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  1. And I love that I have an erection... that doesn't involve homeless people.
  2. I can't see it getting to 24's mad pace nor its gung-ho attitude. I just hope it tends away from 24's style of cheap story road-blocking and dull characterisation (protagonist is always right higher ups wrong etc). There's enough acting talent on the show and enough shades of grey in Dane's character (from the pilot) that it'd be a real pity if it went to waste. Still can't see how they stretch this premise out into a show with more than two seasons though.
  3. Yea I'm sticking with this it's just that Perhaps I'm looking too hard knowing where the creative team was previously involved but I thought after a more nuanced pilot that episode was a bit of a let down.
  4. Just watched it. This episode felt a bit more 24 than the pilot - not in a good way.
  5. The final act of sunshine is a mess (it's a Garland script so no surprise). But I think the ending of the Mist is excellent
  6. There are no black members in other charters that I can remember. Sutter talks some about race here: http://sutterink.blogspot.com/2011/09/black-and-white-of-mcs.html
  7. I don't see how they can stretch the premise beyond a season or two but I quite enjoyed the pilot - certainly more than I expected. Danes and Lewis were very good, I've got my reservations but I imagine i'll watch this for a while (I also think word on the unaired episodes the critics have seen is quite good).
  8. What discussion are you hoping to read when you come in the thread having not seen the episode? I don't understand what fun there is in scrolling through a bunch of spoiler boxes you can't read yet.
  9. One of the agents sat at the table in the reverand's task force thingy
  10. Unfortunately not on the store anymore no idea why though. Pity would've bought it. Guess none of the indie games are worth getting?
  11. I've got 460 MSP left in my account and the addons for games I've got and the arcade titles I've heard of all cost more than that. Are there any gems hidden at that pricepoint (don't have full live so no point in getting multiplayer titles)?
  12. But if he's getting the goals and linking the play why bother. He chips in with loads himself and allows the wide players or a midfielder to run into the space he's vacated. It makes Arsenal very hard to mark because there's not always a player up against the center halves - adding in an extra player ahead of him makes them at once both more one-dimensional and weaker defensively (RVP playing in this deeper role takes the place of someone in the team who's going to defend more). Bringing on an extra penalty area presence when you're chasing a goal is a different matter but then Chamakh and Bendtner (provided he's not on the wing thats just fucking stupid) can play that role. Barcelona tend to do okay with a false nine rather than an old fashioned one.
  13. There is no room for a Shearer esque 9 at the top level anymore. Hell even when he was still playing he was something of an anachronism. I may be on my own here but I think in the back half of this season playing in the withdrawn role he's been better and more important than he was last season playing as a more advanced poacher type. To bring the thread round back to Arsenal, Wenger is never going to play three at the back it's a system that takes a lot of work and I just can't see him risking it. Also all this talk of you needing another striker is nonsense Van Persie gets plenty of goals plus he offers so much more when he plays the role. What I thinks really needed is somebody to do the role Marcos Senna did for Spain in 2008. To be honest I can't think who on eart could do that for you though..
  14. He tends to turn up as a chav in a few things - think he's in peepshow might shout 'oi clean-shirt'. Also makes an appearance in misfits i think too.
  15. Just realised I completely forgot 15 storeys high on my list. This comedies one is just too hard could've easily gone to 40 programmes...
  16. Is he making this as well as Inherent Vice or instead of?
  17. 1. The Thick of it 2. The Simpsons 3. Brass Eye 4. The Day Today 5. Peep Show 6. Father Ted 7. South Park 8. Arrested Development 9. Louie 10. Futurama 11. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 12. Eastbound and Down 13. Blackadder 14. The Office (UK) 15. Archer 16. The League of Gentlemen 17. Curb Your Enthusiasm 18. Extras 19. I'm Alan Partridge 20. Frasier
  18. What happened to Paul Bettany he's made nowt but shite for ages. I used to thinkhe was going to be a cracking actor tis a pity he makes nought but bollocks now.
  19. 1. Deadwood 2. The Wire 3. The Sopranos 4. Generation Kill 5. Mad Men 6. Breaking Bad 7. The Shield 8. State of Play 9. Carnivale 10. Terriers 11. Six Feet Under 12. Sons of Anarchy 13. Justified 14. Band of Brothers 15. Life on Mars Not a a very varied list at all consisting almost exclusively of U.S. cable shows from the last 10 years or so. I seem to have spent rather a lot time watching tv drama but with them all being rather long shows I haven't actually seen all that many different shows. I already knew I needed to look into more british fare from before my time (potter, poliakoff, house of cards etc.) and looking at my list just confirms it - looking at other lists tells me I should watch some foreign dramas as well. As for my lists actual content. Deadwood is poetic, beautiful and profane. The wire and the sopranos are hardly surprising entries and there isn't much more to be said about either. Generation kill more Simon/Burns mastery. Mad Men and Breaking Bad the best shows currently on television.
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