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  1. I've just played through this, and it's worth doing so. A good sense of humour, great characters, classically understated writing. The puzzles are actually well thought out and obvious, with some good subtle signposting.
  2. Didn't Edge print a correction in the very next issue that the score should have been 8? EDIT: Yes, they did: https://archive.org/details/edge-magazine-2002-issue-106-118/EDGE Magazine (2002) Issue 106-118/EDGE - 106 - Jan 2002/page/n11/mode/2up
  3. So, even though this is some way off, apparently they'll be delisting FM7 in September. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-07-30-forza-motorsport-7-will-be-delisted-after-just-four-years This will mean that there will be no current FM game available to buy. That seems quite amazing.
  4. I don't know why but I found this tweet hilarious. Anyway, the Rock is a better actor than Flaps.
  5. I can't see it there - only the first two games.
  6. Good news: https://www.gog.com/game/populous_the_beginning Currently 75% off. £1.09. For the greatest game of all time.
  7. So close. But since nobody else has remembered it, it falls to me to bring up the greatest game of all time. Populous The Beginning is superb; a significant departure from the first two games in the series but with a really well thought-out risk:reward mechanic. You can no longer cast spells to the other side of the world, but instead you now need to take your shaman into danger in order to attack. Amassing an army of fire warriors and preachers, then descending on an opponent in a fleet of balloons, casting confusion spells to make the enemies attack themselves - it is still a fabulous game and one that deserves a remake more than any other.
  8. Do these new controllers work with the Xbox One?
  9. I've seen the same rumour:
  10. I really fancy this as well, but at $179 it's a bit of a stretch. I was thinking something in the region of £100 would be a definite purchase.
  11. And they’re not left handed; the entire image has been flipped - see the numbers on their shirts.
  12. These two are still unsolved.
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