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  1. Sorry, but you're doing it wrong. The stick flick is ridiculously powerful now. I'm thinking you're timing it wrong or not waiting for them to get close enough.

    Spreading the play, giving it to a winger or side midfielder, beating the full back and getting a cross in is now one of my main attacks.

    In FIFA 10, most of my goals would be passing around the edge of the area until a gap appeared, pass, one touch, finesse shot. In FIFA 11 it feels like all my goals are different and I need 1) a flash of brilliance or 2) a defensive error to score.

    Another great thing is how ultra defensive formations aren't nearly as effective for winning a game.

    This a million times over. So many on the Fifa forum are moaning yet it is all down to them being crap at the game. In fact I don't even need the flick stick to get around people, it is all about timing the acceleration and getting in front.

    Penalties are also amazing in this game, best system in years. Shame pro clubs is completely broken.

  2. Not read the whole thread as it is rather large already.

    Shenmue is a steaming pile of manure. Absolutely nothing in the game of note bar the arcade which was needed to inject some form of actual gameplay.

    Ocarina of Time, while I can see it is superbly design just alienates me for some reason. Much prefer 2D Zelda and in fact Links Awakening is the best in the series.

    Racing Battle C1 GP is better than Gran Turismo on PS2. GT bores me. Extreme G3 is one of the best futuristic racers, up there with the best Wipeouts and F-zero.

    Resident Evil 4 is heads above the other games in the series though I love them all.

  3. Didn't their first PS2 racer Rumble Racing run at 60fps? It looked crap though, not as nice as Vanishing Point.

    One thing Vanishing Point got right visually was that 'blue skies' arcade look.

    Actually yeah that was 60fps but it was utter pants. I must admit I was meaning EAs main franchises, Need for Speed in particular.

  4. I was looking forward to this game hugely but I just didn't get on with it when it finally came out. Part of the reason was the handling and the other part was Shutokou Battle, loved that.

    I would actually like to give this another go though, lovely 60fps which is something EA could never managed on any of their PS2 games.

  5. Totally love this game, not perfect mind but it is so good on the pitch. Just started a career on Legendary with Watford and I don't find the pressure a problem at all. I have plenty of space and time on the ball to create chances and games rarely end in stalement. CPU is not great mind but they can attack well but lack any major intelligence, though I did have a 5-5 match with Japan against Croatia.

  6. I am an avid PS2 fan. Have a fair sized collection, just over the 200 mark now with a nice mix of 100 PAL titles and the rest NTSC.

    Really love the machine, such diversity and still the quality of so many games remains very high. I don't really have many titles left that I want to buy now, which is a shame as I used to love the chase!

    Some of my favourite games include Final Fantasy XII, Racing Battle C1 Grand Prix, God Hand, Persona 3 FES, Darkwatch, Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero, Ace Combat 5 and plenty more.

    Gamestation in my area seem to have stopped the 3 for £5 also.

  7. Well I have never played past Soul Calibur, really I should check the laters ones out but my fav out of the first two is the original. For me it had it all, stunning visuals, even better music, a great combat system and a lot of single player lifespan. Calibur was also outstanding with stunning looks but the music was very poor and for me it lacked the spark of the original.

  8. In my case, it's because I don't give a shite about beating some guy I've never met and never will in a single match of absolutely no consequence. Sure, it'll be a more varied affair than the AI and if he's not a total cunt it'll be enjoyable, but it's like sex with a prostitute. Neither of you are doing it for the other person. I've also got to agree with Syntax, I find online against randoms in most games (not just sports) to involve an awful lot of people playing to win. Being competitive with strangers doesn't do it for me.

    Same here. We play a lot of clubs and the amount of people who play crap, direct play and try to score the cheapest goals possible can ruin it at times.

    Too many with huge players, too many try to chip, pass it square.

  9. Always been a fan of future racers back from F-Zero on the SNES. AS for the best its hard to judge.

    F-Zero is the still the best of the series for me. Its has awesome track design with great sound and visuals but what I love the most is the difficult. For a game from 1991 it really captures the feel of racing with a few mistakes and you find yourself back in 6th or 7th. Ok its a little unfair with collisions and the ranking system but hey its a 19 year old title.

    F-Zero X i also love a hell of a lot for similar reasons but it just loses out to be honest for no real reason other than just loving the first.

    F-zero GX is great but I am not a fan. It doesn't feel like the same series to play. Im not overly fussed on the track design, its often very tacky and very Sega. It still plays well and its a decent game but not the series leader for me.

    Wipeout is a classic, 2097 rocks also but Wipeout 3 left me very cold. It had no atmosphere to speak of due to dull weapon effects and almost zero craft noise. Played well still with decent circuits. Fusion was ok, I enjoyed it for the design of the circuits but the handling sucked. It was miles too tight and lost the weighty feel of the older ones. Pure I enjoyed a lot but Pulse was awful. Pulse had rubbish handling, same again no weight to the craft.

    The Extreme G series i never liked apart from 3. That was brilliant. Great track design coupled with so much voilent shaking of the screen due to the speed you were travelling gave the game a great feel. Loved the rain effects too.

    Powerdrome on the Xbox has a similar feel. The screen shakes like mad and you really feel like you are piloting a rocket! Also has a huge sense of scale unmatched by any other racer since.

    Plenty of other fairly good ones. Not a fan of Quantum Redshift or Rollcage but I can see why people like them.

  10. Joined this forum just because this thread was funny. I live in Poole myself and have visited this haven a few times! This bloke has been around for more than 15 years, remember buying SNES games when he had a store in the Old Town Market. Back then he had plenty of imports of varying quality but certainly a lot better than now. He sleeps in the shop apparently and is quite odd indeed but knowing him for so long im used to him.

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