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  1. Happy to keep it to two tracks also, so let's keep Tropical and Aegean for this week. Rock giants can be one of the two next week then.
  2. Can't see any requests or any friends on Ubisoft Connect. And when I try to link it to my PSN and invite people it says An error has occurred, please try again later :S
  3. Week 1 of the Trials Custom Track Tourney done! Thank you to all who competed. Pretty sure Meatball wiped the floor with all of us on both tracks. Can everyone please just repost their fastest times (will have to trust everyone without screenshots). I got 36.2 on Sanctuary and 56.6 on Armadillo. For this week, let's go with the following three tracks: Tropical 1720 - Piratey track with some underwater action Land of the Rock Giants - reminds me of that mountain scene in The Hobbit Gem of the Aegean Sea - Trials in Santorini or Mykonos If people are cool with it, maybe we'll introduce some Hard tracks next week.
  4. For me its the jumping off the bit right after the wheel into that ramp where the first checkpoint is. It's a bit of a bastard if you don't get it just right. Shame I can't see anyone's replays. Any idea how we can fix the leaderboards so we can all see our times and race our ghosts?
  5. Meatball has always been a beast! I'm struggling with the start of Armadillo - I keep smashing into that ramp on the first checkpoint. Must've restarted it like 300 times tonight. And if I clear it flawlessly, I end up messing up in the middle part in a panic. Sanctuary is nice. I'm on 36.2 at the moment but know I can bring it down further (mainly at the end). Few more days left anyways...
  6. Not really sure what's going. on with the leaderboards. Only friend I can see on there if revbob who sent me an invite yesterday. Maybe we will have to post pics as proof on Friday. So far. I've only done the Armadillo track. Pretty difficult to get the perfect line, but I've put in a semi-decent run of 56.695 seconds. How's everybody else doing on that one?
  7. Please add me on PS: Omizzay2 or on Ubisoft as Omizzay for the leaderboards.
  8. Alright cool. Nice to see that a few people want to run the tourney once again. Hopefully more people join during the course of the week. So for this week let's go for the following two tracks: 1. TCR#2 Armadillo (just search for Armadillo and you should find it). A nice Western-themed track which makes you think you're riding through the world of Red Dead Redemption. 2. K8: Sanctuary (just search for Sanctuary and you'll find it). A uphill climb in a lovely wintery setting. Both tracks are mediums and I let my son run them both just to check them out. As for the rules, you have till Friday end of day to set your best time and we can do a Grand Prix style points system. Good luck...let the racing begin!
  9. After over a year of not touching this game, mainly just due to the annoying UI, bloated contracts and slow loading times (even on the PS5!), I've come back into this game in a big way - playing for a few hours every day. And the main reason is that I've finally taught my 7 year old boy to appreciate the quality gameplay the nuances of physics in one of my favourite game franchises of all time. And he absolutely loves it! He can easily move past most Medium tracks now without any faults and is getting the hang of the Hard tracks, though he does get pretty frustrated. Welcome to Trials my boy This resurgence has made me go back and try to unlock everything the game has to offer, and I'm at the point now where I've got all the tracks and even passed a few of the Extreme ones (not very well mind). In any case, is anyone up for another round of Custom Track weekly tournaments that we used to do for the previous games? It really made me appreciate the game a lot more in years past. If there is enough demand, then I will choose a starting track for all of us to obsess over for a week and then the winner can choose the next one. Lemme know.
  10. This is Steep 2: Battle Royale basically. And having only recently discovered Steep, i'm absolutely pumed!
  11. I'm 4 years late to the party, but what a party it turned out to be. I don't really know why but this game completely passed me by - like I never knew it existed. I picked it up on sale around 2 weeks ago and it's literally the only thing I am currently playing on my PS5. It is an absolutely masterclass winter game that you can turn on daily and either attack a few hard challenges or just drop yourself on top of a peak and just cruise down at your own pace. Sure, the paragliding is kind of pointless but who cares. The snowboarding and skiing is flawless for me and reminds me of the best moments of my 1080 N64 university days. The wingsuit and rocket wings are a lovely bonus. I went ahead and bought the Asia expansion as well, and snowboarding on a powder run in between cherry blossoms just makes me smile.
  12. Probably been asked a few times in this thread already, but how do I delete all the demos I have in my Game Library?
  13. Played my triple captain on de Bruyne. Hoping for big things in second game. Currently on 68 points . Right behind you
  14. Guess I was wrong! Can't believe I'm now in first place :O Ok...now the only way is down...
  15. Strange all these XBox crashes. I'm on a base launch PS4 and it hasn't crashed once on me. It's great that Treyarch came out with Nuketown early (it was meant to come Dec 10th). Best map for levelling up your weapons and when you get the war machine, it's pretty epic. Hoping they can regularly and quickly re-release old maps like Summit, Jungle, Firing Range etc alongside new ones as all this game needs is content.
  16. Nuketown 84 Stream live now: Map looks like Black Ops 1 map but run down and with graffiti everywhere. You will either destroy the opposition or get owned yourself.
  17. I must be playing a completely different game @IainGamer In my experience, Cold War is way less campy than Modern Warfare. FFA is my game of choice and for MW, I mainly found that people used to basically camp in one room or area with usually a shotgun and two claymores protecting them. People in Cold War are definitely running around a lot more as the footsteps are way lower and Ninja/Dead Silence is an actual perk. My biggest problem with this game is Skill Based Matchmaking to be honest. The better you do, the worse you end up doing as the game starts pitting you against the biggest sweats possible. It's like the developers don't want you to go above a 1-1.5 K/D. Even pros like Scump are struggling.
  18. Well that's excellent news - I really wasn't sure at first. I'm only really interested in the arcadey type games like fighters and shooters that will work well with the joysticks. Not that cheap no, but when you consider that one of the newer pinball tables costs around $8-10k then it's a bargain. My machine will come with over a 1000 tables and with the ability to add about 1000 more. The main playfield comes with a 43 inch vertical screen and the backglass is 32 inches. A cool feature is that vertical MAME games will use the main screen and horizontal ones will use the back one. Will definitely post pics when it arrives but here's roughly what it will look like: Never heard of Teknoparrot before so will have to check that out thanks. I was definitely planning on buying another drive and adding all the emulators and roms including RPCs3. My machine will come with Pinup Popper which is the front end that runs the pinball side of things and Hyperspin for MAME.
  19. I've recently ordered a Virtual Pinball cabinet which will come with a 2 player joystick setup as well to play MAME. Here are the PC specs: Ryzen 7 3700X CPU 8 Core GeForce RTX 2060 Super OC 8G 16 GB Hyper-X DDR4 3200Mhz RAM Do you guys think this will this be enough to run some of the newer fighters and shooters like SFV, Mortal Kombat 11, Tekken 7, Dragonball FighterZ, Cuphead, etc?
  20. You can just buy the cross gen bundle already, and it'll run on both. PS4 and PS5.
  21. For me, this is the best campaign since COD4. Truly epic and hopefully people don't overlook it and just focus on multiplayer. I must say, I haven't experienced these frame dips at all but then again I don't snipe. Apparently the frame rate on PS5 and XBSX are butter smooth.
  22. Level 20 now. Yep really, really enjoying this so far especially as I had zero expectations going in given the limited development background. The graphics and overall engine are definitely nowhere near as polished as MW, but I'm really enjoying the gameplay and maps quite a bit nonetheless (Checkmate, Moscow and smaller versions of the Ground War maps are excellent). Unfortunately, there's only 10 maps at the moment, but Treyarch have said that they're going to be releasing new free ones quite regularly, starting with another Nuketown in December. Campaign is phenomenal so far too. Haven't tried Zombies yet but early reports from notable steamers like NoahJ are that it's fantastic. Overall, a really good effort considering they had a year less. I just hate that you can't just jump into Warzone anymore from the main menu.
  23. Thanks! Considering Modern Warfare is over 250 GB, it seems pretty tiny.
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