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  1. There's a small discussion going on in the Retro subfolder so I figured I'd resurrect this thread to get everyone to play some more virtual pinball. Honestly, since I've received my machine, it's pretty much all I've been playing daily while my PS5 and Switch gather dust and look lonely. Whether you have a cabinet or not is irrelevant - you can simply just download the VPX program and play the best pinball software available anywhere - all completely for free! Pretty much every single table ever made has been meticulously recreated with the most accurate physics around. And if you also download the Pinup Popper system, you have a lovely frontend to manage all your tables Have a look at this guy's youtube channel as he compares his real life pins with their virtual counterparts: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZbP-VoX5llSBuesi-nFfrQ/videos On top of that there are some amazing original tables that are leagues ahead of what Zen put out. Stranger Things: Harry Potter: If you have the means and the space, I would highly recommend you invest in a virtual pinball machine. But if you don't, you can still have thousands of hours of pinball fun for free! Get flipping. All software you need and tables/files to download are available on https://vpuniverse.com/ and https://www.vpforums.org/
  2. Honestly I would just start out with downloading VPX as well as a few tables and run them on your PC - you can play them in desktop mode. It's the best pinball available (better than Pinball FX3, Pinball Arcade etc) and it's completely free. Also, you should download the Pinup Popper frontend to manage all your tables - amazing piece of software. The best websites for everything you need to get up and running are vpforums and vpuniverse where u can find the programs and tables / backglasses etc. And then go out and buy one of these pre-made ones
  3. Their site lists at around £3,300 for the base model. You can then upgrade the PC, graphics card, RAM, TV monitor to 120Mhz, add LEDs etc as well. https://xtremegamingcabinets.com.au/presta17/virtual-pinball/98-607-jurassic-park-virtual-pinball-machine.html#/27-120hz-no_120hz_package/29-matrix-no_matrix_lighting/31-dmd-single_xtreme_dmd_backbox_screen
  4. Have 4 different versions of it - they're all amazing and the physics are very realistic now. You can also add these Pup Packs which basically means you can add videos to the backglass when certain things are triggered on the table. Check out this video for what I think is the best version (G5K): And I have about 1500 other tables too - everything from old school EMs, original tables (some of which are amazingly designed) to recreations of modern Stern tables like Batman 66 and Deadpool. It's a phenomenal machine and pretty much all I play every single day. And every single table is FREE!!!!
  5. Thanks. Trying to learn Hyperspin and RL now is quite difficult as they've been around for so long and because of the 3 screen setup, which most of these forums don't really address. But I will persevere.
  6. I received my virtual pin a few months ago and it's absolutely amazing - it's been all I play on a daily basis leaving my ps5 and switch to gather up dust. In addition to the thousands of pinball tables, the machine comes with Hyperspin pre-installed with all the MAME games, and a few of the retro consoles - NES, SNES, Genesis, etc - all playable with the arcade sticks and buttons (images below). . My issue is I have no idea really on how to add additional emulators and make them work properly. I downloaded Project 64 for example but it doesn't run in full screen automatically the same way that the pre-installed ones do. Do I have to do anything with Rocketlauncher as well to make that happen? I want to add Dreamcast, Saturn, Teknoparrot, etc and make them work the same way all within Hyperspin. The PC is quite beefy as well - Ryzen 7 with an Nvidia 2080 so I know it can handle the modern games quite easily and I've already linked it to my Steam account and downloaded some fighting games like Tekken 7 and Street Fighter 5. Only problem is - I'm not really sure how to assign the arcade stick and buttons so I don't have to use a controller and also the games load on the playfield not the backglass - is there a way to do this automatically without having to make the backglass my main screen? Anyways, obviously I'm a noob so any help would be highly appreciated.
  7. Anyone been watching the multiplayer gameplay vids? After the shitstain that was Cold War, Vanguard looks surprisingly decent - maps look great, colours seem vibrant and thankfully the series went back to using the modern warfare engine so gameplay seems spot on. Made me pre-purchase and looking forward to the open beta on the PS5 in a few days.
  8. After what feels like an eternity, my machine finally arrived last week...and it's absolutely phenomenal! A lot bigger than I initially expected (it's a proper widebody machine) and it weighs a ton...but finally found a decent enough place in my house for it and got it setup. It's staggering the amount of content that is on there. Literally pre-loaded with over 1,000 pinball tables on there - most of which are stunning recreations of the best tables since the beginning of time. There are quite a few originals on there too (special mention to the stunning Harry Potter table) that feel like they should be made into real tables. All the Zen pinball tables are on there too and it really makes a difference playing them on a real cabinet with a 4k screen. Whilst I've been pretty much focused on the pinball, I did check out the massive selection of arcade games that it also comes with - all the MAME games, Nintendo, Sega classics etc - it's overwhelming. Played an hour of 2 player street fighter alpha 2 with my boy and he fell in love with using the joystick and buttons. Need to get all the newer fighters I have on Steam onto here as well as some of the more recent emulators. Overall, I'm overjoyed with the quality of the machine and it looks like it's gonna be a hit at home.
  9. Just picked this up in the Switch sale, and only had 6 runs so far. But you can already tell that this is going to be something quite special!
  10. Fantastic fighter! Anyone know how I can use a custom character in offline versus mode? Can't figure it out for the life of me.
  11. Narrator sounded like Book of Love from It Takes Two.
  12. I'm fairly certain you won it, but not by much...just have to wait for the bonus points to come in. Well played man!
  13. The patch definitely upgraded the graphics and performance for me. This game is fantastic by the way. I went ahead and bought season 2 pass as a thank you for the free game.
  14. After much pestering from my 7 old, I went ahead and pre-ordered this. Any early reviews about?
  15. I have 31 points on the bench (as I'm sure loads of people with Dallas did)...but still managed a respectable 71 points to go into second place. Love the end of the FPL season. It's getting tense now.
  16. So about 5 and a half months after placing my order, it's finally ready!!!! Here she is in all her glory: Slight annoyance was that the company building it had a major legal falling out with the artist who produced my custom artwork, so they refused to put it on my machine. So I went with the Big Bang Bar artwork that I love so much just as a temporary solution. Once it actually reaches my house, I will have another company here slap on my custom decal on top. I am so excited for this to get here. It's got over 1,000 pinball tables on it including all Pinball FX3, VPX, Future Pinball and Zaccaria Pinball tables. You also have the option to continue adding new tables when they're released. On top of that, it's got about 15,000 videogames on there - everything from MAME all the way to the latest Street Fighters and Mortal Kombats.
  17. Good to have you back @Dark Soldier!!!
  18. Definite room for improvement, but here's a pretty decent run on Smush Inc for you guys to improve upon no doubt:
  19. Hey sorry...been a bit swamped work-wise so I forgot to update this week's tourney. Congrats to meatball and peeveen once again on their sick runs on last week's tracks. For me, I was unfortunately not able to get jammy on the Tropical map and do the time save though I did improve on my time. And the Aegean one I also wasn't able to do properly and get a good bounce off the dome without losing time. Here are my not-so-great times: - Tropical: 55.6 - Aegean: 28.2 This week, we will go with the following tracks: 1. Smush Inc (Med) - a nice run through a deadly factory 2. Micro Trials (Easy) - like Micro Machines, but Trials 3. (Optional) Harder Medium Track: "Oh, God!" - a truly one of a kind map which lets you race through the clouds but more difficult than most mediums (borderline hard).
  20. Jumped back into Modern Warfare multiplayer last night. Everything feels so much better - from the graphics to the fact that you never feel a gunfight was unfair. MW2019 is miles better. I really wish Cold War used the same engine.
  21. Been informed that my table is almost done, so it should be with me before end of April . A lot longer than initially expected but Covid delays were inevitable. Will keep u guys posted. In other news, it seems like Zen Studios is going to be screwing people over. Their next game, titled just Pinball FX, is coming out for all the next gen systems but has a few major drawbacks: - The whole engine is getting updated to Unreal, which means better lighting, physics etc. But it has also been confirmed that you will have to rebuy all the tables!!! As someone who has supported Zen from day one and bought all their tables on Playstation, Android and Switch, I am extremely disappointed by this. I definitely won't be buying a fourth time. - They have also signed a one year exclusivity deal with the Epic game store, which means no Steam for a year! - All the new tables will not be coming out on Pinball FX3, which is their way of forcing you to redownload everything for their new ecosystem. Here is their super cringey YouTube show:
  22. Omizzay

    Pokemon Go

    Please add me. Need people to send gifts to. 2946 4518 7680
  23. Sick run @peeveen I've only been focusing on Tropical and managed to get a 55.6. Pretty decent run, though there is a crazy shortcut about halfway through which should be able to shave off a whole 4-5 seconds. Really difficult to pull off though.
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