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  1. I've had a pretty big lean spell with gaming over last couple of years and just getting back into it. I was just wondering if anyone can recommend a few good gaming sites that I can get RSS feeds on so I can follow gaming news. I have an xbox series S but would like to follow all console news. Thank you in advance.
  2. I'm glad they have done this too. It might be time for me to pick it up now
  3. Man, I was holding out for the series X but I honestly don't know when I would pick one up. Reading this, I've just gone and ordered the S, delivery tomorrow .
  4. I've got DAZN but will watch the rerun when I get up. I'm really hoping and expecting Canelo to win. Probably on points. BJS is a good boxer but I just don't like him as a person. Some of the stuff he has pulled over the years really has made me dislike him a lot. Canelo has boxed a lot of great boxers and won where as BJS hasn't fought anyone like who Canelo has. It will be interesting to see how BLS copes with him.
  5. I’m enjoying Apple TV+. I was ready to pay up for another year until I got the email to say free trial extended until February. The new Springsteen and E Street Band documentary is just wonderful.
  6. The official podcast is a great listen after each episode. Last weeks podcast talked for some time about how they made the ant part. Very interesting and funny.
  7. Congratulations. Good luck in both Premiership and Champions league.
  8. Your home and dry, believe me. I would like you to get the final place.
  9. If there was a team you would love to play to get the win for a champions league place it's us. We have been terrible all season, more so in the lack of creativity and goals. I'm sure you will go on and win today but if you dont, then surely you don't deserve a Champions league place.
  10. Very sad news this morning but one I agree with. 3.5 yrs ago we were towards the bottom of the Championship and looking towards League 1. Karanka arrived and turned the club around. Every year we improved and reached the Premier league last year. As I said, sad and unfortunately it was inevitable. Saying all that, the Football for a large part of this season has been poor and that has to be linked to the non existent attack. I can except relegation but to go down without having a real go is not great. Pearson wouldn't be my first choice. Great previous captain of the club and has had some success as manger but over the last few years trouble has travelled to which ever club he joined. Although highly unlikely, i'd like to try and get the guy from Huddersfield (Wagner) or Houghton at Brighton.
  11. Quick question. Should all the teams be up to date with the transfers from over the summer?. Looking at my club Middlesbrough, it hasn't got the summer signing or players that left. Had a quick look at the other clubs and it seems to be the same although I did notice Man U has Pogba. Edit, ok, found how, much better now. Just added the PESWorld option files........lovely.
  12. Playing through this slowly. Currently on Argent facility. This is definitely better than I was expecting and exactly what I was hoping for. It's definitely got the original Doom feel to it. I'm not great on FPS's so playing through on Hurt Me Plenty and that's certainly giving me a good challenge.
  13. Yes, mine from them got delivered this morning.
  14. haha, i've just text my mate to ask if it was time to be picked up yet :). I just love the big occasion games and we've had some corkers at the Riverside and tomorrow is possibly the biggest of them all. I'm hoping the play off disappointment last year spurs us on even more. I'm sure Grant will have the boys up for it.
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