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  1. 15 hours ago, elmo said:

    Weird that people feel they need to get involved with what the people at Retro Asylum should or shouldn’t do.


    It’s an option to acknowledge the shit situation, do your own googling if you’re curious and not start telling people who are in a shit situation that they’re doing something that you think is wrong.

    Nonsense. These issues affect many people in many different ways. It's absolutely fine to discuss it calmly and openly. Which is all I see here. It's called adult discussion and it's how the world moves forwards. 


    It has been handled well on both sides of the discussion. 

  2. 13 minutes ago, deerokus said:

    Kyogo Furuhashi plays as a pure striker for Celtic and is probably the best we've had there since Henrik Larsson. But I get the impression he plays on the wing for Japan? He is bad there for us, much better as a centre forward


    His movement is top class.


    One of his goals in this game is sensational. https://youtu.be/yv9zkp__9F8

    Furuhashi is an excellent player for sure, I've been watching him improve for 4 years now. He's capable of scoring and should really be leading the line for Japan but sadly the coach likes to play a certain way. A way he does not really fit into at the moment. 

  3. 7 minutes ago, deerokus said:

    I spent the whole game fuming that Kamada gets a game for Japan ahead of Reo Hatate (having never actually seen Kamada before 😂)

    Kamada hasn't really featured much lately. He's a fantastic talent, Ozil like with his ability on the ball and fantastic passing range. Sadly, he doesn't put as much of a shift in and doesn't fit Japan's current style. 


    Hatate might break into the 3 one day. But Endo is genuinely brilliant and Morita and Tanaka have more experience than him. 


    Japan have a great squad. Except the strikers!

  4. Absolutely ecstatic for Makoto Hasebe. Arguably the greatest Japanese player of all time. He is a master of the game and defied his critics to make it to the top. Supreme longevity and his game has changed so much over the years, from a number 10 to a ball playing sweeper. 


    Probably his last game as a player too. 38 now and moving into a coaching role. 

  5. Yeah, Henderson. Not a fan at all as a player but it would take an idiot to say he hasn't grown into a great captain. He leads so well, seems to use his voice for good and genuinely seems a good lad. Liverpool did well with him. Extremely well. 

  6. I'm so interested to see how he does. Would never have guessed the choice but was so good in Sex Education. RTD said he was the last to audition and he just knocked it out of the park! Interesting to see how he handles the darker moments. 

    I think it will be great. 

  7. I think the problem with FH nowadays, at least for me is there are no shared single player experiences. Like Elden Ring, it's open world and people are relatively free to play it but everyone shares common experiences, namely the bosses. It brings people together. 


    But when games lack a structure of sorts, you can't really say hey any tips on this race or what car to use etc etc. 

  8. 23 hours ago, dumpster said:

    Playing this game when it's old enough to buy fireworks is a revelation.  I compare this to Forza 5 as a demonstration of how gaming has become such a big bloated mess.  Forza has podcasts, real music from bands, announcers, you make a character, you buy a house, you choose pronouns, pick an artificial arm, have a suite of cars in the garage, jump 5000 feet off a cliff, drive through realistic water, and all of it is just overwhelming and boring at the same time.  Ridge Racer kicks Forza into touch, less is absolutely definitely more. 


    It feels like 10 times the work went into making Forza5, yet all the extra content makes it too much to bear.   I can't think of a specific course in Forza, out of the hundreds available, that was especially memorable, yet I know every turn of PS1 Ridge Racer like the back of my hand.  


    Incidentally, it's another opportunity for me to tell you to try PSP Ridge Racers on the PPSSPP emulator.  Turn the resolution to 4x for 1080p or 8x for 4K and it looks every bit as good as RR6.  Xbox Series or PC, the emulator is amazing.

    That's why FH1 is by far the best. It has so much focus. Shame it's locked at 30fps tho 

  9. She wants complete safety for women. Given the Tim Westwood story, among many others, we are so so far from that. She's a damaged woman, who has become utterly unhinged by the thought a man will pretend to be a woman to hurt another woman. 


    We are so far from equality. We pretend we aren't but we are. 

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