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  1. Are you sure? 3 definitely came out on the N64 in the US but I don't recall 4...
  2. This is annoying - the wireless update doesn't seem to work and I can't even get the download via the website working. The Java applet can't find my USB-connected PSP even though Windows can see it Is there anywhere where I can just download the file and copy it to the right place on my memory stick?
  3. That's true. Given that they currently sell GBA versions of NES games for £20 God knows how much they'll want for Goldeneye. I don't really understand this feature anyway. Anybody who wants to play these games can play them via emus or (usually) pay a pittance to get the real thing. Or just buy the inevitable GBA or DS version. It just sounds like a gimmick designed to appeal to games journalists and people on this forum.
  4. I think the most surprising thing is that they're going to end up launching last again with a small, cheap, (probably) relatively underpowered console. Except that this time it supports online gaming and it plays DVDs, just like the other consoles do in this generation. In the meantime there's yet another iteration of the GBA, some DS games we already knew about and 2 or 3 interesting-looking GC games Having access to a library of older Nintendo games is something that appeals to Nintendo fanboys but, I would have thought, far less to the wider market. Unless they were all free, of course. Oh well...
  5. I gave in and played through Ep 3 yesterday. It doesn't tell you anything really important that you didn't already know but it did make me want to see the movie a lot more - some of the levels correspond to scenes or battles that I'd like to see on the big screen and there's one bit of the story that I'd always wondered about that the game (sort of) answered.
  6. Shipped on 8 April and arrived yesterday (well, the card saying that I owed £8.71 VAT etc arrived yesterday). I picked it up and it appears that it arrived in the country on 22 April - it took 5 days to get from Mount Pleasant to my local sorting office Kirby DS was shipped on 13 April from Lik-Sang and it arrived today without any customs hassle. The customs declaration sticker is exactly the same as Electroplankton's ('merchandise' rather than 'gift', 38.48 euros value). I'll stick to play-asia or maybe yesasia in future.
  7. Well, to be honest, I don't really think that the DS is flawed because I somehow managed to lose a cart. I think it's the most innovative console that I've played with for ages and over the last few months I've played with it a lot more than my PSP. Don't believe everything that you read on the internet
  8. This morning I realised that I've somehow managed to lose Wario Ware for the DS in my own tiny house. I've never lost a game before in my life. Worryingly, those carts are small enough that I could sort of imagine that it ended up in a bin or something. I think it's really gone It's not so much the £30-odd that I paid for it that bothers me. I'm more annoyed to lose 3 months worth of high scores; I don't think I have the willpower to go through that again. I've never really thought about this before. Have you ever managed to (physically) lose a game?
  9. On a related note, I returned this for Splinter Cell 3 last Friday. The guy in Game said that they had seen loads of TS3s come back, more than for any other recent big-ish game. It really does seem to be one of those games that you either love or hate.
  10. According to a post earlier today over at ntsc-uk there is no 60Hz mode. On the upside, the PAL version has some extra bits and pieces and some glitches from the US version have been fixed.
  11. iangilroy


    I can't remember what my high score is but my Challenge Mode games tend to last somewhere between 45 mins and 90 mins now. The key to getting better for me was 1. working out a pretty reliable way of dealing with any set of blocks and 2. keeping the screen as empty as possible The first part above is just playing with it until you have a plan for dealing with anything thrown at you. For example, if you get a OX XX drop the left-hand edge of it onto a single X: X OO to make a complete set of 4 Xs. And so on. Another tip is to always look at the next set in the queue and decide what to do with it then; don't wait until it's actually under your control. Similarly, I hardly ever press down to speed things up - I position the blocks and use the time while they're dropping down the screen to decide what to do with the next set. For slow skins this sounds like overkill; for the fast ones it's the only way I can succeed. Good luck!
  12. Yep, Lumines is the best puzzle game on the PSP at the moment. In fact, it's the best PSP game full stop (IMHO of course).
  13. I've only played Puyo Puyo and Puzzle Bobble. Both are pretty good if you already like the franchise; neither seemed to add anything new that you won't have already seen in other iterations already out there. Personally, I bought Puzzle Bobble because I really like PB.
  14. I'm pretty confident that Rare will release stuff early in the life of the Xbox 2. On the other hand, I still can't believe that they've not only pretty much missed an entire generation of consoles but the handful of games that they did manage to get out the door were all somewhere between OK and dreadful. The only way is up etc
  15. I think that they still make sense if you use their 7/10 day return policy or trade something back in after a few weeks. Games do not appear to hold their value these days - how many games are anywhere near their original price 12 months after release? Only a handful. The upside is that you can pick up real bargains if you're willing to wait. I guess £5/6 trade in is only natural if the same game costs £10/15 in the same shop.
  16. The debate about the price of games has been going on for as long as people have been buying games. It will never end because there just isn't a 'correct' price. I have no idea how you could objectively quantify the value that a given game offers and then translate that into a price. Even something measurable like play time varies from person to person. As a result, pricing is down to simpler things like the amount that people are willing to pay and the price of the other things that they can spend their money on. The £40 price point got invented early in the console era and has just stuck. People have got used to paying that kind of amount for a new game. Over time the cost of developing a games has increased dramatically, the number of potential customers has increased at least as fast and yet the £40 price tag hasn't really moved, despite 15 years of inflation. Either the entire industry has shaped itself around a fixed price tag or it demonstrates that the price isn't related to the underlying production cost (or quality) of games. It's just an arbitrary figure. FWIW I don't think that £40 for a new game that you want to play is such a bad price. A new CD costs a tenner, a new DVD £15-20, a cinema ticket costs upwards of a fiver, and so on. I read a newspaper article saying that kids today get between £5 and £10 pocket money per week. Today's returns policies and the mainstream market for used games provides a safety net for bad purchases. The internet means that you probably never need pay RRP for anything anyway. I guess only you can decide if games are worth the asking price to you. The good news is that, in real terms, console games are cheaper than 10 years ago. That's got to be a good thing.
  17. It's very similar to Parappa. IIRC it's one of the few PS1 games that doesn't work on a PS2. Can anyone confirm that?
  18. The argument that the DS is capable of offering new game experiences whereas the PSP is like having a portable PS2 is basically correct though, isn't it? As far as I can tell, there won't be a single game on the PSP that you couldn't release on the current consoles. The multiplayer method - wireless vs link-up/splitscreen/online - is probably the only real difference. The DS does offer something new, even if my favourite game on it so far is Mr Driller...
  19. This is a great little game. It's the first time that I've got 'in the zone' in ages. The high scores do seem very high - you'd have to be a real ninja to beat them. Or maybe there's something about the scoring system that I've overlooked...
  20. iangilroy

    Resident Evil?

    An all new DS game that made use of the touchscreen for the puzzles would be interesting. It would have to be better than the usual 'try using every object with everything else' nonsense.
  21. I really like the DW series and I also found Samurai Warriors a subtly different but possibly better experience. DW4 requires a serious investment of time to get the best from it; SW is far more linear and straightforward and a bit slicker. Have you tried DW:Empires? In many ways I think it's the best Koei mass-slaughter game so far. It takes fully powered-up DW4 characters, adds new bits from SW and then - crucially - adds some new strategic elements. I loved it.
  22. Personally, I can't stand it. This is a very subjective view, though, based on loving the PS2 version and finding things that annoy me about the Xbox version. I don't like - using the Xbox controller. I don't see how you can physically accomplish some of the button presses required to get the most out of the game. For example, you need to be able to press R1, R2 and the circle button at the same time to sprint up the wing and chuck in a far post cross. On the Xbox this translates to black, A and the right trigger. You can't comfortably do it. What about R2 + shoot? That's black and X - given the above, I tried a dreambox PS2 pad convertor. Two problems emerged - L1 and L2 are reversed and I just don't think it's quite as responsive. - horrendous lag on half of the Live games that I played yesterday. - not punishing people who quit out of a Live game with a defeat. - the improvements over the PS2 version are faster loading times, no slowdown so far and the hard drive working like a gigantic memory card. None of these things are of any great value to me. So...if you've got the PS2 version IMHO it's pointless. If you can't play the PS2 version it's easily the best football game on the Xbox.
  23. Does PES4 on Live have any concept of a world ranking/experience level/etc? Is there optimatch support?
  24. I'm sure if you search the web you'll find a ton of C++ and algorithm tests. A decent technical interview is all about finding out your level of ability across a range of technical areas relevant to the job - I just keep asking ever-more difficult questions until you find the limits and move on to the next topic. If you don't know the answer to something, just say so. From my perspective, explaining your thought process as you try to work out the answer to a question is at least as important as the answer itself. At the place I work we tend to use straight technical questions as well as a few more general problem-solving scenarios. The aim is purely to understand whether candidates can think logically (and maybe laterally) on their feet.
  25. I get the impression that this doesn't tally with prevailing opinions but...I don't really like the graphics in Fable: - Glitchy polys on people's faces - Not keen on most of the character design - Characters often appear to slide along when they walk - I'm not sure if it's the frame rate or something else but I hate panning the camera round when there's a lot going on. For example, outside the guild and in Oakvale if I spin round with the right stick I find it slightly uncomfortable to watch what's going on. I'm not normally bothered by frame rate issues or motion sickness.
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