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  1. On completing this not long after BFBC2, I'd say the following: Bad Company 2 feels relatively more generic, but has tighter writing. (Preferred it to the utter bombast of COD:MW2) Metro 2033 feels like it will fall apart at times, and certainly lacks the usual "western polish", but is a more imaginative game. I enjoyed both very much, but those that are utterly anal about shooting mechanics may have a harder time with Metro 2033. A tip though: Metro 2033's aiming only works "properly" with mouse AIM sensitivity on FULL. You should then adjust "mouse sensitivity" to taste. Otherwise it suffers from "Aliens vs. Predator Mouse Sludge"-itis. I disagree with the "it's not sci-fi" opinions. One of the more fascinating points with Metro 2033's fiction is that it is a healthy melange of "fucking with history", horror (more psychological, I'd sa), war, and sci-fi.
  2. Sound's spot-on. Oh I wouldn't say the visuals were impeccable, but one thing this game seems to do which is truly a positive step: it avoids "Doom 3 shine".
  3. Okay, ahem, let me try this again. Great visuals, great sound. Authentic Aliens feel. Attention to detail, can't fault the look or sound of anything. Also, an FPS where you can see your feet. Yeah it's a small thing, but it's realistic and makes you feel more like a "person" than a floating/bobbing gun. However, the mouse control is dreadful. Yes, I know what FPS mouse control should feel like. Play Quake 3, System Shock 2, Stalker, Half-Life 2 (or the EPs), both of the first two AvP games (not the old Jaguar one though), or Left 4 Dead. All of them have solid, responsive mouse control that can go as fast or slow as you want, and the mouse accelerates "correctly". (Unless you're used to Mac mice.. ugh) Here, full 1.00 sensitivity horizontally is just about acceptable, but vertical is SLOWER. It feels like you have to pull on the mouse far too much to aim anywhere. And, of course, most of the enemies in the Marine campaign are... fast-moving aliens so quick turns are impossible. Well done devs. The persistent "quest arrow". I don't apologise for this comment, but this is pure dumbing down for "console tards". Disclaimer: I own consoles, and I enjoy playing games on them. This, however, is an insult to a gamer's intelligence. Neither of the first two AvPs had this, which meant you had to actually EXPLORE to complete each task. In this game, you are led by the nose almost all the time, and it feels completely linear. Dumbed down, over-simplified. The icing on the cake is the fairly generic story, the distinct lack of interaction with the environment beyond doors, switches and pickups, and audio logs which are rarely interesting. The writing is passable at best, and pressing TAB to listen to audio logs pulls you OUT of the game and into a separate menu. This "disconnection" with the gameplay is jarring. The menus feel consolified, too: selection bars are slow to move, and only showing 4-5 keybinds at a time may work on a TV, but at 1650x1080 (let alone higher), it just sucks. If you want to shoot aliens, you won't care, and that's fine if that's all you're after. But it's a shallow game full stop, let alone compared to the "let's get lost in dark corridors" gameplay of AvP. Hang on, who was it who developed that? Oh that's right... REBELLION.
  4. Oh how hilarious, that's right, take my comments and immediately associate them to mean that I'm berating every single console owner on this planet. Fuck you very much too, to the appropriate repliers. I dislike this game, having paid money for it, and outlined perfectly reasonable attributes that are positive and negative about it. Personally, I find any game that marks out the exact spot on the sodding floor in order to progress through checkpoints, is simplistic, irritatingly linear and diminishes any sense of exploration or discovery that could have been there had the developers bothered. If you're happy to be led by the nose throughout a game, I suppose AvP will suffice.
  5. I've been playing this for a couple of hours. Positives: Visuals are tremendously impressive. That Tracker Sound. That Alien Sound, and hell it's completely authentic Aliens visually and aurally. Any first-person game that shows your feet gets points for realism. Negatives: (oh god where do I start) Persistent "I'm dumb therefore I need to be told where to go" quest arrow. Consolified menus. Cannot run windowed. Persistent "I'm dumb therefore I need to be told where to go" quest arrow. Utterly useless mouse control with "gamepad-style" acceleration. After playing spot-on FPSs such as Quake 3, System Shock 2 or Stalker for weeks, this feels completely wrong. Almost totally linear. Soulless writing, the audio logs aren't interesting at all. Persistent "I'm dumb therefore I need to be told where to go" quest arrow. It's another "dumbed down for console-tards" FPS. For many of you, you won't care, it's still authentic and genuine Aliens. That's a totally valid reason for wanting to play this game. But even if the first two look archaic by today's standards, they suffer with none of these problems and are simply more FUN to play. I've just spent 30+ hours playing System Shock 2 and its fan-missions. It may look old by today's standards, but its non-linearity, Looking Glass Atmosphere, utterly precise mouse control, compelling RPG underpinnings and general polish, made coming to AvP2010 a shock (ho ho) in many ways. I've never seen aliens look so good, but god it was painful shooting them.
  6. Let's be completely fair: Bioware were LAZY with that part of the game. Same warehouses, same caverns, same objects. What a waste! The "landing on planet and exploring" mechanic is a sound one, but if they'd given us a vehicle with decent controls, and actually mixed up the damn levels some more rather than copy/pasting, ME1 wouldn't be so maligned. But there are hints the DLC of ME2 will have a tank...
  7. I'm very disappointed to see there isn't more talk of this game. I've been spending the last weeks enjoying Mass Effect 2 as well, yes, but that's no reason to ignore this wonderful game. All the problems with SHoC and Clear Sky have been fixed. The game has been totally reliable so far, and the story and quests are better told and developed than ever. The maps are massively improved over the old ones (think Army Warehouses more than the "wide corridors" of Cordon and Dark Valley), and it's "open world" from the start. Hats off to GSC. Oh and the special edition comes with a map, 4 art cards, and a soundtrack CD with audio + MP3s. Nice touch.
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