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  1. LOL. Fuck no. I have no interest in your approval.
  2. Have you seen Warhammer Visions? I'm not saying it would be interesting. IIRC, they put them on a shelf in the tool storage room. What a scoop! Who's wilfully ignorant? I was there at the time for both launches and had access to all the sales figures. Whereas you're getting your version from where? Warseer? Nothing to do with support. By the time I left I was so fond of the place I quit and walked out before even starting to look for a new job. But I know for a fact that it didn't happen that way. That's not how GW's trade agreements work. There may have been a few pissed off scalpers, and I suppose anyone going through a distributor would be at the mercy of their policies, but ordinary retailers wouldn't be stuck with anything.
  3. Chill out mate, I didn't call you a cunt, just corrected a couple of misconceptions that you couldn't possibly have known the truth of. It is okay to be wrong. Somehow I can't see them ever "engaging with their community" on their plans for old masters and production tools, even if it would be a more interesting read than Warhammer Visions. How could a "hopeless" overestimate be anything other than a failure? But you don't know the numbers for either, so you have no idea by what margin they overestimated. If you did, you wouldn't qualify it with "hopeless". That was really my only point. You can still buy a shrink-wrapped Space Hulk 2009 without hunting too, the only difference is the price they're commanding. "Tanked" to the tune of somewhere between 60-70% of the retail value of Space Hulk 2009, as I recall, with a smaller print run and better margins. The death-date was set months before it even went on sale, and would have been the same however well it sold. They're wary of allowing small games to distract from army releases for the core games, which even Space Hulk can't match for more than a month.
  4. They don't do that, and the Space Hulk masters were all digital in any case. "hopelessly" Seriously, any other company in the industry would kill for a "failure" like Dreadfleet. They sell more stuff the closer to launch information is released. They have years of sales data supporting this. The differences are four new missions, 2 boarding torpedo tiles, 1 turbo-lift tile, and 1 room with a hull breach.
  5. A lot of the 8-bits had similar hardware and similar versions of Basic. I remember quite a few magazines would have the main listing and then a page or two of the relatively brief changes you needed to make for different formats. I think Popular Computing Weekly was the one my dad used to buy most often.
  6. Three free new christian fitness songs: http://christianfitness.bandcamp.com/
  7. Very, unless you're doing something weird. What do you want to plug into it? For USB mouse/keyboard, it should be just like a PC. HDMI and Mini DisplayPort-compatible Thunderbolt are standard on recent models. There are MiniDP -> VGA or DVI adapters if you need that.
  8. These are the requirements for OS X Mavericks: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5842 Yosemite is the same at the moment, but could change before release. You should get at least a couple of years use out of anything 2009 or later though.
  9. No, $99. £60 through the UK store (including VAT).
  10. i am scared of everything that isn’t me – christian fitness (it's the album Falco's been making mostly on his own while unemployed)
  11. "suffered the physical result of a bite in the collision he suffered with me" isn't quite a confession.
  12. waddie

    Musicians Ranting

    “As for the cover, well, there’s a penguin on it you stupid cunt.”
  13. He is not. That would be shit. Malvo gunned down by the police at the last moment, allowing Lester to escape, final scene with Molly and Gus at breakfast unable to make sense of it all. Post-credits scene establishing Lester has adopted the role of wandering hitman, "your problem is you spent your whole life thinking there are rules…"
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