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  1. Type 4 is a disappointingly structured game but plays fantastic and has unreal presentation. Rage is a much better game. For the 60fps thing, games rarely run at that. The emulator might show 60 fps which often shows its running correctly but the actual games are often locked to 30. Particularly with 3d games but of course there are exceptions. Rapid Racer Is 50/60 fps depending on region. And high resolution. So impressive.
  2. I quite enjoyed the series. That said I watched 2 and 3 only about 3 years ago.
  3. Frame rates were a big deal for me and my friends during the later 90s. We loved stuff running at 60s, Shutokou Battle on DC was a revelation at the time.
  4. I play lots of older games and many are fine, especially PS1 which often operates at 30fps. Zelda is an interesting one, the frame rate was fairly low but the controls were always responsive so it felt good.
  5. I have rewatched both gamesmaster Bad Influence and the latter was a much better show. It covered so many more interesting topics and felt like a real passion for gaming. Although I like Dominic Diamond, overall the show wasn't good.
  6. Yeah that is almost certainly down to the hardware at the time. Castlevania was so hard to see.
  7. Yeah it's doesn't have to scale objects on the race track. But still cool.
  8. I think I realised that after but might as well let the conversation flow.
  9. I love Fusion!! Yes it's less Metroid like but so atmospheric and just nice to have a slightly different take on it.
  10. Minamino is best behind a striker I feel, in a 4-2-3-1.
  11. Of course not. The Combatribes box is now in fantastic condition given it was completely covered in parcel tape. It also removes horrible bends too. Just need to be careful.
  12. I blogged about removing a difficult sticker a few years back. http://judged-by-gabranth.blogspot.com/2014/03/ultra-sticker-removal.html?m=1
  13. The nostalgia is more general 80s nostalgia than the movies imo.
  14. Anyone trying to suggest the joint world's best player and one of the fittest men around is a bad move is talking shite.
  15. Wave Race is indeed a great challenge!
  16. There is a fun and challenging Racer in there but tbh it's not very accessible at all. I remember having to make many tweaks to be competitive. It's difficult.
  17. MRC is not bad tbh. It's a little fuzzy but tweaks to the handling setup improve it no end. It's not great but I do like it myself.
  18. MGS2 is something special. One of the best looking games ever. And the sound is just as impressive. My favourite aspect of it is the lighting. Unbelievable. I love how the best PS2 games look.
  19. Nakamura does feature from time to time but with little impact. Miura is more a novelty/respect thing. He was on the bench the other day. Endo however does play in J2 for Jubilo. J1 is probably a bit of a reach for them nowadays. It's too fast. Shinji Ono also plays. Same era as Nakamura and was fantastic at Feyenoord. Injuries stopped him being a bigger star.
  20. DC was a nightmare for video modes. My DCX boots everything as per the disc, console is 50hz but it boots NTSC games at 60. VGA I think is only 60? As said above. Tokyo Highway Challenge would boot at 50, no option to choose then switch to 60 if played via RGB when you quite a race back the menu.
  21. You may be right. I just don't think he's the second coming. Stats aren't everything.
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