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  1. Patch is due very soon https://fselite.net/news/microsoft-flight-simulator-upcoming-patch-2-details/ Performance improvements ATC updates UI updates Aerodynamic updates Aircraft updates Cockpit visuals and animation updates General aviation system updates General aviation avionic updated Airliner system updates Airliner avionic updates Live Weather updates – (e.g. 225/3kt wind fixed, persistency fixed, etc.) Upgraded multiplayer servers Marketplace updates Content Manager updates Localization updates Accessibility updates Camera updates Bush Trip updates (e.g. completion trigger fixed/Completionist achievement fixed) World updates
  2. This was posted just above your first post. Worth a watch :
  3. Can anyone quantify why EVGA are generally regarded as the 'go to' brand please? Not sure whether to delay for decent benchmarks (and possibly for the Ryzen 4's) or just to gamble on whatever popular brand people are recommending, which seems to be EVGA for some reason?
  4. It's because the real Spelunky that all the pros play is the PC / Steam release, on the 29th I believe? (My lack of Playstation ownership not a factor at all, and I'm totally not jealous. Honest)
  5. Article on Eurogamer appeared today: https://www.eurogamer.net/amp/2020-09-13-meet-the-man-behind-the-astonishingly-successful-arcade-club Discusses the challenges of logistics with opening venues in London, but there are ambitions to get there one day.
  6. Presumably thread starter is on subscription? Any idea when this hits the shelves?
  7. We're way past the days of writing code in assembly, and worrying about running out of the last few bytes of memory. Programming moved on to higher level languages to abstract away a lot of the complexity, and to allow more robust and standardised techniques. People then started writing game engines to further abstract away some of the complexity, and to speed up development on common routines. We're now in an age of using DirectX, Unity, Unreal Engine and so on. Any optimisation is more likely at the engine level rather than on individual games.
  8. I also loved the book when I read it way back when. I was surprised they made a movie adaptation of it. I was even more surprised it's a really decent movie. Tangent on tangents then, but Gerald's Game is worth a watch if you've not seen it.
  9. You probably won't *need* to upgrade for a few years yet, unless you're determined to run at 8k and ultra settings in the upcoming years games I suppose The last pc I built was about 4 years ago now, and has a 970 which still copes admirably well with most stuff. It's only Flight Sim which has really punished this system and made me look at upgrades (and complete rebuilds)
  10. It's old, but I was in tears with this:
  11. It's going to be really impressive when they reveal that he's not in the kitchen, and this is all real time rendered
  12. Yeah I think it's weird too. Should have gone from 9xx, 10xx, 11xx to 12xx. But they've gone 9xx, 10xx, 20xx to 30xx Consumers only realise it's new if the first digit changes I suppose
  13. The top end of this 30 series uses 3 (not 2) slots in the backplane. And apparently needs a beefier power connector. Huge amount of heft so looking forward to seeing what it can do. Then I'll potentially be building a new system around one. FS2020 is going to cost me a fortune. Can't wait
  14. Everybody knows that planes use bagpipes for their stall warning indicators
  15. This might be interesting to anyone thinking 'but where's the game' : Flight Sim Economy It's basically 'Elite' for flight sim. Carry cargo/passengers from A to B for profit. Spend profit on new planes. Nice summary video here:
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