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  1. My wife hadn't seen From Dusk 'Till Dawn until a few months ago when we watched it on Netflix. It's now her favourite Tarantino! (Yes I know he didn't direct it).
  2. She was stunning in Empire and Jedi. Even more so when you consider that she was completely off her tits much of the time.
  3. I saw it in the cinema with my mate in '96. When the scene with you know who turning into you know what happened the place erupted. I haven't experienced a reaction like that in the cinema since. The only precedent i had at that point for that kind of reaction in a cinema was the Marvin scene in Pulp Fiction.
  4. The last time I was at the cinema was at The Rise of Skywalker/Sequel Trilogy triple bill at the Glasgow Science Centre. They showed the trailer for the Disney live action remake of Mulan. I've had no interest in any of the previous live action cash grabs but this looked pretty spectacular. My wife told me last night that it's going straight to Disney+ in September. Why not just keep it for the Christmas cinema season? I know Disney aren't short of a bob or two but they must be making a loss doing that. It's also a shame for everyone who worked on the film. It looked like it deserved to be seen on the big screen.
  5. I remember the red triangle. I think I might have watched some of The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover on C4. PS. I'm still gutted at my Mum chucking some of those tapes out. I've just bought an S-VHS deck and Scart to HDMI converter from Ebay. I can have a look at the rest of the tapes and keep anything that's worthwhile. There was a tape in one of the boxes of Stephen Kings World of Horror taped from STV in the early 90s. I think it was a 90 minute special. I had previously transferred it when I first had a DVD recorder in around 2004 but I haven't found the disc yet.
  6. Not really, no. I like things that make you use your imagination to fill in the blanks. Like Star Wars when it was the only film. There was so much unexplained that you had to fill in with your own imagination. Everything after that diluted that mysteriousness.
  7. I've no idea. That's just my interpretation of it.
  8. My wife squee'd over that PC building video more than is probably healthy.
  9. Posed for appreciating the Slave 1 sizemic charge noise. One of Ben Burrt's better contributions to the prequels.
  10. I respectfully disagree. The Gutter is clearly one mans lunatic vision. It's incomplete and dilapidated but the framework of a town made entirely of wood is still there. I'm fascinated by how long it has stood considering the state of it's inhabitants.
  11. Henry Cavill is a bit of a dude. My wife recently showed me a video he put up on his Twitter of him building his latest fuck off mental cool PC. It took him hours. He's a big gamer which had a lot to do with him wanting to do The Witcher TV series.
  12. The main thought that always occurs to me during The Gutter is "Who the fuck built this and why?". It feels like a big Jenga puzzle. Remove one plank of wood and the whole thing will come crashing down.
  13. That reminds me that there was a tape that was labelled simply "Mark Kermode" and then "Caligula".
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