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  1. There's a difference between buying existing talent and buying a 30 year who relies massively on pace with one good season under his belt. It's not like they're splashing out on Higuain.


    edit - there's also the style clash. Vardy needs space in behind to break into. Arsenal don't really do that. But styles can be changed. Couldn't see him ever being much use at the Emirates though. 

  2. 10 minutes ago, Tourist said:


    You don't find it slightly worrying that the manager of your national team a) has a tendency to panic when the chips are down, and b) finds it difficult to keep his panic to himself? 


    I think the most successful managers are the ones who make things simplest for their players, and that includes removing any sort of doubts or anxieties that they might have about how to cope with difficult situations. I think England players have enough doubts and anxieties without needing to cope with the manager's. And I think Hodgson's career in the Premier League suggest that he has a tendency to lose the support of his players when the chips are down. 


    Exactly like that Fulham team in that example you quoted and his WBA team. Both wilted and were relegated after smelling panic on him.

  3. 16 hours ago, Tourist said:

    Guys, I finally started watching this. I am at the end of episode 2. It is, hands down, 100%, maybe 110% THE most stupid thing I have ever watched. 


    How on EARTH is this so popular? 


    I can't be bothered to go back of the last thousand pages of this thread, but is there *any* one else who hates this as much as I do? Or is this really just unanimously adored? Genuinely, honestly, gobsmacked if so. 


    (I will keep watching it though, just to make sure it is 115% stupid.)


    The first season is the best one. If you don't like that bail. 


    Or or carry on hate watching and spouting off about it if that's your thing. 

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