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  1. I can’t understand why he hasn’t done this. There must be tonnes of talented authors who would bite his hand off for the chance to write a game of thrones book, and he’s clearly not able to make progress anymore. I guess he’s just not willing to give up control, no matter how uncomfortable the process of continuing is making him.
  2. Why isn’t Eyeshield 21 on the Shonen jump app?!
  3. Is there a Marvel or D.C. comics app in the style of the Shonen Jump one? Just something where I can pay a monthly subscription and read a large library of old comics on my tablet?
  4. I haven’t seen that, so no idea who is in it but that’s fair. Everyone said it was so much worse than Rogue One which I thought was absolutely terrible so I didn’t bother.
  5. I guess it’s hard when you have to cast kids who might turn out to have just been ok for kids, not actually very talented. If they wait another few years I doubt most of the actors salaries will be huge. Even now most of them aren’t in anything that noteworthy. Jon Snerr and Rob were just in a Marvel movie, but Sophie Turner is starring in that HBO show about Prince George as a voice actor and Dany hasn’t been in much since Terminator Genesees.
  6. That’s totally fair. I think fundamentally I don’t want to play as a character who is limited to moving like I do. I can’t wield a sword for hours at a time, or swing it really hard or accurately and if I wanted to learn to do that I imagine I’d prefer actually doing it to some VR simulation. Constraining me to things I can actually do in real life makes games pretty boring when I’m used to being characters who are infinitely more physically capable than I am. And requiring me to improve my actual physical capabilities just seems a bit pointless. Plus barring those huge innovations, I feel like even for things I can physically do VR will always be inferior to the tactile experience of actually doing something.
  7. Every time new motion controllers come out everyone says they’re finally great then you use them and they’re still janky shit that can’t track anything naturally and wildly vibrate your in game character occasionally. I’ve not used whatever the ones that came out for half life Alyx are called but the oculus and vive ones are just as shit as move controllers and Wii remotes. I’m yet to play a VR game that impressed me. I think maybe I just don’t want to wave my hands about when I’m playing games. Short of some insane setup with wireless hand tracking and and a wireless headset and an omnidirectional treadmill and some method that makes it feel like in touching something and adds weight to my hands if I’m not holding anything I can’t see VR ever working for me. I find the half arsed, pretend this stick you’re holding is a hundred things interaction, the weird moving while sitting still and the getting tangled in wires or walking into something every time it threatens to get immersive massively offputting. Maybe in 20 years. Nobody managed to meaningfully improve upon the collections of mini games Nintendo made to demonstrate the controllers at launch. There’s nothing on the Wii that’s fundamentally different from Wii Sports or Wii Play. It’s like Nintendo went “here’s some cool ideas, what will other developers do?” and all the other developers went “we’ll just do that same stuff” and Nintendo were all “same lol. Also let’s ruin a Mario game with dogshit steering sections and endless pointer and waggle bits”.
  8. That’s 1/3 of the intended platforms
  9. Oh shit the Switch version is on sale. Guess I’m paying for Skyrim twice today
  10. That’s crazy Thanks!
  11. Grabbed the PS5 version on sale, as it’s £20 at the moment and my PC setup won’t allow any ray tracing or decent frame rate at 1080p, and the series s is less powerful. I’m excited to give it a go
  12. How do I make the Anniversary edition appear on PS5? I have the special edition already so I bought the anniversary edition upgrade from the PlayStation store for £15. However the only version in my library still says special edition. When I go to install it I get the choice between PS4 and PS5 versions but having installed the PS5 version it still just says special edition. How do I turn that into the anniversary edition?
  13. What kind of state is this in now? I really want to give it a go and I’m seeing it at attractive prices but I don’t know if I should go for it. I gather the PC version is in the best state? But I’m running an old i7 with a 1070 so I don’t know if it will be happy running well or if I’ll get the best out of it. Also have a PS5 and a Series S. Any advice on which version I’d be best off looking at and what state they’re all in?
  14. One thing I really miss is adventurous triple A games. Everything the big publishers push now is so safe. There’s no chance of this being in GTA6, it will be the same thing as 5 but prettier. Surely you just need to make the buildings quite sturdy? I’m assuming in real life you couldn’t level a building with 5 grenades, which is what a lot of games with destruction physics seem to aim for. I feel like a way to get more games cheaply and the idea that maybe cloud games will be good one day are pretty weak if they’re the best examples.
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