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  1. Dribbling is so OP. You cannot move as fast without the ball as with! And player selection is still so shit. Shame as otherwise it's alright.
  2. Div 7 now. The system is weird and not especially clear. Still haven't spent any of those coins.
  3. I've started rivals and my Japan team are undefeated and in division 8. Not bad!
  4. I've played this. It's In-credible.
  5. I've said before, no pace boosts would be so good! Anyway. Icons are good for linking leagues etc. But yes most are already redundant now.
  6. Finally got access to use rhw transfer market on the app!
  7. I'm not going to be too active. But got a months PSN sub to try online. Play 3 rivals games and won all 3 easily. Scored about 12 goals all in and conceded 3 or so. Still a Japanese team, you know me. Not sure on formation yet though. Currently 3-5-2. What is a recommended formation?
  8. It's all a bit ridiculous now isn't it? They don't even pretend they don't just make cards up. Rukebreakers are stupid. Etc etc. Gameplay is pretty good, best in ages. But it's tied into a horrible mode.
  9. I got this for PS4. Was a gift. Sadly I lost my job so I can't afford to go online at moment. Any recommendations when I should open my packs if they still count?
  10. The official PS2 mag didn't exactly hype GTA3, scored it 8 too. (fair imo). The biggest hype was Metal Gear Solid 2. By far.
  11. Although they wrap it up normally in one season, not across generations of viewers.
  12. Unless it's sex related, I don't understand why age is brought into any past time. If you're happy, do it.
  13. Gran Turismo 3 also has stunning menu design, although perhaps not consistent overall, in arcade mode, the track and car selection screens are amazing. So cool seeing video footage play so smoothly and quickly
  14. The menus in Ridge Racer V are just beautiful. It feels premium today with stylish icons and superb animations. It could easily be a front end today. A good sound effect when selecting or moving the cursor is important too. I love how the first Kingdom Hearts sounds.
  15. I think it ran mostly well. Probably two episodes longer than it needed but unlike US drama, it's one series. Something that is great about Asian drama. I thought it was great. Episode 6 in particular was a very difficult watch. I love how character driven that episode in particular was and it makes you question so many things.
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