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  1. This is slightly off-topic but...what's your source for this? The latest annual report says: "We estimate that overall server hardware shipments grew 16% in fiscal 2004 compared to the prior year. Server and Server applications revenue, including CAL revenue, grew $1.28 billion or 25% driven primarily by an estimated 18% increase in Windows-based server shipments resulting in 15% growth in new Windows Server licenses" ... "We anticipate that overall server hardware shipments will grow from 13% to 15% in fiscal 2005 and new licenses of Windows Server operating system will grow slightly faster than the overall market." http://www.microsoft.com/msft/ar.mspx
  2. The animation industry is exactly the same and, from what I understand, it's been pretty easy for them to outsource the bulk of the content-creation bit. The Simpsons is designed in the US with the animation produced elsewhere. There's no reason why games couldn't work the same way, especially with respect to producing stuff like art assets. Most outsourcing projects that fail seem to do so as a consequence of the way that they're managed or if each party has wildly differing expectations. If you can fix that then why not?
  3. iangilroy


    I'm definitely in the positive camp so far. I agree that the gunplay is a bit weak but the physics/powers - and the way that the game works as a result - are great. There's such a physical, fun element to solving puzzles and taking out enemies that I think this is one of my favourite games of the year so far. A great early example is the bit where you get shut in a room filling with poison gas. Using TK to repeatedly smack a guy outside the room into the glass door until it breaks was amazing. Throwing guards into furnaces and electrified tracks, picking up enemies and putting them in front of wall-mounted machine guns etc makes such a refreshing change from the normal way this type of game plays out. So...a great (and novel) game so far.
  4. In some ways I think that somewhere like Rapture is a good place to get started. You can make mistakes and rejig the show as required safe in the knowledge that only people off this forum + NTSC-UK, a handful of layabouts and z-list celebrities appearing on Flipside will ever see it. I'd say it was a good first step into the world of TV. Bravo feels like a more natural mainstream-ish home although I imagine some fairly serious concessions would have to be made to get the show on there at all, never mind at a sensible time.
  5. Most of the games that I've bought over the last few years, I guess. I'm only going to finish a game if it really grabs me. Special mentions for a few recent games that I was relieved to get rid of after a really short time Kill Switch, Deus Ex 2, Hitman Contracts, Crimson Sea 2, Smash Court Tennis 2 and games that I played for a while and happily gave up on FFX, KOTOR, PGR 2 (after quite a while, though), Spiderman 2
  6. Yes. I bought it yesterday. I haven't tried Live yet (but I have read about the problems... ) but after 3 hours play I think the single player game is fantastic. I'm not particularly keen on the DJ or most of the EA-style presentation but the game is - IMO of course - a significant step on from Burnout 2.
  7. My biggest concern is that something that size could end up being a buggy, glitchy mess. I really hope not, of course, because I want this to be as amazing as everyone else. Fingers crossed....
  8. Slating EA seems pointless to me. Today EA released Burnout 3, a game that will probably be in many people's top 5 games at the end of the year. EA produce a pretty wide range of games, some you'll like and some you won't. As much as I personally have no interest in at least 90% of the games they publish I have to applaud - some of their games - the way they set release dates and stick to them - managing to release games in the US and Europe at pretty much the same time - forcing production value quality up across the industry. I don't particularly like the EA glossy style but they've helped raise the bar. - they seem to hardly ever release utter crap. For better or worse, I don't think EA would have released about half of the games in the top 10 at the top of this thread (on quality grounds alone). Madden 2005 comes out next Friday in the UK, BTW.
  9. I doubt that there will never be an end to the WW2 games. From a games designer's perspective it's the 'best' war - reasonable technology (planes, radar, tanks, warships, big guns) but not yet consumed by technology and set in lots of environments all round the world. Setting a game in WW2 also offends an increasingly small number of people. Vietnam probably has even more 'fun' technology but it's mostly set in dense jungle, something that seems to make all Vietnam games at least partly crap. I'm sure that there will be Gulf War 2 and 'Terrorist Hunt: Afghanistan' type games in the future but they just don't have the scope of WW2. And you have to play as Western oppressors fighting against kids with AK47s rather than an army going up against the might of the third reich
  10. On the other hand, what else did you expect? Halo 2 multiplayer is inevtiably going to be a lot like other MP FPS games, of which UT2004 is possibly the best at the moment. Similarly, the graphics in Halo 2 are only going to be a bit better than Halo. The rewritten engine will add new effects, physics etc but the image quality and poly counts for stuff in the environment just aren't going to be a big step forwards. That's not a criticism, BTW, just the reality of trying to create a bigger and better game on the same hardware.
  11. If my local Blockbuster have it I'm going to rent Shellshock on the Xbox (yes, I've seen the reviews but I'm curious) and I'm a bit intrigued by Crimson Seas 2. I quite liked the first one.
  12. You have a bar that represents your shield and acts like a normal health bar (except that it regenerates pretty quickly on its own).
  13. Athlon XP 2200 1 Gb RAM Overclocked GeForce FX5900XT I get about 50 FPS at 1024x768, High with no AA. The framerate drops about 10 FPS when things get busy.
  14. To answer the earlier post about Richard Leadbetter, this site has info about him and the rest of the Mean Machines staff: http://members.lycos.co.uk/duddyroar/docs/staff.htm I loved Maximum. You could tell that the people concerned loved games.
  15. Like many people here I used to be a completer but now I'm a dabbler (with some notable exceptions). If a game really grabs me then I'll finish it or, if it's an open-ended game like PES3 that I love, I'll happily put loads of hours into it. Also like many others here, I've been playing games for quite a while. It's not only the more money/less time issue that's made me a dabbler, it's the fact that I've been playing games for something like 24 years. My reaction to most new games that I play is just and I'm happy to give up within an hour or so if I'm not genuinely enjoying it. To a lesser extent this has also affected my attitude towards game difficulty. It takes a lot more for me to persist with a hard game these days. I'd never just stick at a game because I'd paid £40 for it, something that I used to do a lot 10 years ago.
  16. Ninja Gaiden gave me a depressing Sunday night, back-to-school in the morning feeling. As I turned the Xbox on I felt more like a Siberian prisoner about to start breaking rocks again than someone about to play a game The scariest thing recently was during a late-night PES3 session. Everything was confusing and hard to follow and I could hardly look at the screen. I thought I was ill (or going blind) at first until I realised it was just tiredness or eyestrain or something.
  17. PES 3 (still), Far Cry and Call of Duty for definite. Onimusha 3 and Spider-Man 2 are the most recent things that seem very good (if not great). More controversially, I really like Samurai Warriors. Unlike Ninja Gaiden, SW quickly makes you feel like an almost-superhuman warrior, able to tear whole armies apart. It's not a big leap from DW4 (or 3, or 2) but I like it. Edit: can't believe that I forgot Pikmin 2. I love that too.
  18. No - Onimusha Blade Warriors is, though.
  19. Nope. In fact, the manager pointed out the offer and the fact that they sold games at £2.99 to me. The guy on the till thought that it was hilarious. Used games are fine BTW as long as the disc is OK and the manual is there - some of the copies of G-Surfers that I bought in Gamestation had really tatty boxes. From memory the new £2.99 games that they had in GAME were G-Surfers, something with a name similar to Kya, F1 2002, Sprint Cars (or similar) and Sum of all Fears. In Gamestation they had plenty of used PES 1 and a wrestling game at £3.99, 4 copies of G-Surfers at £2.99 and loads of other games at £4.99. GAME also had plenty of used games at £4.97.
  20. Exactly. I bought 8 PS2 games at £2.99 and then immediately swapped them plus £1.98 for 2 brand new £39.99 games. Then I went to Gamestation and bought 4 used £2.99 copies of something called G-Surfers on the PS2 and swapped them (plus 99p) for another £39.99 game. In total I spent under £42.00 and I got 3 brand new £39.99 games. I can't understand how anyone could think that's anything other than a great, great deal.
  21. GAME started a promotion today that's almost too good to be true: 4 current-generation console games (PS2 etc) + 99p = any new game of your choice Bear in mind that GAME sell a few new games for £2.99... (well, the one in Reading has run out now ) I got 3 new games (Smash Court 2, Disgaea and Eyetoy:Groove + Eyetoy) for just under £42.00. GAME and Gamestation have a selection of sub-£5.00 games so the worst case is just under £21.00 for a new game. The manager instore said that it would be running for the length of half-term so I guess that means that you've got a week to buy up and swap every crappy PS2 game that you can get your hands on
  22. For me it's all down to what's come out recently. For example, recently the Xbox has had a bit of a revival (Ninja Gaiden and Rallisport Challenge 2) and I've been playing Pikmin 2 on the GC. Like an earlier poster said, if a game's multiplatform then I'll get the Xbox version unless there's a release date delay. The only constant is that I probably play the current version of PES about as much as all my other games put together - I guess that alone means that the PS2 takes at least 50% of my playing time. Once PES is out for the Xbox, maybe this will change.
  23. I'm not surprised that GamesTM isn't doing that well. I think it's a pretty confused magazine - it's not nearly as well written or put together as Edge and the huge retro section is probably of no interest to the C&VG crowd. I feel kind of sorry for them because I think their heart is in the right place. FWIW - just in case anybody involved in the magazine reads this - here's a few things that I feel they need to sort out: - get rid of the awful Japanese/US correspondent features. The Japanese one in particular is just painful. - either tidy up or get rid of the retro section. It's a mess and I'm just not convinced that most of your potential readers are interested in the first place. How many console owners give a toss about the BBC Micro? - get rid of the awful 2-page, largely information-free 'interviews' with a producer or similar. - slim down the news section. Why do magazines even bother with news any more? - get some interesting correspondents. The parts of Edge that generate the most chatter seem to be the review scores and 'what did Biffo/Poole/redeye say this month?'. - sort out the visual style. The news, retro and some features all look a bit amateurish compared to Edge. Rant over. I feel a bit better for that
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