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  1. For photographing a CRT, if you can change your shutter speed, 1/50 for 50hz and 1/60 for 60 Hz really helps. Can get a clean enough shot.
  2. I've been using my GT Prologue white PS2 since 2004 as my main machine! Hopefully it won't go hang. But I am having a new laser fitted soon. Current one seems ok but I've messed up adjusting it so will sent it to a mate anyway.
  3. Developed by Clockwork Games. Burning Road, hard but fun and cheesy. Racing Groovy is great. Tokyo Highway Battle is great. Moto Racer 1 is excellent. Second has a duff frame rate. Rally De Africa is a great Sega Rally clone. Speed Freaks is good fun. V-Rally 2 is amazing, best rally game of the era.
  4. F-Zero, as much as I love it, hasn't been a big seller for Nintendo, hence their reluctance to do it. I'd love a Wave Race using the MK8 engine, water like on Cheep Cheep Beach. Would be amazing.
  5. @MardiganX on this ball is OP, off the ball is hopeless. Defenders seem to go for the man and not the ball! So much AI help for attacking and very little for defending. Scoring is sooooo easy now.
  6. I think i would get it if I can make my internet reliable.
  7. I still have 3 hours of the trial left, I've been saving it to test my internet. Sadly, u cannot get a consistent connection so probably won't get it. Like the game though. Managed to get placed into division 5, 2 wins and 3 disconnects!
  8. Vortex on SNES has some incredible music.
  9. Can you use these on extension cords too? Might be a silly question...
  10. It's only 10gb! Is it the actual game?
  11. I'm on a crappy WiFi, although works for streaming HD video ok. But not sure it's good enough to play FIFA.
  12. I love BotW. I just felt so at ease exploring and playing with the mechanics of the game. It's so clever.
  13. Level 5 used to be amazing. Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy.
  14. Super Play, whilst scoring it high, stated it's style over substance, which it is. I love the original DKC but it's merely good at best.
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