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  1. After the meals unlocked I found enough ingredients to make a few of them, but I didn’t have enough to make them all.
  2. Unfortunately I think you’re screwed on both counts here. I also sold some meat and I don’t think any animals regen, and there’s no way back to the castle now.
  3. Yeah I'm going to keep playing as I was, but games that I liked the look of from the list of ones with each achievements and stuff I've played before and know I can complete quickly and fncy having another go at will probably get more attention than they would have otherwise.
  4. Dead Space (XSS, EA Play) This was excellent, incredibly impressive for a 13 year old game. It controls well, is quite scary for the first few hours, has a great selection of weapons and handles it’s upgrades and inventory management really well. The environments look great and are really cool, there’s a good variety of enemies, with a nice balance between variation and remembering how to handle them. Different weapons are useful against different enemies and the ammo is scarce enough that you’re careful but there’s enough to keep it fun. The story is good, and the acti
  5. Given that the new season of Apex shit itself last week and they were all “crazy it’s so popular guys!” I think that’s just their launch day strategy. Fair, I haven’t played a COD game for years.
  6. COD is set in the eighties isn’t it? Warface is near future. Are there tonnes of modern military FPS games with triple A budgets from the last few years that I’ve not heard of?
  7. Yeah I'm drowning in all the modern set FPS coming out for the new consoles as well. You've got a port of R6: Seige, how many of these things do you need?
  8. I think that trailer looks a lot more interesting than the bland nothing they released. I absolutely see where it was likely to have been heavily monetised, but at least it’s got some personality. The final version of BFV could’ve been DLC for 1.
  9. A Tier: Spider-Man: Homecoming Thor: Ragnarok Avengers: Infinity War Iron Man Spider-Man: Far From Home B Tier: Avengers: Endgame Captain Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Captain America: The Winter Soldier The Avengers C Tier: Ant-Man and the Wasp Iron Man 3 Avengers: Age of Ultron Captain America: Civil War Ant-Man Captain America: The First Avenger Black Panther D Tier: Iron Man 2 The Incredible Hulk Thor Dr Strange
  10. I do wonder about the market. COD continues to sell insane numbers though and all the big BR games are free so they’re not exactly competing for the same customers. You’re never going to be that big without being free but there’s clearly still people who are willing to say for an FPS. I think BF feels very different to COD though, and it’s the move away from modern settings that has put me off the last two where I’ve played hundreds of hours of 4. When BF is working it feels genuinely massive, with hundreds of soldiers in a giant battle and buildings collapsing and stuff. I
  11. I'd reccomend Mirage, he's fun to use and good support for team mates.
  12. I’m guessing maybe two games with the same name? We’ve got to get to that point soon right?
  13. This game is hilarious sometimes. I had a daily to out survive 200 people, and having done 120 playing normally I figured I’d drop in solo and just hide for one game. I picked Wraith (for running away purposes), landed miles off the path, got myself some stuff and slowly moved in with the ring. Ended up with 16 people alive over six squads, so I went looking for people but everywhere I went it looked like a fight had just finished. Eventually there were three squads left and I heard shooting, so I ran there to avoid ending up in a 3 on 1. There was a full squad fighting two people,
  14. Do you have to get 10'000 points in a month? Or reach 10k from where you are now? Is King Kong on gamepass?
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