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  1. Finally got around to painting my first GW vehicle since I was like 11. It's also another thing to add to the "Why the hell did I decide to do these white!?" list
  2. Yep, my local have it in stock at RRP https://www.aspirationsplay.co.uk/products/ticket-to-ride-united-kingdom?_pos=7&_sid=ff5b1bbf5&_ss=r
  3. Yeah V-Commandos is really good. At first I was a bit wary that you could lose your stealth on a 1/3 die roll, but theres enough ways to get around that and overall its a bloody great game. I'm in for the new Ghost expansion and the Secret Weapons one since I didn't have that - but cant justify piles of minis especially since the current counters work so well.
  4. @Cosmic_Guru Can I take Cooper Island if its still available, please?
  5. Thats much more available than it was up until recently. They must have done a reprint. https://firestormcards.co.uk/MNGUMBL001?utm_source=BoardGamePrices.co.uk&utm_medium=pricecomparison&utm_campaign=bgp
  6. Think in the end it was £95. So still not cheap, but you know....
  7. Local game shop had the Adepta Sororitas box set in stock and reduced, so I dipped my toes in. They're taking me absolutely ages. Why oh why did I go with Order of the Sacred Rose? Bloody white....
  8. How!? Isnt it really hard to find and also pretty well regarded? I never in a milliom years would have expected it to turn up in a 50% off sale!
  9. I think it must have been Habaneros I got last year, as vegetarian options were a bit limited anywhere else. It was AMAZING and very much looking forward to it again this year. What I'm not looking forward to is that I'm only going tomorrow, and we're likely only about an hour away from the "Look at all the amazing stuff I got from Boardgameguru for £2.50" posts making me feel like I've missed out massively.
  10. I only went on Saturday last year, and was able to check stuff in and out without any problems
  11. I've backed Batman. The Conan system it's based on is really good, and I've been looking forward to this for a while now. Stripped out some of the more useless stuff like the Batmobile and VS modes though.
  12. Cool, will have to head down. Not only is Vicars Cross closer to my house than the other Chester club, but it'll be nice to just play games without annoying bullshit. I've made some very close friends through Chester Games Club, but I'm getting really really sick of just milling around in a group for over an hour waiting for somebody to arrive, ignoring a table full of games that could easily be played in that timeframe.
  13. Virgin Queen is AMAZING and you bloody know it.
  14. Thanks! Grabbed one today and it did indeed scan at 80p!
  15. Works for me. I'm in Chester so Ellesmere Port is easy enough to get to. Fire us a PM and we'll sort something out.
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