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  1. Nah, your fine mate. I was just flagging it up in case anyone was after one. Cheers anyway!
  2. "Wakka, wakka, wakka! Ya cunt!"
  3. Eh? Didn't George Lucas have a nervous breakdown making the original Star Wars because the British crew insisted on having their union mandated tea break every twenty minutes? Just one of the many other disasters that befell that film.
  4. The Lego Star Wars games did that years ago with the elevator muzak version. The hard rock version in the Lego Jabba's Palace level is good too.
  5. Just get on with Better Call Saul Season 6 please.
  6. I have a soft spot for the Sean Bean remake. It's shite but entertaining shite.
  7. It was worth it because apparently at one point back stage Cameron wanted to lamp Harvey Weinstein with his Oscar.
  8. I saw it on release and really enjoyed. Cheesy at times but the leads are good. Kathy Bates, David Warner and Bernard Hill are great and Billy Zane is an absolute git in it. The wife and I went to see the 3D version at the flicks a few years ago. It was very well done. Probably the best 3D conversion I've ever seen.
  9. We started watching this last night. I watched two seasons of The Knick with her in it and never new she was Bono's daughter. We watched the Arnie film Sabotage the other night. I never fancied it but we really enjoyed it. Old age has given Arnie a gravitas that he didn't have before. He played the role well and the lack of cheesy one liners was refreshing. Bloody hell though how did this get away with a 15 rating? Gore, sex, drugs and effin' n' jeffin'. Back in the day this would have been a hard 18 rating. Either that or cut to ribbons!
  10. Remember when tubes of Smarties had the plastic bit on the end that wasn't sealed when you bought them? Anyone could have stuck their winky in the end of it and put it back on the shelf. Happy days!
  11. Keep trying. I've managed to get both in the space of the last month. I just happened to be in front of the laptop when the alerts came up and was lucky enough that both orders went through fine.
  12. Official charging dock was in at Amazon for a split nanosecond there.
  13. Well I managed about an hour on Demon's Souls last night. Stunning stuff. However my arse is out the window this morning as my five year old girl is obsessed with Astro's Playroom. I can see why though. It's very well done and I love the controller. I didn't get a PS4 until the Pro came out. I had an Xbox One then One X and always gravitated towards them. Apart from God of War the Pro sat gathering stoor much of the time. I can still see the Series X being my go to console most of the time but so far I'm very impressed with the PS5. Managed to get my PS4 saves transferred by USB last night so
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