna button and then changing the values by pressing the flipper buttons.
  18. LOTR is definitely not the easiest table and most of the time I average anywhere between 30-50M. That 129M I got, I just happened to get in the zone and hit all the right flashing ramps to finish modes, hit loads of jackpots and super jackpots on the various multiballs, got an extra ball somehow and managed to destroy the ring. Points started going crazy and I think I played that round for around 40 minutes or so. I also nudge the table quite a bit when I play, which helps out with this table as the ball save is pretty much non-existent...so maybe that's an advantage of having a physical cabinet I don't know. The cabinet view is also an advantage over the desktop view I feel. In any case, I'm just happy to have a little RLLMUK pinball action going again - I felt like I was the only one flipping daily for ages and it's always more fun with friends. Here's another great video of a pinball streamer that managed to reach the final wizard mode. Some good tactics and explanations here as well.
  19. As much as I can, especially during multiballs. When the ball save is gone, it's time to trap up two balls on one flipper and try to get as many points with the 3rd ball for as long as possible. You end up getting a lot more points than just going for it with all 3.
  20. You can set whatever view you want. Press F6 and change field of view, layback, x/y scale etc. Just don't ever touch the z scale.
  21. PAPA Pinball is the best tutorial channel:
  22. After about 15 goes or so, I ended up finishing a bunch of modes, getting quite a few multiballs, Ring Frenzy and Destroyed the Ring! The points just kept racking up What a lovely table.
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