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  1. Thanks so much guys, that's all really useful feedback. I've got a bunch of other work to do over the next few weeks, but as soon as I'm back on this I'll make sure to implement as many of those ideas as I'm able to
  2. Hey all, I've made a small game for my uni project, but what I really need is feedback from people who aren't my friends, family, lecturers or fellow students. The game is free obviously and there's no survey or anything, just any thoughts or feedback, questions or complaints, bug reports or general feelings about it being terrible/average left here or anywhere else that I'll list would be super useful. Here's a gif to give you and idea of what it's like: The game is available to download from https://patrickekallen.itch.io/ioh Any feedback can be left here, or on Twitter, or on the itchio page if you'd prefer. Thanks
  3. @MarkN and anyone else who might be about, I've put up a playable version for people to test (haven't had the chance to implement your previous feedback due to being locked inside with children), please feel free to let me know what you think of it, any feedback gratefully appreciated. https://patrickekallen.itch.io/ioh
  4. A few people in the thread have said that it’s not really got any major new features, it’s more how cohesive and polished it all is that makes it an amazing experience. Having watched a whole play through it doesn’t look very interesting, but tense VR experiences really don’t translate well to watching on YouTube. Edge give tens for massively innovative, brand new experiences, regardless of their flaws.
  5. https://www.cracked.com/article_27312_theaters-are-worried-about-all-those-super-new-movies-streaming.html
  6. I think there’s also a real possibility that their current market share and level of success mean they’re targeting a wider audience than we realise. I think most people on the street probably still don’t really know anything about either console because nothing eye catching has been shown yet. Whichever one of them shows the first flashy trailer that millions of people share will probably have an early advantage. I’m not sure how important courting obsessives like us is to their strategy.
  7. Broker

    Google Stadia

    I played it on PS4 and the controls were awful, broken shit. Sluggish and unresponsive, impossible to be precise with.
  8. Watching that really brought home how long it’s been since I played Half-Life. There’s stuff I don’t remember at all but it’s all very familiar, though maybe not with the impact it could have if I’d replayed them recently. The ending was cool, but I have to ask:
  9. Microsoft literally just bought all their studios, and their cross gen upgrade path is clear and suggests that their focus in year one will be games that are compatible with both old and new machines. With the new studios only just starting work we’re probably looking mostly at known franchises for the first year with supercharged versions for series X. Sony are trying to sell us a whole new machine with some basic compatibility with old games. Their whole pitch is more reliant on justifying their new machine with cool new games, probably from their many first party studios, some of whom have been quiet for a while. What they’ve said so far does literally mean that the games won’t really be taking advantage of the new hardware, unless you mean better graphics on the exact same game.
  10. This is crazy. I thought we’d be excited to see all the marvel stuff etc, but it’s the variety. My girlfriend fully freaked out about Lady and the Tramp 2 being there, and my son revealed an unexpected interest in old Goofy shorts and I can watch Turner and Hooch. It’s a fucking goldmine.
  11. Does anyone have any recommendations for a YouTube play through that really shows off some of the cool stuff?
  12. You played ten minutes of one game and you’re ready to declare the entire console’s library as possible to emulate?
  13. I’ve actually cleared up most of my list of features to implement inside a month, which feels really weird to say given the years of projects I’ve started but never finished. All of the feedback is incredibly helpful and I’m really grateful I’m going to add sounds (including an over the top clang when you hit map posts), and then put the html5 build on itchio to try to get some General feedback. I’ll be sending it to you first though
  14. Well I feel bad. I should clarify that when I'm wishing for the death of cinema I'm specifically thinking of big chains and Hollywood's stranglehold on them. But I see that those cinemas failing would have a knock on effect at smaller cinemas. I'm certainly not hoping for the Broadway to go. I imagine it would survive as so many of the movies shown there are smaller, interesting ones, but maybe if Hollywood had big problems those films wouldn't get made. Have the seats at Broadway changed in the last few years? Because honestly that's why I don't go anymore. I like seeing weird movies, and Broadway isn't as expensive as other places, but I've had so many movies ruined by not being able to see because all the seats are on the same level. As someone who is tall, I'm also constantly having other people complain that I'm blocking their view, with no option to make that better for them other than ruining it for myself. Over the last few years, the prices of all cinema tickets have increased as my disposable income has decreased, and the expense of the cinema is now too much for me to gamble on hopefully getting a good seat and being able to actually see the movie.
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