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  1. The arselicking child conducting the interview makes it impossible to read. I got up to the point where he was asked to deny having sexually harassed or assaulted anyone and he avoided saying no. The really sad thing is, I imagine if it turned out he was a rapist most of the people who watch him would probably think it was great.
  2. I played up until the second or third Ciri flashback, at which point I figured if it was that repetitive already and I wasn’t enjoying the story there probably wasn’t much point continuing, as it’s obviously the story that’s carrying the game and I wasn’t interested in it.
  3. Again, I’m literally just talking about my experience of it. I found them repeatedly until I just started sticking to the roads. It feels far more restrictive than any other open world style RPG I’ve ever played. Maybe I’ll start adding a little “actual distances and times may vary” to all my posts, so that when I’m describing my experiences it doesn’t immediately devolve into a series of semantic arguments about my vague memories of boring games.
  4. Meaningless comment is meaningless. I bumped into a lazy “you can’t go this way” message numerous times in the fifteen hours I played it. The fact that you stuck to the inside of the map is completely irrelevant to that. There’s a map edge right near the first place it puts you in the game, which I figured was down to it being early on, but you’re rarely more than two minutes from a boundary if you don’t stick to the roads like a good boy. I don’t really think it should be discussed in this thread, it’s much closer to the Deus Ex scale than GTA. There’s just unmarked forest you’re not allowed to continue through instead of walls, so it looks like an open world.
  5. There’s nothing down there when you do manage to hit it. It looks like maybe an item was supposed to go there but if you drop onto the ledge there’s nothing and the only way off is to roll off and die.
  6. Worth baring in mind you can only create the lucky gold cat from a normal lucky cat, which is a Gulliver item.
  7. I always wonder how I’d feel about an open world game with a story that was actually interesting. Like if you took the cutscenes of a game with good cutscenes (like the last of us) but spread them out across the map and missions GTA style, if that would be fun for me. Because I don’t really like story in my open world games, but part of that is probably how boring I found the stories in GTA, Red Dead, whatever Ass Creed games I’ve played, Witcher 3 etc. I think that traditional cutscenes aren’t a great choice in open world games, because of how they conflict with the freedom of the map design. Or alternatively, if your game is basically just a series of cutscenes then why even have an open world map? But I can’t discount the idea that if someone competent wrote them then there might be an open world cutscene game that was fun, or at least told a compelling story.
  8. Watched both of these with my girlfriend and this one was genuinely shite, especially directly compared to the first one.
  9. I’ve never finished Majora’s Mask or Wind Walker, I’ve definitely seen the latter half of both, and I used to think I’d finished them, but watching speedruns has shown me that there’s stuff at the end of both that I don’t think I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure how I’d even play either now without digging out the Wii U, and I don’t even know if I could buy Majora digitally now. I don’t think I’ve ever finished Oblivion, despite playing a solid 200 hours of it. Loved the new Hitman but only actually managed to finish the first two or three missions, I’m terrible at it. Still spent a lot of hours playing it though. I don’t think there are any more games I’d say I really enjoyed but didn’t finish. I have played hundreds of games I didn’t finish, but most I really love I end up playing all the way through multiple times.
  10. The Witcher seems like a particularly bad example of one you could avoid the map on or turn of the icons, as if you pick the wrong direction to explore and go more than a hundred meters you get to the edge of the map and can’t go any further, and those areas look no different to the rest of the forest so there’s no way to avoid them unless you have the map.
  11. Broker

    Nintendo Switch

    It’s also worth noting that the four LEDs on it are green
  12. Broker

    Nintendo Switch

    My £4 controller works surprisingly well, and the features!
  13. You get the stick tomorrow, but I think you have to have put the museum down. Just dump it anywhere, you can move it later.
  14. My villagers houses look ridiculous, I’ve just been giving them whatever the expensive item in the shop each day is
  15. This is where racing games lost me, when they decided that instead of picking designed tracks from a menu I wanted to drive aimlessly around a city.
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