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  1. Only touched the demo a little but it really impressed me. Feels like a modern version of Final Fantasy 9 at times which is all good to me. Be nice if Square would remember how to make a Final Fantasy game themselves.
  2. Plenty of obvious choices in here and rightly so. Two decent and cheap games are Ridge Racer and Wipeout. Both are pretty decent versions and Ridge plays nicely with the analogue stick. Exclusive tracks too. Wipeout is a bit of a con because the tracks are old mirrored tracks but it looks nice and plays well.
  3. Despite our conversation earlier, you need to get SoR2, even if a cheap cart for now. Got to play it two player via that stereo and crt!
  4. Huge Castlevania fan here. I'll pop my opinions up of the ones I have played for what it's worth. Super Castlevania IV. Probably my favourite game in the entire franchise. Utterly epic levels and music with so many clever bosses. You can really see the inspiration for Lords of Shadow in here because half the game is just getting to the castle. The whip control is amazing. Symphony of the Night. Certainly the other best game in the series. Utterly huge in scope, a reasonable plot, amazing music and superb controls. Loads of items, magic, etc. Rondo of Blood. Only have this on PSP and I feel it's wildly overrated but still a good game. Absolutely brilliant level design with multiple paths but hateful consoles compared to Super IV. Felt like a step back to me. That said, the game works perfectly within in the control system it uses. I just wish you had the same whip control. Dracula XX. SNES port of Rondo. As good to play but lacking content. Odd really. Castlevania 64. Pretty average but clever in places. Good atmosphere in there. Worth at a low price. Circle of the Moon. Great opening game on GBA. Plays really well, very responsive and has loads of moves including a wicked jump and dash. Harmony of Dissonance. Favourite GBA outing here. Just felt fun to play with a great castle to explore and frantic, frenetic gamplay. Aria of Sorrow. Technically the best GBA game, not my fav but certainly rightly acclaimed due to the sheer amount of depth. Lament of Innocence. Really enjoyed this. Solid combat engine with very pretty visuals and amazing music. Despite the formulaic gameplay, the boss battles are brilliant. Curse of Darkness. Deeper combat than Lament but worse visuals due to a fully controllable camera. Still a pretty good game overall. Dawn of Sorrow. Probably the best DS outing. Really excellent graphics and liked the varied locations. The formula was certainly stale now but I liked the glyph drawing for the finishing of bosses. Portrait of Ruin. Similar formula, still fun. Order of Ecclesia. A very fresh take on a now stale series. More of a Castlevania RPG than ever. Lost of smaller, separate locations to explore like a map from a RPG. Very challenging too, much more so than others. Lord of Shadow. I didn't like this too much. Cold, austere, charmless and formulaic gameplay. Ropey visuals on PS360 too, looks great on PC. It has a great plot though and some lovely varied locations. It just takes too long to get going. Played it for about 7 hours in total. Worth a punt at the price it costs now though.
  5. The older games are a pain at times in the Persona series with the first being the worst. Persona 3 and 4 are just immese though but they are slow to start. The feature great characters, superb music, excellent plots, charming visuals and absorbing gameplay. P3 has a bit too much samey dungeon crawling but both games don't have random encounters. P3 does not allow direct commands of team mates but overall they perform well. P4 is the better rounded game but I just prefer P3 due to the characters.
  6. Rage Racer (PS1 12/1/13) Still fantastic. Power Drive (SNES 16/1/13) Awesome top down rally racer. Forza Horizon. 1000G! (360 22/1/13) Best game on 360. Auto Modellista. (PS2 27/1/13) Fairly fun if short. Resident Evil 2 (GC 10/2/13) Still outstanding. Dead Space Extraction (Wii 12/2/13) Superb gun shooter with a movie feel. Aladdin (SNES 4/3/12) Better than the spongy MD game. Return of Double Dragon. (SFC 7/3/13) Fantastic scrolling fighter with iffy visuals. Streets of Rage 2 (MD 10/3/13) Stunning fighter still with huge bass. Goof Troop (SNES 19/3/13) Fun two player puzzler. Too short. Nigel Mansell's F1 (SFC 22/3/13) Surprisingly realistic F1 racer. TMNT Turtles in Time. (SFC 28/3/13) Huge fun in two player. Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3 1/4/13) Enjoyable but poorly paced. Great combat, odd plot. Zelda no Densetsu Yume o Miru Shima. (GB 7/4/13) Wonderful game crammed into a GB. Final Fight 2 (SNES 10/4/13) Rubbish. Super Castlevania IV. (SFC 16/4/13) Still superb to this day. Plays well, huge levels and amazing audio. Resident Evil 5 Gold (PS3 2/5/13) Excellent in two player. The Bouncer (PS2 11/5/13) Guilty pleasure. Not great. Final Fantasy Adventure (GB 15/5/13) Huge game for the GB. Still compelling. Fighters History (All 9 chars SFC 15/5/13) Straight SF rip off and plays well as a result. Uncharted (PS3 1/6/13) Solid adventure with some nice acting. Indifferent combat. Uncharted 2 (PS3 2/6/13) Hugely improved gameplay and production. Entertaining but not exciting. The Last of Us (PS3) 23/6/13) Game of the HD generation. Silent Hill Shattered Memories (PS2 27/6/13) Very clever plot with superb visuals. Terrible action. Hook (SFC) 9/7/13 Slow but fun and miles too short. Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii) 12/7/13 Stunning rpg.
  7. Virtua Tennis is a huge no no for me. Amazing animation for the time but you simply cannot hit the ball out, at all. Absolutely no point in playing it. Super Tennis is still the best tennis title for me. Amazing control of the ball with a huge variety of shots. Grand Slam Tennis 2 is superb for a more recent effort.
  8. Great to see some love for this, always a huge fan myself. It actually had decent physics, unlike Virtua Racing. Although MD V.R was a superb port, Stunt Race FX was the better game for me. That said, it does chug a bit now so I picked up a slightly overclocked cart.
  9. I most certainly hope we get another. FFXII for me was immense.
  10. For it's the opening of Vagrant Story. There is a little movie beforehand but this is essentially the opening of the game, as the credits are rolling and before the title. The direction, art and music are all a cut above.
  11. nakamura


    It certainly isn't looking like it at the moment.
  12. I know the 16 bit systems will be upscaled somewhat, but I don't mind the look of them overall on a HDTV so in theory they should look ok on an EDTV. I cannot tolerate the PS2/Wii stuff on a HD set though, they just look messy even at 480p. That said, PS1 will probably take a very bad hit so may not be worth it as a result. That era looks rough enough on a CRT!
  13. I do have a HDTV. I was more wondering how the EDTV would handle the older stuff.
  14. I have a 24'' widescreen Toshiba CRT. Full NTSC support, rgb and picture size settings. Pucrchased it for £400 around 13 years ago and it still works a treat. I run my Wii, PS2 and SNES through it. I have been tempted by an EDTV of late, an LCD with a max resolution of 480/525p. Not sure how they would look though.
  15. I did the first NES game back in the summer, it was incredibly hard and I would have given up without save states! Zelda on the GB is without doubt my fav game in the series though, you are in for a treat I think. As above the Oracle games are excellent, at first I thought it was a bit of a rip off using two carts but they both play a great game.
  16. Weird to see you struggling to go back to the last gen after moving on. I personally like the last gen look the best. Yes some games look ropey but on a decent CRT I prefer the style to current as it is often less shiny and runs at a higher frame rate in many cases. Good to have a mix of all gens when gaming though.
  17. I wouldn't say it is awful but XII is a million times better.
  18. Interested to see how this turns out. No doubt Forza 3 was good but it lacked a little in the track department and the in car view was not amazing. This is looking a lot better though.
  19. Must admit I have never found the handling a problem in Fusion. I do agree the handling isn't as good as others which is pretty important but never had a problem negotiating any corners.
  20. Laugh all you like, just how it felt to me.
  21. Thanks. Seems like a pain but nothing overly gamebraking as in it happens every race.
  22. Hi Zok, is the Mario Kart box still available? Cheers.
  23. What's the crash bug? Not got this yet but it's pretty cheap now so have been thinking about it.
  24. Sorry if people don't agree with my comment but I just found SSF4 to be really underwhelming. I hated the visual style, huge characters, ugly animation and weird jumping. The whole game felt like a slightly better EX to me. I would much rather some proper hd sprites and 3rd Strike level animation but it wont happen. Or a decent Resident Evil. Anyway Darkstalkers, dunno just never clicked, even Vampire Saviour. Was more into Samurai Showdown on Saturn at the time.
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