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  1. I don't think of myself as ignorant of the DC universe, but I'm definitely not well-read. I know who Zod is, but didn't make the connection that it was him who Superman was fighting at the beginning, nothing was sign-posted or established well, there are so many more wtf questions the more I read about the film and remember what I watched yesterday. At least it made for a good date, I didn't feel like I was missing much after a while.
  2. WW was never mentioned by name. The Flash was in one scene and no one knew what the buggery it was about. Nor about the files. I didn't know who the other two files were about. Nothing was clear or made any sense to most in the audience, and these are guys that lap up action films. Who is Luthor? What.
  3. Jimmy was in the film? The fuck. Its a complete mess. Wasn't absolutely terrible but was so confusing for half the audience that they had left before the end. They had no idea about what the fuck his dad was doing, what the green rock was, about some bonkers flash forward, why the green light drew him into the truck, who Luthor is, why and what the nuke did... Just a mess. The fuck was WW doing? Why? What's her history? What can she do? Chop and what? What's the cable thing? The fuck is going on?
  4. They do? I don't see what they're getting at at all, maybe I'm just out of the loop but outside of you guys, who is actually understanding why this is either funny or what point they're trying to make? I feel l need it explaining or something.
  5. Just finished watching the other two, what a load of shit. Would be better if they just hadn't bothered doing anything at all because it's completely awful. No idea what they're going on about half the time (or more!), self-indulgent wank.
  6. It's clearly (from the first episode) not as good as the old stuff, really tame and languid at times.
  7. Why? They tested that with Courtois and was fine. It's unfair to loan a player then not allow them to play all the games because they come across their team.
  8. I was super fucking drunk and off my tits last night and thought you said they were 2-0 down after the first leg. My apologies for being an ornery drunken cunt.
  9. We only need two goals to draw, but, that isn't going to happen as I can see them scoring without issue.
  10. Well, enjoy! They're all pinnacles of TV in their own ways.
  11. The Shield, obviously. But then it's all downhill from there. And Oz? And Six Feet Under?
  12. The state of us is hilarious, I'd be quite happy if we were sent straight to the Europa League and West Ham, Leicester and Spurs get in the Champion's League, probably at the expense of Arsenal if they don't get their confidence back. The only real concern is if those three teams don't improve their squads in the 'right' way and buy proven names en masse a la United, because that clearly doesn't work anymore. With regards to tonight, I'm hoping Leicester win simply as their run-in is awful, United, Everton and Chelsea. They could easily trounce the lot, but I'd not bet on it.
  13. Thought it was the Double O edition.
  14. I can understand not booking Payet as he was anticipating the challenge, though it was still a dive as really, you should be trying to avoid tackles, but how Antonio is still on the pitch is disgusting.
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