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  1. I remember the bit you're talking about but I can't remember where the item you're looking for is. However, I put about 5 hours into it yesterday and I never spent longer than a few minutes stuck in this kind of situation - rest assured, it's round there somewhere. Overall, I like the game. It looks pretty nice and has had some quite cinematic set-pieces and fun encounters. On the other hand, it feels incredibly linear and pretty easy - it's almost like an interactive theme park ride. There are some nice elements of game design - the way that NPCs show the way so that you never get lost, the lack of a HUD, a button to get the character to tell you how much ammo he has and so on. I'm less impressed by the endless lever-hunts and bush-burning. So...best movie game ever (apart from The Warriors, obviously)? Probably.
  2. iangilroy


    Yep - IMHO Red Dead Revolver is a lot better than this. RDR is a bit clunky but it's just so much more fun to play. I'm so underwhelmed by Gun that I can't be bothered to list all the things that irritate me about it. Thankfully, there are a few interesting things coming out this Friday - Soulcalibur 3, Capcom Classics, Half-Life 2 Xbox - so I'll be returning Gun for one of them.
  3. I think it's OK in short bursts and if the bash-rate you have to produce isn't stupid. The button-bashing bits in The Warriors, to use a recent example, have been fine so far and have been a reasonable-ish way of representing the physical effort in doing pull-ups or running away from bad things (enemies, runaway rollercoasters ). The bits in RE4 and GoW were similar, from what I remember. As the main gameplay mechanic for a game though...no way.
  4. iangilroy

    Pes 5

    I prefer the d-pad. The analogue and d-pad controls are doing exactly the same thing - the game only has 8-way digital control - but most of the tricks (feints especially) are easier to pull off with the d-pad.
  5. School For Scoundrels isn't an Ealing film AFAIK - it was produced by the same company as Brighton Rock. It's easily up there with the Ealing classics though - I love it. I'm sure I read somewhere that there's a remake coming out next year starring the guy who played Napoleon Dynamite. I'm already concerned...
  6. Yep, it's region-coded for games and DVDs.
  7. I was pretty much ready to return it after the first few levels. I gave it one more go, got a bit further, and that's when I suddenly started liking it. It gets a lot better (IMHO of course) later on. Still, horses for courses etc
  8. iangilroy


    I got Darkwatch last weekend - wanted to buy Sniper Elite but they didn't have the Xbox version - and I've been pleasantly surprised; there's nothing very original about it but IMHO it's one of the best FPS games I've played on the Xbox: - production values above average, decent Havok physics - fairly novel setting - you're a vampire cowboy... - fair checkpoint system - straightforward, fun run'n'gun action. Most importantly, I think most of the weapons have a lot more feel and kick than many console FPS games. You know, where you spray enemies with bullets - which have no real discernable effect - until they keel over. My only concern is that it's pretty short. I've been at it for less than 10 hours this week and I must be right near the end. One advantage to that length, though, is that I'd be prepared to go through it again on a higher difficulty level. Anyway, IMHO worth at least a budget buy or rental.
  9. I got about 2/3 of the way through Ninja Gaiden and, for reasons that I can't remember now, gave up on it. I have no problem with games being difficult as long as the game provides enough direction and feedback to show me if I'm on the right lines. Sudden difficulty spikes - whether they're intentional or just bad design - are what I imagine stop most gamers in their tracks. Very few people will retry many times (hardcore gamers aside) unless they are clearly gettiing closer and closer to achieving the goal. If you don't understand why you're failing or how to solve the problem then why carry on? A game is supposed to be fun. This is a hard problem to solve; if the first boss in Ninja Gaiden had said 'block next time, for God's sake!' after you died the first time it probably still wouldn't have been enough but it's crucial. I remember the interview with the God of War guy where he said that he wanted to make a game that people would actually finish. I thought that was a great attitude.
  10. iangilroy

    Beta Band Dvd

    Got this on Monday and had a quick skim through it. The first DVD has videos, a few live tracks from the farewell tour and a few silly/funny trailers. The second DVD has 3 documentaries. The thing that surprised me is that the videos on the first DVD aren't complete - there are promos missing which is kind of annoying. Many of the videos aren't regular promos but new stuff put together in 2004/2005. Most of them are great. A weird videogame link is that the trailers and some of the videos are funny, lo-fi, Scottish-accented almost Consolevania-style stuff I also got the Best Of CD, mostly for the live CD that comes with it. Not listened to it yet though.
  11. Excellent news. I'll check the Xbox version out this Friday.
  12. Has anyone tried this? I saw some videos a while ago and it looked quite interesting. I'm tempted to give it a go but, annoyingly, the Xbox version isn't out until next week (why?) and I'm a bit concerned about buying a PS2 FPS.
  13. I've had this for 4 or 5 days now and, overall, I like it. I think a lot of that is the chance to play WE9 in some form - I don't have a chipped or import PS2 - and the 'it's WE on the PSP!'-type wow factor. I can forgive the game the loading and slowdown issues but the thing that's beginning to drive me mad is the PSP itself; it's probably the worst controller I've ever used. The combination of - clicky shoulder buttons - dodgy square button - having to hold the PSP at the right angle and distance while playing - awkward button/d-pad/analogue stick positioning (for me anyway) - slightly dodgy d-pad diagonals is giving me wrist ache, something that I've never experienced before, and makes me want PES 5 on the PS2 asap. This is the first PSP game that I've played at any length which requires you to use every button all the time. I just don't think that the console is suited to games that require this; I'm going to think long and hard about which games I buy for the PSP in future. Given that Sony generally got things so right with the PS1/PS2 controllers it's surprising that the PSP is so un-ergonomic (IMHO). I get the impression that the PSP was more about how it looked than what it's like to actually use
  14. I got this today - only played an hour or so but it's great fun so far.
  15. Yep. I don't have anything clever to add to your comments but I'd definitely encourage anyone who likes melodic, slightly alternative pop/rock to give it a listen. All 3 of their LPs are great.
  16. It depends on the screen - some are far more forgiving with low-res/quality signals. The Panasonic Viera range, for example, looks good (IMHO) with stuff like Sky via RGB SCART whereas (again IMHO) a lot of the ALiS-based TVs look much worse. You need to check it out with your own eyes.
  17. Things are a bit confusing for the man in the street at the moment but it's very early in the HD cycle - in fact, even though high-street shops can sell you an HD-ready TV most of them don't really sell anything that outputs HD video to watch on it (OK, OK, apart from a few PS2 games, your PC and upscaled DVD from expensive DVD players). In 12 months things will be different - cheaper, better-soecced screens and Xbox360 games and (hopefully) Sky HD to use them with. PS3 shouldn't be far away either...
  18. iangilroy


    I agree that lyrics aren't always important. There's plenty of music that I like where the lyrics are mostly irrelevant. I don't really agree about the Manics, though. A lot of the earlier stuff is a bit sixth-form but I still like the number of ideas, the variety of reference points and the fact that most of it is infinitely more interesting - IMHO of course - than most of the lyrics of their comtemporaries. That those lyrics are bolted onto catchy MOR-ish rock rather than something more difficult is something else that still makes me smile. I also like the idea that something in a Manics song or sleevenote will encourage somebody to go and pick up a book to find out more. They're educational
  19. They're both great but I think I prefer Geogaddi. I just hope that the new one is good too...
  20. That should help get it into the hands of more people. I'm happy to wait for the real thing (what's 2 more months - it's been about 3.5 years since the last one after all) but I am curious to read some opinons about it. Of course, it might not be real... BOC must be one of the easiest groups to produce a fake advance LP for - almost anything that's a bit squelchy, downtempo and 'pastoral' will have people scratching their chin and wondering
  21. It looks like it could be great fun. Unfortunately, it doesn't come out in the UK until 9 September: http://shop.game.net/ViewProduct.aspx?cat=10248&mid=325748
  22. Well, I really like it. There's no 60Hz and IIRC no Japanese speech option. I have no idea if a 60Hz option would make a lot of difference beyond changing combo timing etc If DW2 was the last one you played then I'd definitely recommend DW5 - it's better than DW2 in every respect.
  23. My copy arrived from Amazon.co.fr a few days ago. It's lovely, isn't it? Your RE4 comparison is interesting because that's what it reminded me of. Not in terms of gameplay etc, just that it's a fantastic example of something put together by people who really understand how to make a satisfying video game.
  24. Despite the slightly dodgy-sounding PAL conversion I still really want this game. The latest delay is extremely annoying To make matters worse, I just noticed that it's available right now from amazon.fr for 49.50 euros or £37.00-odd at dvdcrave. I think I might just get it from one of them as a kind of impatient, futile protest against crappy UK release dates... I remember reading on Gamecentral something saying that the reason that God of War has been delayed is because SCEE doesn't like promoting SCEA games. Is that true?
  25. Yeah, Resident Evil 4 is a foregone conclusion. Easily in the top 5 (maybe 3) for this generation for me and - I suspect - lots of others too. Honourable mentions must go to Oddworld: SW, Star Wars Lego, Meteos, Mercenaries and some others that I've probably forgotten. If I didn't have a PAL PS2 I'd probably be listing God Of War and Dynasty Warriors 5 as well. Looking back it's been a pretty good 6 months.
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