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  1. On 03/08/2021 at 09:47, Paulando said:

    The weapon durability is an odd one.


    I didn’t like it at first, but overall it forces you to use different weapons rather than stick with your favourite, and it gives a reason to find every chest and secret area because you end up with a cool new weapon rather than a bloody red rupee. So I’m in favour of it.

    Also love it in a tough fight when you use a damaged weapon for a critical hit!



  2. 13 minutes ago, Major Britten said:

    Yeah I’ve been playing some more and Im about halfway through the championship mode and its really becoming a bit of a slog. In the later half each tournament has four races with each race taking 10-12 minutes to finish. Add the rubber-banding A.I. Which  is constantly behind you and will overtake you and win if you make a single mistake and it’s starting to be less fun to play.

    Yes. It's actually a better game in the slower cars. The faster ones gifh the frame rate issues, which aren't bad but not amazing. Also, like you said, the rubber banding is quite aggressive. 


    It's a solid game, and the PS2 version was the best but it's definitely a bit overrated. 7/10 for the era. 

  3. 1 hour ago, ScouserInExile said:

    Not sure if I'm going to stick at this. I know it's probably the most sacred of sacred cows, but I'm just finding it really frustrating to play and have already resorted so save state scumming and watching play through videos. Both of which wouldn't have been an option back in the day. 


    Speaking of which - this is the first time I've played it, so have no nostalgia for it and am looking at it through the eyes of a modern gamer, so I'm probably judging it a bit too harshly. But:

    Graphically it's amazing. If this was a 2D game produced now, you'd be impressed by the graphics, they're that good. 

    Not a fan of the music, but it suits the game and it does the job. Sound effects are as good as the graphics, though. 

    Gameplay wise I think the difficulty really lets it down. Judging by the play through videos I've seen, I'm not that far in and I'm finding it teeth grindingly difficult to progress. While an rpg should encourage you to explore and experiment, there's a distinct lack of signposting, some rng issues, a mechanism or two not explained and, worst of all, some real trail and error that will send you a long way back on the error parts. 


    I can see that there's a good game in there, but I just don't think I'm willing to persevere to get to it. 

    A Link to the Past was considered easy back in the day!


    Do you have a manual or anything? Explain the items etc. 

  4. On 21/07/2021 at 14:13, Major Britten said:

    For the past week Ive been playing Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 for the first time on the PS2. The first NFS game I had played was Shift and the Criterion HP on the 360 so I had no experience with any of the games previous to that. Ive heard from a lot of people that this was the best NFS on the PS2 so I had high hopes for this and was excited to finally try it out.

    Its a strange one as graphically its not so good, especially compared to stuff like GT, the burnout sequels or Ridge and the soundtrack gets repetitive very fast as theres only like 4 different tracks in the game. But gameplay wise its a lot of fun and the handling is good with the cars each handling differently and with a decent amount of weight. Its also fun trying to find the various shortcuts in the tracks. Not had a chance to play with a wheel just yet but Ive not had any problems with using the pad so far.

    Overall I think the game is pretty basic in terms of features and variety but its a fun little arcade style racer and it reminds me of the Forza Horizon games in a lot of ways. 

    I like this game but it does a lot wrong. The laps often feel sooooo long and the overall track design isn't great. But it handles well and does look okay, not as polishes as other games but lots going on. 


    Good choice of arcade and SIM style handling but the game seems to uncomfortably straddle both types of game. 

  5. 6 hours ago, Kevvy Metal said:

    I strongly disagree with John Lineman’s comments on the controls here, while agreeing that yes, you need to calibrate the centering on the Switch version MORE than you do on the Wii version. Which makes me actually like the Switch motion controls LESS! 

    The Right stick camera control is absolutely not important - or at least isn’t for me - and the game was designed with Z-targeting camera placement in mind. I use that then let the camera follow link just like in the original and it works just as well as ever. 
    The right stick camera option I only use when surveying a room, it’s totally not necessary to be engaged all of the time and the sword actions on the buttons work SO much better… so much better! 

    Ive noted that if you engage the L button right stick camera, then disengage it won’t automatically start following link again. You have to do a further Z reset.  

    I've played the Wii version for probably 100 hours. Never once thought it needed a camera. 

  6. I adore BotW but Skyward Sword has THE best dungeons in the entire 3D series. 


    Plus amazing music.  


    It's not small in scope at all. Sure, main hub is not huge, but each location is a dungeon itself to get to the dungeon. 


    It's just brilliant and these changes should make it even better!!

  7. All good points, I just hope England fans remain on the better side when the wins dry up. 

    Definitely not the worst fans in the world etc, but people are nicer when they are happy. You only sing when you're winning after all. 

  8. 1 hour ago, nakamura said:

    My girlfriend left me yesterday and it was more entertaining than watching England. 

    Sadly I wasn't joking but we have worked it out. It has been a brutal 48 hours. 


    Southgate nailed the tactics. 

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