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  1. Yeah I have it. Will send it across to you.
  2. This is the main Virtual Pin Google Doc you want to use - pretty much has every single table that is available. The ones that are not working are the ones that used to be on vpinball.com and haven't been reuploaded. But if you're looking for a specific table or rom let me know as I pretty much have them all. https://datastudio.google.com/u/0/reporting/23ac46f4-cbe4-40f4-867b-70ff6bf9a5d6/page/D1ciB
  3. Vertical for all tables is the way for sure! It will feel a lot more like you're standing over a real table. These are the settings I have for most of my tables in cabinet mode (which should be the same for your vertical screen): - Inclination 4.00 - Field of View 35.00 - Layback 75.00 - x/y values : just stretch to fit the whole table in the screen and adjust X and Y values and offsets accordingly - z value : don't touch whatsoever (it messes up the table) You can get to these settings by pressing F6 after loading the table in VPX and then cycling through the different options by pressing the magna button and then changing the values by pressing the flipper buttons.
  4. LOTR is definitely not the easiest table and most of the time I average anywhere between 30-50M. That 129M I got, I just happened to get in the zone and hit all the right flashing ramps to finish modes, hit loads of jackpots and super jackpots on the various multiballs, got an extra ball somehow and managed to destroy the ring. Points started going crazy and I think I played that round for around 40 minutes or so. I also nudge the table quite a bit when I play, which helps out with this table as the ball save is pretty much non-existent...so maybe that's an advantage of having a physical cabinet I don't know. The cabinet view is also an advantage over the desktop view I feel. In any case, I'm just happy to have a little RLLMUK pinball action going again - I felt like I was the only one flipping daily for ages and it's always more fun with friends. Here's another great video of a pinball streamer that managed to reach the final wizard mode. Some good tactics and explanations here as well.
  5. As much as I can, especially during multiballs. When the ball save is gone, it's time to trap up two balls on one flipper and try to get as many points with the 3rd ball for as long as possible. You end up getting a lot more points than just going for it with all 3.
  6. You can set whatever view you want. Press F6 and change field of view, layback, x/y scale etc. Just don't ever touch the z scale.
  7. PAPA Pinball is the best tutorial channel:
  8. After about 15 goes or so, I ended up finishing a bunch of modes, getting quite a few multiballs, Ring Frenzy and Destroyed the Ring! The points just kept racking up What a lovely table.
  9. Fair enough. If you're missing any roms, just go to most downloaded and pick up whatever you're missing: https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showcat=9&dosort=1&sort_key=file_downloads&sort_order=desc&num=&filter_key=
  10. Haven't tried it yet myself, but usually you can go into the script of a table and adjust table volume levels from there. For the RLLMUK league, might as well kick it off with this VPW LOTR table then. High scores with visual proof to be submitted by Sunday?
  11. Stranger Things is amazing, and I would even argue better than the real pinball table when it comes to layout, clips and features. The virtual table is designed by a legend called Scotty Wic, who has done essential originals like Harry Potter, Diablo and Pizza Time - download them on his site here https://orbitalpin.com/downloads/ Even though you found the torrent, I would really recommend sticking to the legit sites. There used to be another site called vpinball.com that pretty much had everything on there but the guy who ran it shut it down unexpectedly. Since then, VPU and VPF have become the go-to sites and you can pretty much find all tables, roms, backglasses, pup packs etc on there. In other pinball news today, VPW - the best group of designers in virtual pinball - just released their version of LOTR and it looks unbelievable (check out that glowing sword): Anyone here keen to start a RLLMUK VPX weekly table high score challenge?
  12. Part of the reason why having VPX run on a cabinet is so much better. I press the coin button a few times for credits, I have a digital plunger which acts like the real thing, I have a button for start, magna save buttons, volume up and down buttons and a launch button that can be used for tables like ACDC and Star Trek TNG where you have the cannons to fire the ball out. VPX does take some tinkering, but after a while it really is quite quick to set up your favourite tables and becomes second nature. And the experience is as close to real pinball as you will get. The fact that it's free is phenomenal! I heard that when VPE launches they will be making a mobile version of it as well. Super psyched for that.
  13. Sure. PM your email and i'll share it with you over the weekend.
  14. Yes pretty much that's how you update. If you don't want to redo all the media for Pinup Popper, just copy the new table with the same name as the old one. I do have Slimer 3.0.1. If you're having trouble with your UltraDMD, then just make sure the folder is in the same Tables folder and that you have the latest Freezy 1.9 installed. I also suggest joining a few VP facebook groups - VP Junkies and VP Addicts are the ones I frequent and the guys there have helped me quite a bit. I would also recommend the Ghostbusters table instead of Slimer though but it's one of the few "banned" tables not available on VPU and VPF. Here are a few links to these kinds of tables : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLmLVVDKE8o9mQgK7LC4rIA Anyone looking to pickup a budget physical virtual pin, the ATGames one seems to be the best one around. It's easily moddable so you can hook up your PC and run VPX off of it. https://www.atgames.us/products/legends-pinball-plus
  15. Completely agree. Every day I check VPU and VPF for new tables or new versions of old ones, update them, change POV, look for colorized Roms, altsound, pup packs, go through the scripts for changes I want to make etc. I currently have around 200 tables in my Favourites folder alone and spend about an hour or two going for high scores before tackling a different table the next day. Proper addictive.
  16. Yeah, VPE looks amazing - can't wait for it and the fact that it's backwards compatible with VPX is a bonus. There have been some unbelievable table conversions that have come out recently - I would highly recommend all the tables that VPin Workshop (VPW) put out. The new Indiana Jones they did plays just like the real thing.
  17. Stocking up on a bunch of PS5 and PS4 games in the big sale. So far I've bought Sackboy, Riders Republic, Street Fighter V CE and Cyberpunk. Still looking for a nice single player experience. Should I get Resident Evil Village at $27, Assassin's Creed Valhalla at $30, Psychonauts2 at $48 or Returnal at $54?
  18. I think this is the first COD ever where my main is an LMG (the first one). The thing is just a beast and mows down everyone. Loving Vanguard so far, but I mainly stick to FFA.
  19. Fantastic work @Parappa My recommendations in terms of which tables to download first would be all the VPin Workshop tables (https://vpuniverse.com/forums/profile/40692-vpinworkshop/?tab=node_filestabprofile_filesTab), the JP Salas tables (search on VPforums and vpuniverse) and all of Scotty Wic's tables (https://orbitalpin.com/downloads/) I predict that you will be building a full cab pretty soon. Enjoy man!
  20. I finished second last year...one point behind first. Honestly, the rllmuk is a nice group to be in but my main aim is winning my two cash mini leagues. Won $4.5k last year
  21. Took a 4 point hit and brought in Vardy and Sarr for Antonio and Mahrez. Paid off with 88 points - top of the rllmuk league and top 3k overall!!! Would be happy if the season finished now. Downhill from here on out for sure.
  22. What SSDs are people installing? Any good deals about?
  23. You will be surprised at the improvements when it comes to graphics and physics from a few years ago.
  24. VPT files are for VP9 and VP8 (older version of VPX) - worse graphics and physics. That's not what you want. The tables you want to download are from here: https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showcat=50 Also be sure to check out vpuniverse as sometimes they have exclusive tables that vpforums don't - Batman 66 is one of them.
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