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  1. I don't really get all the hatred for EA. EA publish great games and they publish shit games, just like most other publishers. Leave it.
  2. Can't wait for the 475 page thread when the game is actually released. Topics covered in the thread will obviously include edge's, ign's and gamespot's review scores. Get ready John.
  3. You can still use these souped up cars in system link or online through xboxconnect or xlink AFAIK.
  4. This guy super tuned the enzo ferrari, twin turboed it, made the tires super grippy, and made the torque output 4000lb/ft. He also made it orange. Orange Ferrari popping a wheelie
  5. Or the Xbox. Or crikey... even the PS2. Just as long as it's Powerstone 3. With Network support and multiple rooms. - Corrupt Well, if it was a 'Cube exclusive, the format would hold the monopoly on comedy beat 'em ups.... Wrong....Kung Fu Chaos.
  6. Apparently, id are struggling to maintain a decent framerate on the xbox. I doubt they can get that sort of graphical quality at 60 fps.
  7. I would say it's closer to Zelda than Mario personally.
  8. Maybe it's been mentioned before, maybe not - who cares. If you're interested, here it is : http://www.gametrailers.com/gt_vault/t_doom3_2.wmv It looks pretty fucking amazing IMO.
  9. No clue haven't played it. Is it any good though? Game Description It's everybody's favorite cartoon odd couple in Tom & Jerry: The War of the Whiskers. Beat each other silly in eleven environments and choose from several characters including Tom, Jerry, Spike, Tyke, Nibbles, Duckling, and Butch. You will have 75 weapons at your disposal as you smash your opponents, break windows, furniture, and walls, unlocking hidden power-ups and secret levels. Game modes include Single Player, Vs. Mode, Tag Team and Team Play. With Tom & Jerry's trademark funny bone violence, this title is ideal for kids and adults. Screens : http://www.gamespot.com/xbox/action/tomand...creenindex.html
  10. My only beef with it is that it's still too easy to hit the ball dead straight, just like Tiger. I wish you'd sometimes slice or hook, like in real golf. Oh and the create the golfer sucks compared to Tiger 2k4. Besides that, great golf game and some fun courses.
  11. Omizzay

    Deus Ex 2

    The AI problems and the terrible framerate on the xbox version have made it unplayable. Shame really.
  12. No Xbox version as of yet. (I saw where you were going with this) Still, it is a big possibility IF it's open source.
  13. Anyone know if this emulator is open source?
  14. Apparently, it's the funniest game ever made.
  15. and why exactly? I came in here to talk about the wonderful world of xbox mods, unlike someone else who needed to tell us we weren't special. I'm sick of hearing the PC powerful go on and on that their rig from NASA can make toast. Oh right. From where I'm sitting, it seemed like you were turning this discussion into one about gay jews, or something. Anyways, let's start this over. Have you actually tried it then?
  16. Jesus, what the fuck happened to this thread. God - why whenever something is brought up about modded xboxes, you always have to jump in and tell us that your supercomputer can do the same thing. No offence but shut the fuck up already. Beertiger - you're an idiot. Stay out of my threads in future, m'kay? Anyways, back on track - did anyone manage this? It makes the game a lot cooler imo.
  17. Has this been mentioned already? Oh well, sorry if it has. Check out a couple of examples : So in order to import a new car or bike here's what you have to do. First, get yourself IMG Tool from the tools section of either of these helpful sites : http://gta3.gamigo.de/ http://www.vicecitymods.de/ Then, get yourself one of the many car or bike models available. - Add the car/bike's dff file using IMG Tool to gta.img. Don't replace, add it. When you rebuild the archive the newly added dff file should be at the bottom of the list. If you're importing a ferrari, just have it named ferrari.dff before you add it to the archive. After the img has been rebuilt. Close IMG Tool. - Now, open up gta.dir in a hex editor. What you'll see is a list of filenames. These were what you saw when you opened up IMG Tool. Now for each file name, the 8 bytes before it represent the offset where its located at in the gta.img file and also the file size. - So in order to add your vehicle in, you'll have to make one of the original cars/bikes in the game point to that new dff file you just added. Search for the dff file you added, in this case, ferrari.dff. When it finds it, remember the 8 bytes before the filename. Then search for the dff file of the car you want to replace, in this case, lets say cheetah.dff. When it finds the filename, replace the 8 bytes before cheetah.dff with the 8 bytes from ferrari.dff. At this point, cheetah.dff now points to ferrari.dff. Again, do not worry about the txd (colour) files, they dont' work yet. So after you've made the change, save your gta.dir file. - Now just put gta.dir and gta.img back. Delete the .Cap.FINAL file or whatever its called. Start up Vice City. Now this isn't foolproof. Sometimes the cars don't show up or the original car is still there. In those cases, sometimes i just start up a new game and it works. Or sometimes reloading the game works. Its all trial and error. And to be on the safe side, when you import a car, make sure you use the car it was originally intended to replace to point to the new car. And also, each time you rebuild the archive, the offsets change.
  18. Is this thread only about train games? If not, download Gene Rally - absolutely the best free game ever made. Enjoy.
  19. Missed it. Oh well, at least here you get the trailer.
  20. No other gameplay details anywhere?
  21. Garou and Samurai Showdown 4 are the best 2d fighters by far...even better than any Street Fighter game IMO. All you should do is print out the moves lists and practice one character for ages till you get all the moves down.
  22. I guess this is the long rumoured Virtua Fighter RPG then. http://img.gameonline.jp/movie/gc/vfcyber/virtua.wmv It seems like you play a bunch of kids who acquire the powers of the VF characters through some sort of virtual reality gizmo. Of course, I could be completely wrong. Comments?
  23. Sounds like you're into the tricks aspect, and for that you should turn to Amped or Amped 2 for that matter. Simply the best ever snowboarding game ever made IMO. Tricks galore, huge ass mountains and loads of things to grind and jump off of.
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