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  1. I don't have fond memories of the machine really, had an SP back in the day but for some reason I stopped playing it and sold it. A few months ago I wanted to play the GBC Zelda games but also wanted to play some GBA titles so I picked up another SP and instantly remembered why I stopped playing it, the screen was poor. So after a little research I picked up an SP AGS 101 and haven't looked back, it is superb. Since owning the machine I have compelted both Oracle games and Minish Cap, Metroid Fusion and Mario Kart. Into Harry Potter PS on the GBC now and V-Rally 3. My library has grown pretty rapidly to about 15 games with Yoshi's Island, Castlevania and Sword of Mana next on my list to play. Love it.
  2. I agree, I think Fusion is excellent overall. Craft handling is a bit too rigid and the pal version is very flickery but the tracks are superb and so is the music. I picked up a US version to help reduce flicker. Overall though 2097 just about nabs it as the best title. Everything about it is awesome from the presentation to the gameplay. It had the perfect balance of weapons and just about enough features to make it last in 1996. Special mention to the awesome craft noise sorely missing from newer versions and the awesome vapour trails of the ships. The original game is just second though. I love the tracks and visual style in this, also the different colour in Rapier mode gave it a superficial but sweet boost in lifespan. Music is also top notch, love Cold Storage. Pure is also another one I like a lot, more so with all the DLC. It feels the most like 2097 to play and has a decent set of weapons again. Music was mostly rubbish though, much like Pulse and HD. Pulse I hate, along with Wipeout 64. Nothing wrong with the gameplay in 64, just the lazy mirrored track design, I worked it out about 3 days after paying full price for it and felt ripped off. Pulse is just a bore, sterile, bland, muted. Not keen on WO3 either but the SE has a lot to offer.
  3. I like FFX but I cannot see why it seems to get so much love. It is far too linear and the characters can be rather grating, Yuna especially. Really liked the battle system though, good mix of strategy and pacing to keep in interesting and I found some of the battles pretty hard. Pal conversion was a shocker though, a poor excuse at the time with FS games like Timsplitters and more recently MGS2. I had the US version though so it didn't really matter. Music was also excellent, pity there were not more battle themes though. Graphics as expected were top quality at the time too. Overall I do like it but it is the weakest game of the Playstation generation for me.
  4. I agree with everything Kelthink says, I just don't think this game is very good. They turned it into an awkward platformer with shitty tagging and boring locations. I didn't like the music as much either, it was just soulless.
  5. nakamura

    Wipeout 2048

    Page to get Cold Storage on the WO2048 OST. Like it if you can please. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cold-Storage-for-Wipeout-2048/179883962067594
  6. Ridge Racer has been my christmas game. I have played a fair bit of it on the PS1 and it is still very addictive!
  7. Enjoyed reading this thread, never got around to playing Silver properly but I remember really wanting it. Huge fan of J-Rpgs and this looked like a good western take on it. I played the first hour and put it aside but so many said it wasn't worth it I never went back. Pity as it sounds pretty fun. I might hunt for it.
  8. I have a japanese machine that is modded but I have no idea what chip it uses. Been modded for many years now, it is a white machine 3000 series. How can I find out the chip it has? When it boots up it says 'Toxic' under the PS2 logo and it played everything I have ever thrown at it without fail.
  9. 2010 has been a strange year for myself and a few friends. I am not a buyer of new games and the PS2 is my main machine for gaming, the 360 gets used mainly for Fifa. With the launch of the World Cup game in april I was one of the few at the shop at midnight to but it. It was amazing and easily the best football game to date. Unfotunately we had to return to Fifa 10 to play clubs and that got us building for Fifa 11. For around 2 months before release we were all feeding of scraps of info on how they will improve the game from last year. The release became a reality so we rushed up to blockbuster to pick the game up at midnight. In the drive, through the menus and a few matches later and it surpassed our expectations. Brilliant! You would think. Around 2am that night, we tried to have a go on clubs just to get a feel, took ages to get into a game but had an ok one. Tried another and it took a while and got plenty of lag. We figured it might calm down ones the servers become more active to left it alone for a few days. Tried again later, nothing, same problems. A few days later EA announced huge problems with their servers, they would look into it. They still are, apparently. Fifa 11 clubs is largely a broken mess of lag and input delay. EA promise so much and delivered so little online. Some of the content in the game barely works properly which is a shame as on the pitch, it is superb. We were all gutted as we are huge football fans and we spent many hours late playing Fifa 10 clubs. Roll on next year I guess. Other than that it has been a good year for me. My PS2 collection is about full now, around 215 titles. Also with the let down of Fifa I picked up a Wii and I am really enjoying it. Plenty of Mario, Mario Kart, Goldeneye, Resident Evil Archive and shooters. Also I have a feeling the Donkey Kong Country Returns will be my goty.
  10. nakamura

    FIFA 11

    This a million times over. So many on the Fifa forum are moaning yet it is all down to them being crap at the game. In fact I don't even need the flick stick to get around people, it is all about timing the acceleration and getting in front. Penalties are also amazing in this game, best system in years. Shame pro clubs is completely broken.
  11. Not read the whole thread as it is rather large already. Shenmue is a steaming pile of manure. Absolutely nothing in the game of note bar the arcade which was needed to inject some form of actual gameplay. Ocarina of Time, while I can see it is superbly design just alienates me for some reason. Much prefer 2D Zelda and in fact Links Awakening is the best in the series. Racing Battle C1 GP is better than Gran Turismo on PS2. GT bores me. Extreme G3 is one of the best futuristic racers, up there with the best Wipeouts and F-zero. Resident Evil 4 is heads above the other games in the series though I love them all.
  12. Haven't tried the Outbreaks myself yet but have both as they were so cheap. Currently playing REmake for the first time and it is magnificent, bar the controls.
  13. Actually yeah that was 60fps but it was utter pants. I must admit I was meaning EAs main franchises, Need for Speed in particular.
  14. I was looking forward to this game hugely but I just didn't get on with it when it finally came out. Part of the reason was the handling and the other part was Shutokou Battle, loved that. I would actually like to give this another go though, lovely 60fps which is something EA could never managed on any of their PS2 games.
  15. My thoughts exactly. This to me feels more like PES 7, what we should have had instead of 2008.
  16. nakamura

    FIFA 11

    Totally love this game, not perfect mind but it is so good on the pitch. Just started a career on Legendary with Watford and I don't find the pressure a problem at all. I have plenty of space and time on the ball to create chances and games rarely end in stalement. CPU is not great mind but they can attack well but lack any major intelligence, though I did have a 5-5 match with Japan against Croatia.
  17. Currently playing Links Awakening which is simply brilliant even after all of these years. Plenty of Fifa 11 and bits of Timesplitters 3 and some Global Defence Force. All good.
  18. Used to play all of the Wipeout games in first person but now I can't react fast enough. Oh dear, i'm not yet 30! As most I generally go nose for sims and chase for games like Burnout and Outrun.
  19. Tearing is not a huge problem to me. I must prefer a steady frame rate. Racing games I much prefer to be at 60fps but I won't dismiss one because of it. I have no problem with jaggies and the like. I still do most of my gaming on PS2 which is full of jaggy visuals.
  20. I am an avid PS2 fan. Have a fair sized collection, just over the 200 mark now with a nice mix of 100 PAL titles and the rest NTSC. Really love the machine, such diversity and still the quality of so many games remains very high. I don't really have many titles left that I want to buy now, which is a shame as I used to love the chase! Some of my favourite games include Final Fantasy XII, Racing Battle C1 Grand Prix, God Hand, Persona 3 FES, Darkwatch, Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero, Ace Combat 5 and plenty more. Gamestation in my area seem to have stopped the 3 for £5 also.
  21. Yes. All of that music is nasty. It is badly produced and sounds awfully synthesized. The quality of the music from Soul Edge on PS1 was so much higher. And this track owns the whole Soul Calibur soundtrack in one hit.
  22. nakamura

    FIFA 11

    Yeah formations is what I meant. Some are just plain barmy.
  23. nakamura

    FIFA 11

    Video with some gameplay. Looking very good so far. Lets hope they ban the custom tactics and sort the 1v1 online. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZtXTGR4C90 Oh and I am another one who loves the dribbling.
  24. While I may not put the DC top of the fighting pile, it does have the original Capcom vs SNK which is far and away the best fighter ever. For me anyway.
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