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  1. The second season of The Alienist is excellent, far better than the first which I enjoyed a lot.
  2. I’m bored shitless of the Marvel formula. I don’t know how poor the comics you’ve read are but BvS isn’t a patch on the writing or structure of the majority that I’ve read. It’s a nonsense story with terrible characterisation and worse dialogue, leagues away from the vast majority of Batman or Superman comics I’ve read, even the bad ones. It’s far worse than the animated D.C. movies featuring the same characters. In fairness though if pretty cinematography and good sound engineering are bigger priorities for you than coherent narrative or characters then I guess enjoying Snyder movie
  3. Not wanting to watch nonsensical shite written by idiots isn’t snobbishness, it’s just basic respect for your own time.
  4. I’m not really sure what I’m doing. Playing on easy and I can’t get to past the third island I love the combat, but I’m very confused by the upgrades. Which things persist between runs? I’ve unlocked a bunch of extra robots but that’s not really making it less confusing.
  5. Them putting this cunt in their game is just more evidence of the fact that they’re stupid people. I fully expect everyone who is desperate to play their poorly written, overrated shite to keep making excuses for them though.
  6. Given that it’s not just Keanu anymore with Alanah Pierce also being featured I think it’s totally possible. He’s much more famous. Also there’s a skin of him in Rogue Company now as well, so it’s not like actually being in a game is some crazy dream for him, his management are making stuff happen.
  7. You mean the fan translations? They can’t use them, they’ll need to have paid someone to do an official one.
  8. With management like that it’s no wonder Stadia is so popular. Twitter turned up this gem from the same guy eight years ago: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2012-08-17-alex-hutchinson-game-journalists-exhibit-subtle-racism He says game journalists are “subtly racist” because they promote Japanese games too much
  9. He busted into a toilet whilst live-streaming and there was a kid in there. Also used him cheating on his wife to promote his stream and drive subscriptions. Also is generally an obnoxious, macho twat whilst pretending it’s a “character” he’s playing, but seems to mostly attract arseholes as his viewers.
  10. Just in case the transphobia and abuse of their staff wasn’t offputting enough: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/gamerant.com/cyberpunk-2077-dr-disrespect-rumor/amp/
  11. He’s fine, was great in Dallas Buyers Club. He was just shit as the Joker, because the DCEU is constant garbage and Suicide Squad is no different.
  12. I think Katzenberg just has no idea what he’s doing but knows a lot of very rich people who think that he does because he once had a job at a big corporation.
  13. Snyder trying to work out how to make the film even shitter.
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