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  1. A reporter on BBC radio was suggesting he should be immune from criticism because he is good at tennis. I wish I was joking. 

  2. I can't easily pick one, I'm sure none of us can but getting ISS Pro on PS1 always stands in my mind. 


    I had no money, had just left school and my paper round. It was 1997. 

    I went to to local shop, Software Box, about 30-40 mins walk. I took all my games to trade in not sure how much it would be. (only had a few). 

    Game was £44.99 and I had £43 trade in. Staff were not letting me off the £2 so I asked if I could swap the brand new ISS case for one of my broken ones and get £1 more trade in and £1 off ISS Pro and they did!


    I walked home very excited and played the game until I fell asleep!

  3. So I've been saving for Nakata and realised he's now utterly redundant as I have Nakamura. Unless I play him as a striker with something like deadeye. 


    Not exciting I know. But I beat someone 6-1 in division 5 last night. I've not played much this week so didn't get chance to go for 4. 

  4. Not for the average mug on the high street. Most people don't consider the writing etc on making a tv show. They will see a woman = bad, maybe they would have had that view anyway, but it hasn't helped. 

  5. Tennis: Super Tennis on SNES. Still has the best range of shots. Virtua Tennis is just ok. Too limited. 

    Special mention for the superb Grand Slam Tennis series. Both are excellent. 


    Golf: Neo Turf Masters is amazing and the first game I bought on PS4!


    Football: Difficult one. WE 6 final Evolution gets too much love because it's the only one on GC, very good but not the best. 

    2010 FIFA World Cup Is absolutely brilliant but the player ratings are rubbish and the squad update is not available. The game feels like PES 7 though. And the audio is unreal. 

    So I'm gonna go with PES 5


    Ice Hockey: NHL 2002 is the perfect balance between presentation, gameplay and simulation. 


    NFL: no idea. 


    Snowboarding: probably just 1080 but Amped 1 was mega. 





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