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  1. Almost certainly. I bet he operated in that structure in Germany too and it all went wrong there. Fuck knows really.
  2. I was just checking the Arsenal squad - because in my head you had a fair chunk of players (especially in midfield though not for the base) but yet you seem so thin at the moment - and it turns out Rosicky is still an Arsenal player. Completely forgot that man existed. In many ways he's had such a sad career at Arsenal for someone who's been there so long.
  3. Perhaps I'm letting his past cloud my judgement of him but he still strikes me as someone who'd be an excellent number 2 (wasn't he doing well at qpr pre Derby too?). Either that or get the right DoF above him and an assistant that covers some of his flaws (motivating?)
  4. Signing Berahino and N'Jie add pace but they don't reduce the reliance on Kane really I don't think. Player like Austin would be ideal for you I think.
  5. You're almost certainly right (not an arsenal fan just watch too much football). But that raises the question of either dropping him, playing arteta or buying a suitable partner. I really thought Coquelin and Cazorla looked great at the back end of last season. Not sure why you'd break it up.
  6. Debuchy can provide width I think, maybe. Pretty sure he did/does for Newcastle/France. The left would be an issue though.
  7. I don't really get that about some players. Surely role (ie what you're doing) is more important than position (nominally where you stand). Ramsey on the right could play his natural game - with Bellerin/Debuchy he wouldn't even need to provide width - and the team overall would be stronger. I think he could have an excellent season from there with Coq and Cazorla in the centre.
  8. By asking Ramsey to play that way don't you miss the point of playing him? He could do it but it's not what he's great at. He should only really play in the centre with Arteta imo. I think putting Ramsey on the right frees him to do exactly what he's good at and I'm baffled as to why Wenger split up Coqzorla. If he'd bought a new player in there then it would make sense.
  9. Leeds doing the no sponsor thing.
  10. Yea, I mean I still watch but it's pretty shit now. First two seasons (especially the second) are good though.
  11. I really didn't like it, apart from that one scene in a sports store - which was excellent. Film clearly though it had something to say and maybe it did but it did it badly.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-9HsuIidoQ More top Harry Fraud (of that Riff Raff/Bronson track fame) production work found on his mix tape adrift: http://www.datpiff.com/pop-mixtape-player.php?id=m969478b
  13. Doug Church has been there a while though, no?
  14. Some steam keys. Please say if you use them. Cave Story+ 4TZ9B-HK4TZ-R8BR6 The Basement Collection ZDWK8-HV2CV-AEQNV Offspring Fling JL6GM-FKYP9-WEEI7
  15. I love a code for King's Bounty (if it works on mac) But I'm absolutely not a thread regular (when it comes to posting) or even a regular poster to rllmuk. If anyone else wants it they should get massively preferential treatment.
  16. He'll be on about songs accusing him of being a full Saville.
  17. I really like the first two seasons and after the conclusion of the second season I thought we were going to get another Shield - we didn't. I'm still watching but the show seems to have given in to its worst excesses and has a load of flaws. It's entertaining still but it has the potential to be so much more.
  18. While the dodgy ownership was the problem the cause was Levy waiting to the last possible moment to move for him. The hiccups could've been overcome of he'd negotiated earlier and your team would be less disrupted during the start of the season. You might get good prices for selling and buying with the brinksmanship but at what cost. No way you get Moutinho in January now either after the Hulk sale Porto are much less desperate to flog another star player. Really think Moutinho would've made Spurs season - symbolically and tactically crucial for AVB.
  19. Daniel Sturridge wishes he was Hulk. Hulk's far more talented and far less selfish. Pity he'll never come to the premier league would've suited it down to the ground. Also makes Porto an awful lot less likely to sell you Moutinho in January to help unfuck your midfield and support AVB.
  20. Excellent season finale, think it could have done with three-four episodes to pad out the beginning and middle of the series but still sterling stuff. Does anyone think we'll get the answers to these (minor-ish) questions before the series is done?
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