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  1. On 20/04/2022 at 07:46, Goemon said:

    Massive minority but Alpha/Zero 1 is my favourite.


    I played this one to death and embraced the changes such as chain combos, air blocking and alpha counters. The priority on moves made more sense it me, for example you weren’t getting hit out of supers with random hits like in the sequels. I generally felt like hit boxes were better in the first iteration.

    Also they removed chain combos from all the following versions, which didn’t sit well with me. It’s like they took away all this combo diversity and went back to the bog standard. Sure they put the custom combo system in but this was generally mash special as fast as possible.


    It’s fair to say that number 1 was lacking in characters and backgrounds. I would have personally loved something that played like 1 that had the roster and graphics of 3


    This for me. Also Alpha 1 console ports have THE best music of all SF games. 



  2. Yep. I still love HP, it comforts me when I'm sick and I'm reading them now in hospital. But Rowling has caused damage in terms of herself and her writing. The second beast film wasn't good at all. The first was actually quite good I thought though. 

    She just seems to be stuck down a weird rabbit hole. I get what she wants but she's hurting the wrong people to get it. 

  3. As said, extreme fandom is everywhere and it's almost cult like. Be it FromSoft, Liverpool FC or even the bloody Tories. Some people will just defend things regardless of what is actually happening in front of them. 


    I'm in hospital and a nurse was complaining relentlessly about the NHS and she said she votes Tory. I said, ma'am, with respect, why would you do that when they have been doing what they have? 


    It's absolute insanity the things people will cling on to rather than evaluate what is happening around them. 


  4. I love Harry Potter and when this all started I thought yeah, she's making a fair point here, although it's unlikely etc etc etc. 


    But no, she's just a horrible transphobe. I was wrong. I've since learned more and she's absolutely beating that drum as hard as possible. 


    It's sad. 

  5. Has everyone enjoyed it this year? I'm on the fringe as you all know but enjoyed the first few weeks but it's just horrible now. 


    I have a fairly strong JP team with 87 Nakamuram, Kamada, 86 8 Ito, 88 Nakata and some more. It's a fairly strong team but they are all so fast and turn so easily. It's pinball half the time!

  6. Don't play too much nowadays but Junya Ito is getting some tasty cards this season! No upgrade to his overall though! Third season in a row he is scoring well and assisting but still 77 overall! Carrying Japan in qualification too!

  7. Pilotwings is a massive test of skill. Very challenging and most certainly a game. Weird take. 


    Stunt Race has 12 single player tracks, 3 bonus tracks, time trial, 4 off road tracks, one RC mini game and a bad 2 player mode. 

    Definitely not a tech demo!

  8. 1 minute ago, Kevvy Metal said:


    Sounds like you want it to be a different game than what it actually is. 

    You are right actually. Fair point. But even what it is, was a bit dull as I found the mechanics to be nothing interesting. It's basically an interactive movie. It's why I liked U4 because it added much better gunplay and mechanics into the mix. Stealth in U4 was good too. I would love the first 3 games redone to give them gameplay to match the movies. 

  9. Yet it's pretty much accurate. The platforming is almost entirely automated. Puzzles are basic. No reason to actually explore and you don't really have much to actually explore. I remember falling through a collapsing building in I think U2 and it all just felt so unexciting because it's all so fixed in place. I played the original Tomb Raider after these and it just felt so exciting in comparison. The terrain was challenging to explore and it was so rewarding. 
    But clearly many like it. So I will leave it there. 

  10. I'm sorry but without the story this series is basically nothing. The first three games are so utterly basic in actual gameplay it's a wonder they even bothered. 1-3 came during an era when style was more important than actual thought provoking gameplay and it shows. Little actual adventuring, skilled platforming or puzzles. They are just far too linear an experience to make them truly captivating for me. The set pieces just lack impact because they are nothing more than glorified QTEs. 

    The 4th game was miles better as a game though, vast improvement and would love to see them all remade tbh as the characters, stories and acting are fantastic. I would really like to finish that and play Lost Legacy as that seems good too. 

  11. 3 hours ago, DeciderVT said:

    I don't really care for collecting anymore. I look at the room lined with shelves of games and trinkets I've accumulated over the years and wonder what the hell I was thinking. I think I've posted it here before but I had a moment of clarity when I found several consoles tucked away, which I had no memory of buying. Far too much stuff, most of which would stay on the shelf or in a cupboard.


    Flash carts, ODEs and MiSTer are a godsend. Playing Snatcher on Mega SD last year rammed home the realisation that my experience of the game was not diminished by leaving my copy on the shelf. I'm also likely to be more objective about a game's qualities than I would be if I'd paid for an expensive copy on eBay.


    Moving past the hoarding mentality has been incremental but I'm glad I've started selling up- I just wish I'd done it all along, before I ended up with a mountain of stuff. The task of getting rid of it all is overwhelming to the point of paralysis sometimes.



    That's why I always kept to a minimum of consoles. Mainly PS1/2 and SNES. Anything else I have could easily go. 

  12. 10 hours ago, bplus said:

    You are probably right, but I remember 11 year old me renting virtua racing a lot and loving it, and also borrowing stunt race FX and not enjoying it :)


    Interesting about the depth thing, is stunt race FX worth revisiting? I'm guessing an emulator can up the frame rate

    Definitely. It's obvious far from perfect and as much of a driving game as anything. Not much of a race though the AI can pose a threat. 


    It's best enjoyed in Time Trax mode as it runs smoother and you can really enjoy how each vehicle feels so different to drive. The 4 cars have different levels of weight and grip which is very impressive for the time. The frame rate is certainly an issue so will take practice but even if you don't enjoy, you may be able to see some of the more impressive aspects. Not to mention things like course variety etc. 


    Btw that's not to take anything away from VR. I think it's brilliant on MD. More that Stunt Race has a bit more complexity with its handling model. 

  13. 18 hours ago, bplus said:

    Shame more wasn't done with SVP, virtua racer blew all the super FX stuff outta the water!


    Not really. VR was so cool and smooth for sure, but Stunt Race FX had far more impressive physics and was far more varied. Sure, it wasn't as smooth but it felt more advanced. 



    As for the other argument, sure I can understand it. Games pushing the SNES without chips is perhaps more interesting on a purely technical level. But even now, we are learning the games often had slowdown due to the use of a low ROM chip rather than fast Roms that were available at the time! So the slow CPU wasn't entirely at fault. 

  14. I loved their first two albums but fell away after that. Picked up Junior and it grew on me. I should really check them out again. 

  15. 57 minutes ago, meatbin said:


    That's cool!  I think all your screenshots are taken from outside, how does this work/look internally in buildings or Shrines?

    It looks good but the shrines do lack variety. Would have been cool if the shrines were more themed. 

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