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  1. There are two Morrigan baby options (which was news to me), are you sure you're using the Old God one?
  2. It turns out there's a way to transfer save files from the 360 to the PC. If you want to do that and send me the converted file, I (or anyone with a PC copy of the game) can find/move Lydia for you using the console commands.
  3. Spiral

    Mass Effect 3

    Yeah. It's the reason I've not gone back and played a different class yet, but so much has been said I don't think I can add to the discussion. It doesn't help. Feckin' Banshees.
  4. Spiral

    Mass Effect 3

    I haven't played a ME3 Vanguard, but if/when I go back it'll be next. It's the class I would expect to benefit most from the improvements: Charge was the best power hands down so more charging equals more fun, and the weight system and unprotected enemies all play into that. The perception of protected enemy numbers could be the difference in the style of the classes - my Vanguard was always looking for something to Charge so anything without protection dies quickly, but my Infiltrator aims for the biggest threats first so specialists don't hang around very long. If a Vanguard is typically left with specialists to mop up and Infiltrator ends with infantry that's going to colour how you see their numbers. I would still prefer it to be mixed up more though. I can see how Infiltrator would be the class that would benefit least and suffer most from the changes - if you spend most of your time sniping single targets and relying on squad powers for crowd control then a fiddly powers menu, more infantry and tiny people are going to make your life more difficult. The cooldown on Cloak was never much of an issue since the sniper rifle needs to reload so often anyway, so the weight system doesn't benefit them much. I don't think Solider will see much benefit either since cooldown on Adrenaline Rush was so low already, but they have ammo powers and an assault rifle for crowd control. Engineer and Adept probably benefit a lot from the weight system as well. Don't know how Sentinel would work out. I've not played Uncharted, but Gears with powers is what I liked about ME2. Completely agree on movement though: I hated grenades at first but once I got used to keeping an eye out for the warning signal the risk of having to abandon cover at any time kept firefights tense, so definitely an improvement. Brutes and Guardians were good additions for much the same reason, but oh boy did I hate Banshees. Teleporting instadeath bullet sponges are not fun for a class that needs to stay in cover and has difficulty with barriers. I'm not sure they even have a weakness.
  5. Spiral

    Mass Effect 3

    I still prefer ME2. There are plenty of improvements, the weapon mods, the weight system, the new enemy types, grenades, improved scanning, multi-player, all good stuff, but the interface was terrible. Don't know if it was better on consoles or not, but the first thing I noticed was that everything was smaller. Buttons were smaller so choosing squad powers took more precision and meant you spent longer in a pause screen which really broke up the flow of combat. Enemy models seemed smaller as well. It might have been a consequence of playing Infiltrator and constantly being at range but it felt like I was hitting small targets at twenty feet rather than making good long range shots and it wasn't as satisfying. The quest menus were terrible, shopping was a pain in the ass and the system for kitting out and modding weapons was awful. I missed a lot of the enemy protection on Insanity as well. Most of the fun in the second game for me was in using powers to tear defences apart, manoeuvre and control the position of enemies, picking them off one by one without getting overwhelmed. I understand why it was done - there were a lot of complaints that biotics were useless on harder difficulties in ME2 due to the protections, but most fights felt like a constant stream of unshielded enemies with a few specialist units thrown in. That in turn made the environments in the fights feel less important since you were rarely at risk from the grunts and so had less positioning to worry about. The grenades and smoke helped a bit but I would have preferred them to mix it up a bit more: one fight using tons of infantry, the next with a smaller number of specialists, the next with a combination, switch back to infantry and then start throwing in more of the heavies. I don't want to sound too negative, it's a great game and maybe I'd have had more fun with a biotic class. Just a little disappointed that all the tools and parts are there to make a third person shooter that far surpassed ME2 but the assembly wasn't done well enough.
  6. Spiral

    Mass Effect 3

    Guess we know when the multiplayer servers are getting switched off.
  7. Spiral

    Mass Effect 3

    I completed this on Sunday and I still can't figure out how it went so wrong. TLDR; Great game, pity the ending is utter pish.
  8. Just tested the ward theory. It didn't work. Blasting it with the flames spell that you start with did though.
  9. I was able to walk right over one with a ward up. Not tried again as you can usually get around them, so it may have been a dud. I can check again tonight.
  10. Another vote for Aeris death in FFVII, the Opera house in FFVI, the Twin Seeds leap of faith in NiGHTS, from the approach to Hyrule until getting the Master Sword sequence in Ocarina of Time, the Mantis, End and Sorrow (most boss fights form Metal Gear count to be honest), the T-Rex in Tomb Raider and going Super Sonic for the first time. I'll also suggest these: Halo 3 - "I count two Scarabs! Repeat: two Scarabs!" And then all hell breaks loose. Getting on board the 13th Colossus. The moment in Ico when you realise that you're lighting up the coffins. The seventy man brawl in Shenmue. Your first Ion Cannon Strike. The Black Mage village in FFIX. Any use of reaction commands in the final boss fight of Kingdom Hearts 2, but particularly the beam spam counters. The start of the World of Ruin in FFVI.
  11. I've got a shit ton of trophies in there to get
  12. You have to get from one plate to the next without touching the ground. How the plates know if you touch the ground I have no idea. Depending on how far you are through the game you might not have the gadget you need to do some of them. Don't want to say which one in case it's a bit spoilery but others can be done if you have the grapple boost and good gliding skills.
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