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  1. On reflection, that superpower (which I also did not like at first) is just making explicit what was implicit in Columbo. There is nearly always a moment in a Columbo episode, often early on, where the murderer tells a lie and the show lingers just a little on Peter Fall’s reaction to it. Anyway, I like this show. It’s good fun.
  2. Disclosure? They really don’t (shouldn’t?) make them like that anymore. Scratches a real specific kind of 90s thriller itch that film.
  3. Has anyone actually ever read Jurassic Park? I’m willing to bet that’s an adaptation better than the source (no I will never actually read it to confirm this).
  4. I’ve also only seen the first two. Going to fix that now thanks to this
  5. It's very important that the economic integrity of the Disney corporation is protected on rllmuk
  6. More Bosch. Season 6 landed today.
  7. It’s not new. Used to be part of AVB’s job at Chelsea so frank should be aware it goes on at least.
  8. That trailer alone is better than 95% of Netflix’s original content.
  9. The original is fucking great (never seen any sequels though)
  10. It’s a film now - not a tv show anymore. (I think)
  11. The burgers in the Belgrave are great. My personal faves in Leeds. Cheaper than the more ummm 'creative' offerings in other places too.
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