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  1. 3 hours ago, Darhkwing said:


    I'm enjoying it, but i do agree that it's somewhat different to the others. Kinda reminds me of Metroid 2 (or AM2R at least) with smaller areas to focus one and a bit more linearity to it. There is a lot of text but then again it's not a bad thing to have a story, although it certainly has a different feel to Zero Mission and Super Metroid.



    I really like the horror like atmosphere to it all. The bright colours however kinda detract from that somewhat.



    Yeah that is almost certainly down to the hardware at the time. Castlevania was so hard to see. 

  2. Nakamura does feature from time to time but with little impact. Miura is more a novelty/respect thing. He was on the bench the other day.  


    Endo however does play in J2 for Jubilo. J1 is probably a bit of a reach for them nowadays. It's too fast. 

    Shinji Ono also plays. Same era as Nakamura and was fantastic at Feyenoord. Injuries stopped him being a bigger star. 

  3. 10 hours ago, Naysonymous said:

    He’s fucking brilliant mate.  



    Statistically he’s up there with anybody in the Premier League.  He’s not going to have the ball as much at Manchester City as he did at Villa, but then he’s not going to get doubled up on every week either.  Give him ten games to adapt and he’ll show the world just how good he is.  

    You may be right. I just don't think he's the second coming. Stats aren't everything. 

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