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  1. UK tour is underway… Anyone else at the Roundhouse tonight?
  2. You're not alone! Thankful to all the people in the Glastonbury thread who recommended this set on iPlayer, ended up watching it at least 4 times and judging by Twitter comments this doesn't seem to be unusual. I noticed yesterday it had been uploaded to YouTube but no longer appears to be on there.
  3. Is there a "correct" way to end a free flight? I landed my little Cessna at LHR as planned, requested my parking space from ATC, the objective changed to something like "Taxi to destination" but there was nothing on the map to show me where this was. So I turned on the AI control which just turned me 180 and drove me full throttle into the tower.
  4. Does that house only have one bathroom?
  5. A fascinating GQ interview with Mike (Jonathan Banks) just popped up on my Facebook feed and I haven't seen it posted here (Apologies if it was). Worth a read...
  6. That Schumacher clip! Was he/is he going to get punished for that? The 5 place drop is purely for the crash isn't it? In other news, not so long ago I remember moaning about car manufacturers sticking their names on unrelated f1 cars. I should have been grateful, I see this race we have QPR vs Chelsea
  7. Is there anywhere where I can easily see pics of the full 10 cars in each pack (xbox.com only has a handful)? I wanted the Volvo estate but I guess that pack's too new
  8. I've always wondered why they bother with samples. Why don't the FIA fuel all the cars with the same amount and seal the tanks before the session? Give them all plenty of juice so theres incentive to get out on track and burn it off if they want a chance of setting a decent time. Although I suppose that's not as "green" as sitting in the garage "saving tires"...
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