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  1. You've got a picture of Jonathan King as your avatar.
  2. OK, I will play The Warriors tonight. It has been sitting by my silver PS2 for a while and now it is glaring at me.
  3. I believe some are being quite obnoxious in dismissing the works of Rockstar that fall between releases of GTA as somehow stepping stones towards greater things. Max Payne 3 is pristine and a tight, highly replayable shooter with incredible physics and explicit ultra violence that would make me consider suicide if I saw it enacted in real life.
  4. I had not read K's post, but the mention of Vanquish tickled my grim fancy. I hadn't enjoyed a shooter as much as Vanquish until I played this. It is horrific, and that horror was greatly accentuated by the cold sunshine that pervaded the environment as the game descended towards its conclusion. Sorry for the awful grammar and run on sentences. It was and is a great and very special game. Edit: The best physics I've ever experienced. (Including in actual, real life ) They completely make the game and nothing else that has been programmed compares to them. To counteract the vague hyperbolics I'm currently ill-spilling onto my keyboard, I'll just say that I liked the way the 'soccer' balls popped and deflated when I shot them during the level in the 'football' stadium.
  5. A(n) horrible disease indeed.
  6. I finished the main game using Rllmuk aim on Hard a couple of days ago. Dipped into a New York Minute (where everything can change, just like that song!) for 2 chapters then reached level 9 on multiplayer. It has all been fucking marvellous. For a game that is so solid (as in rock hard, but 'solid' perfectly describes the construction and execution), the fact that I never felt aggrieved was astonishing. I did mince a bit and tried to harvest as many 'clues' as possible and failed, as if that matters. EVERYTHING about Max Payne 3 is perfect in my currently drunken eyes. There was a bit in Max Payne 2, towards the start, when Max was fleeing the hospital where you would round a corner and have to shoot a deviously disguised enemy combatant through a window who was stood on a window cleaners lift. Amazed by the physics endowed upon the soon-to-be vanquished voe, I reloaded the section numerous times just to blast the precipitously positioned bugger with a shotgun and wallow in the varying death throes of said bugger as he toppled to his doom. And now Rockstar have gone and made a game that makes me feel that same feeling throughout its entirety. Plus, cutscenes mask the loading times. How dare anyone whine about that! But, then again, I loved LA Noire. So, what the fuck do I know?!
  7. I look forward to playing Max Payne 3.
  8. I must be nearing the end of Chapter 2, following Roche's path and I am enjoying it. If anything, the combat feels a bit too easy now but I'm still saving like a mad thing due to the game deciding that auto-saves are for weaklings! Has anyone else noticed that a lot of the NPC dialogue seems rather distorted, as if the audio levels are a bit off? 'Cos I have!
  9. Nggghghghg! Come ooooon!
  10. Vel

    Mass Effect 3

    Just like Bioware didn't.
  11. It was actually only the first cutscene that was off. Rest has been fine. Really great game so far, very....idiosyncratic!
  12. I've got a Sony Bravia and I've set the game to run at 60 Hz. I do get the out of sync audio! I'm a bit too perplexed to care at the moment. Embrace the madness!
  13. This is oh so patronising, but one of you is unHollowed, right?!
  14. I took a blowtorch to my 360 once. But that was just to punish it for being such a useless prick! Note to self: Must stop anthropomorphising my consoles.
  15. I am PROUD! Armour, shield, talisman, miracle. He had to die for me. Fuck his shitty sword. EDIT: Playing Dark Souls with Drudkh for a soundtrack is also good.
  16. Yeah, I might post my address whilst I'm at it. I hate your ethics. EDIT: Your methods are tired. Trying to present this 'Kw*lee' bullshit as an innovative delivery method is a futile endeavour. You don't need the details.
  17. Fuck off Bruce. The Retro Gamer article confirmed what a cunt you are.
  18. The most intense gaming experience I've ever had was playing Trials HD. I almost had a fucking heart attack when I was hoping for a perfect run on certain courses. Maybe drink or marijuana might have been involved. Anyway, debates like these are pointless and lead to nothing but forced tears and tantrums. Fuck it. You like it or you don't. Base reductionalism it may be, but since when in the last seven shits of satan did a 'gamer' give a fuck what was written in the Grauniad about the medium you adore. EDIT: "It's difficult to remember computers as they were then without our current sense of technological sophistication (or should that be naivety?)" That quote should immediately make you aware of the ankle level pool of piss you are going to have to wade through to form an opinion on this article.
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