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  1. Yea you can def use it as an indicator of his class, but you'd get more info just by watching him. Probably does give an insight into the resilience of his character which may have been called into question after Bayern. I think he'll do well for you especially as you seem to be defending deeper then looking to counter a bit more - he can be pleasingly direct.
  2. They're not inconsequential but those skills got him the caps, the caps didn't teach him the skills. Playing for England has not improved Walcott one jot. Suppose I just don't like the notion that international football is the peak of the game. It's nowhere near certainly the CL and most top leagues. Being 'international class' is meaningless you get some real dross players and teams even in tournaments and especially in qualification.
  3. He's Pirlo/Modric esque isn't he, in that he can play (depending on the team) at the tip or base of the midfield comfortably.
  4. Caps count for fuck all. International football is not the top level of the game. Podolski could of retired early, played for some footballing backwater or just been like Arteta and had several players ahead of him for his national team and it wouldn't have made any difference to his ability to track back better than Walcott, gervinho and Arshavin.
  5. Those three famously having never played international football of course.
  6. Lampard and Cole didn't like AVB, Hulk, Moutinho and Falcao did. The man (a bit like Wenger) gets an unreasonable amount of stick in the UK. I guess this is for having the temerity to be young confident and annoying the saintly patrons of the English game in Redknapp and Lampard.
  7. Allen looks class, just thought he was part of system at Swansea - but he's a genuinely good footballer away from that. Sterling looks good, Borini, Gerrard and Suarez less so.
  8. How come he didn't come, ran out of time? Pity wanted to see him in the prem and AVB to succeed.
  9. Don't see where he fits in. Looks like a total panic buy after Levy wouldn't give Moutinho what he wanted.
  10. Their squad is unbalanced. Def needed Moutinho (god only knows why they didn't want Sahin in exchange for Modric). Losing Modric an VDV means a lot of creativity has gone out the door and neither Adebayor nor Defoe can be trusted to score all that regularly. Bad summer Lloris and Dembele apart for them. Not sure why they (and Levy) have been lauded for the summer while Liverpool slagged off - I don't think you'll finish too far apart from each other (or Newcastle) with none of you in the top four. Guess it depends whether AVB or Rodgers clicks first (Rodgers should have much less insane pressure from the press for no reason).
  11. Have you still got big wage commitments? Can be much more limiting when it comes to trying to find space to bring players in.
  12. His lack of mobility will count against him from AVB's perspective. Might get some game time with no Moutinho coming in. Still got Jenas and Bentley?
  13. Got a feeling Dempsey is going to be the next Pienaar, Krancjar, Pavlychenko in terms of playing time. Maybe AVB will rotate more than 'Arry and have less clear favourites.
  14. Not a spurs fan but I wouldn't be pleased if that's instead of Lloris or Moutinho. Guess he'll be striker cover but he's not really suited to that role imo and Damiao would be a better bet in jan. Think your squad needs a goalkeeper, winger (what is there behind Lennon and Bale?) and a deep passing midfielder. Moutinho would've meant you barely felt the loss of Modric (bar the bedding in period) fabulous player and knows the manager.
  15. Gates might be big but the tv money ain't great. So no big fees (apart from parachute teams and gambling owners).
  16. It's Jesse not Jessie. No idea why that bugs me so much.
  17. True Blood. It's HBO but it's shit, yet I can't stop watching. I enjoy it totally unironically but would never recommend it. Thought about putting walking dead in but that's not really a guilty pleasure in any sense, it's still naff but I (and just about everyone watching) know it's bollocks. I'm not really watching for enjoyment but in the hope of seeing it get better/wondering how they can ruin such a bulletproof premise. Celebrity Juice, sometimes. I'll watch any old reality/talent show bollocks with a few people provided we're all talking about and over it. Can't watch X-factor properly but drinking with some company it makes solid background tv, never gonna sit and watch it seriously/or on my own though. Still drunk hangover tv is normally a load of crap too.
  18. More Verhoeven but Starship Troopers feels different, and more prescient, post Iraq.
  19. My ep 2 rip didn't have subtitles during the dany scene. I presume this wasn't supposed to be the case?
  20. Costello's album 'This Year's Model' is great. Never bothered to listen to much else by him though.
  21. Keep it going if you can spare the time, I find it really useful especially the custom star ratings.
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