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  1. Discussed on the latest UGVM podcast, in fact. I remember really enjoying Total Recall on the CPC. It was a platformer in the main, but one where you had to find your way around an elaborate maze, with doors and floors triggered by a few different colour switches. You have to collect a number of items before finishing the level. The enemies were pretty easy to defeat but they weren't the real challenge. After finishing a platform level you had a dreary driving part which was actually more shmup - completely straight road, enemies needing to be destroyed. And then ba
  2. Hang on, are you saying it isn't just about ethics in videogame journalism?
  3. Did you check to see if you'd ticked the Logitech mouse and Presario graphics card options when you did the Save As?
  4. Surely you just develop the game and then press different buttons on the "export to" box?
  5. The price label on the Columns box is from Computer Leisure Centre - I immediately recognised it since that's where half my CPC and MD games came from. I don't think it was a chain, so I can tell you that cart was originally purchased from 117 High Street, Orpington, Kent.
  6. I wouldn't worry, they won't deign to make enough so you can actually buy one.
  7. I reckon there's been heavy discussions this week about how low they can go. £449 for the version with disc drive and £369 for the version without, and they'll take a loss to keep momentum up. While the PS4 has been really successful this generation, at the moment it feels like Microsoft is moving forwards a bit faster and blurring the edges of the generations - and as Sony know from their experience with the PS3, any slow down at the start of the generation can take years to recover from.
  8. I think you misunderstand me. I am not arguing that is how it is currently set up; but I am arguing that that is not how it needs to be set up. Sorry, reading it back I wasn't clear. Full backwards compatibility, if if only with discs and existing purchases, would be an excellent selling point for the console. If that meant that the XsX had to be able to access the "Xbox 360 store" to validate purchases, then so be it.
  9. Are they really though? Let's say I buy a copy of Burnout Revenge off the Microsoft Store - that isn't console specific. And they could even restrict it to games that you bought on disc, or buy on the previous console online store, if they had a general enough emulator.
  10. There were a lot of people who took Microsoft's original announcements as meaning that every game from all previous generations would work. This could have been the case if it was true backwards compatibility - that is, making the XsX/XsS act as an Xbox/360/One when the appropriate disc was inserted. After all, there were no licensing issues when looking at DS to 3DS compatibility - both for game carts and dowloads - or Wii to Wii U, or PS to PS2. It's only because Microsoft aren't using the original game data and are modifying it in some way within the game files that this whole issue aris
  11. Xevious


    I can't see that - where are you seeing it?
  12. After DVD Burner Blue Screen of the Dead Total Warza Horizon
  13. Antstream to be rebranded as "Sega Classics plus some other games on other formats", and have all Sega-published MS, MD, Saturn and DC games available. With downloads, not streaming.
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