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  1. I've started rivals and my Japan team are undefeated and in division 8. Not bad!
  2. I've played this. It's In-credible.
  3. I've said before, no pace boosts would be so good! Anyway. Icons are good for linking leagues etc. But yes most are already redundant now.
  4. Finally got access to use rhw transfer market on the app!
  5. I'm not going to be too active. But got a months PSN sub to try online. Play 3 rivals games and won all 3 easily. Scored about 12 goals all in and conceded 3 or so. Still a Japanese team, you know me. Not sure on formation yet though. Currently 3-5-2. What is a recommended formation?
  6. It's all a bit ridiculous now isn't it? They don't even pretend they don't just make cards up. Rukebreakers are stupid. Etc etc. Gameplay is pretty good, best in ages. But it's tied into a horrible mode.
  7. I got this for PS4. Was a gift. Sadly I lost my job so I can't afford to go online at moment. Any recommendations when I should open my packs if they still count?
  8. The official PS2 mag didn't exactly hype GTA3, scored it 8 too. (fair imo). The biggest hype was Metal Gear Solid 2. By far.
  9. Although they wrap it up normally in one season, not across generations of viewers.
  10. Unless it's sex related, I don't understand why age is brought into any past time. If you're happy, do it.
  11. Gran Turismo 3 also has stunning menu design, although perhaps not consistent overall, in arcade mode, the track and car selection screens are amazing. So cool seeing video footage play so smoothly and quickly
  12. The menus in Ridge Racer V are just beautiful. It feels premium today with stylish icons and superb animations. It could easily be a front end today. A good sound effect when selecting or moving the cursor is important too. I love how the first Kingdom Hearts sounds.
  13. I think it ran mostly well. Probably two episodes longer than it needed but unlike US drama, it's one series. Something that is great about Asian drama. I thought it was great. Episode 6 in particular was a very difficult watch. I love how character driven that episode in particular was and it makes you question so many things.
  14. The car list is very impressive. No MR2 though! Maybe because the old model wasn't exactly accurate so needed a lot of work to bring up to date.
  15. Not sure I can recall a single PS4/Xbox one game I'd consider a blurry mess.
  16. I don't know if I'll get this. I'm kinda enjoying it with my usual Japanese team in squad battles. Parts feel good, but parts not so. It's impossible to defend at times agains the faster players. When it's good it's really good. But i feel it will do the same old thing where by Christmas, fast players will kill the fun.
  17. Played a couple of hours but the players just don't feel connected to the pitch. It's soooo slidey.
  18. Yes. Rapid Racer Tokyo Highway Battle Rage Racer Porsche Challenge Rally De Africa Gran Turismo (arcade mode is fun!) Burning road Racing Groovy Touge Max 2 PS1 had lots of good racers.
  19. Bring Ridge Racers 2 to 60fps? The game is 60 on PSP also. A technical marvel.
  20. Hidetoshi Nakata, probably the first true Asian superstar of football retired at 29. He loved the game at the start but soon decided he had enough. He was more interested in business and fashion.
  21. I must admit I absolutely loved Ronaldo's return. Outside of Leicester, the prem has been flat for me since the 00s so was lovely to see this. It felt nostalgic.
  22. Ridge Racers is nice but the gameplay is so basic. All the cars feel the same. Drifting is so easy. I like it but it's not something that excites me. I beat Rage last year. If you are good, you don't need to endlessly repeat races.
  23. And N64 games like MRC had 3, GT64 had 3. It's down to the transition between arcade experiences and more fleshed out home ones. Rage Racer was a 1996 game, the arcade focus still very much a thing. Thankfully, things improved. Although quality of content is always better than quantity. Again, Rage is a better game that R4.
  24. It has less content, only 4 tracks compared to R4's 8 configurations, but the overall GP structure is better. Plus the cars are so different, it encourages manual gears too. Once completed, the game has extra mode in reverse. R4 is just the same single GP over and over. Such a massive shame. It has no depth at all.
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