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  1. JJ is a weird one. He definitely does some things very well. I loved the Star Trek reboot and the pilot of Lost is really great. He’s just not so good at continuing or finishing stories because he’s all about setting up the mysteries but not at all into actually solving the mysteries.
  2. What comics has he written? Would love to check them out.
  3. Miles is mentioned in Homecoming so he definitely exists in the MCU.
  4. Solid finale setup there. So for next episode we have:
  5. I’m betting it will have a weird in depth skin system that makes no sense in a single player game and a lot of repeated content that might have been fun with friends but is dull alone. Good job they didn’t cancel a single player version they were making, that would be embarrassing. The original roadmap showed two smaller expansions in year one, then Comet (TTK), followed by two more small expansions for year two, so they abandoned it one year after release. I’m not discussing the quality of what we got, but the point that roadmaps are bullshit absolutely is correct, Dest
  6. It’s the FFVII remake a lot of people wanted, with cute retro graphics, faithful to the original and incorporating the stories of Advent Children, Crisis Core, Before Crisis and Dirge of Cerberus! As an episodic mobile game! Psych!
  7. I wonder how homophobic it will be? I remember enjoying Dawn at the time but that aspect really struck me when I watched it again.
  8. Tom Holland says that the deal worked out after Far From Home leave the doors open for more Spider-Man MCU films without there needing to be another round of negociations: https://collider.com/tom-holland-spider-man-contract-spider-man-no-way-home/
  9. I think this might be Avengers' saving grace in the end, TOR survived largely on Star Wars fans and I don;t think it would take that much to get people interested in Avengers again because it has a built in audience. They've long since abandoned the original roadmap though, I'm pretty sure that happened after the first expansion.
  10. Are none of his friends playing? It might not be financially viable but from what I can make out a lot of kids are playing on PC, mod support and custom launchers and servers seem to be a big deal. My kids play on PC a lot with their school mates. They’re constantly on discord talking even when they’re playing separate games. I pay for some kind of Minecraft thing for them (realms?) which apparently allows them to all play together, though being the admin seems to make my oldest some kind of god and he is not responsible with that power, I occasionally have to intervene in arguments
  11. Posted this in the game dev thread as well but here’s my current project, it’s a bit of a Diablo style thing: This evening I added player hit reaction animations, player attacks, enemy health, enemy hit reactions, an enemy death state and reworked the combat zone where you are armed to be a trigger you pass through so I can just put it over entrances. I need to add an inventory, equipment system, merchants, stats and a levelling system and a quest system. After that I’m planning on adding food and fatigue to make it a bit of a don’t starve style thing. Af
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