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  1. It shows how he approaches these fights, we saw in the Conor one too that he was stoic all the way through and at the end, just unleashed. Same happened here, kept it (seemingly kept it) together all the way through the build up and training it sounds like, and afterwards just a wave of emotion. I wonder how the fight would have gone if Gaethe escaped that ground wrap given that last leg kick looked nasty, but damn, I was wondering if Gaethe on top would be bad.... nope.
  2. Hmm that's annoying. Maybe my mistake, I assumed all UFC events were covered in my monthly sub.
  3. That was just a tap. Just loaded up the app to watch this and.... BT Box Office? WTF? Is this the first one they've done this for? Am sure I watched the last one on the app.
  4. MattKB

    Rogue Company

    Started playing this the last few days. Am actually quite enjoying it, had a fair few good, close matches. Not bad.
  5. This is on Game Pass tomorrow. Anyone know if it has cross progression?
  6. Excellent news. I assume it’s tied to gamer tag on Xbox. PSA for Mac users, you have to add the app under privacy setting for input monitoring and reboot. My understanding is that the fancy 7.1 headphones etc are not needed next gen as both consoles do all the processing on the hardware so any headphones work via controller or USB.
  7. I don’t think so. It says the headphones are automatically paired to the dongle (pairing looks to require a pc) so I think you’d be constantly changing. I wonder if it would work with a usb hub but not really sure. You’d still need to flick a switch between Xbox and everything else. Just tried Switch. Works fine too. So that’s basically plug and play on Xbox, PS4, switch, pc and Mac. Have only tried Xbox party chat and the response was I ‘sounded fine’.
  8. What you running today?
  9. With the 7x, yes. The dongle has a little switch for USB or Xbox mode. So flick that and plug it into your next device. It’s a USB 2 to USB C cable. The benefit of the dongle being usb c is that it can plug direct into android or switch in portable mode. xbox wireless - it’s notoriously flakey but worse on old xboxes. Mine is an original Xbox one. It keeps doing this:
  10. @Shimmyhill there’s a discount on their website at the moment with a code. I’ve only been using it for a few hours so plenty of time for me to find faults yet (as always seems to be the way for headsets)
  11. Oh also, you have a few sound options on Xbox today which carries over to Series S/X. Stereo - obvious. Windows sonic - equivalent of PS4s virtual surround sound Dolby atmos - licensed version of sonic (£15 per year) I thought Sonic sounded great in game. There appears to be some issue with Xbox with games whitelisting sonic, and it defaulting to stereo randomly. Spotify (which I’ve been listening to to check for drop outs) has an odd reverb effect using Sonic. There’s a free 7 day trial of Atmos which I tried this morning. No weird reverb and sounds gre
  12. I had the 9x a few weeks ago. Loads of stuttering issues on Xbox with it. Sent it back. The 7x sounds the same to me, but has a separate dongle so uses Steelseries 2.4 ghz wireless rather than the Xbox crap one. I did tweak the equaliser to ‘performance’ which sounds slightly better. The steel series engine software on pc lets you adjust mic monitoring, the EQ and auto power off time. It seems a bit fiddly getting it to connect and work with the software - I can’t get it to detect the hardware on Mac at all.
  13. To add, chat mix doesn’t work on PS4 via the headset. But it sounds like the 7p (or any third party headsets for PS5) have that yet either
  14. The 7x is Xbox and the 7p is PS. However the X works on PS but the P doesn’t work on Xbox. Go figure
  15. Well the A20 looks like one to miss: https://www.ign.com/articles/astro-a20-gen-2-review I picked up the 7x yesterday, and out of the box it works on Mac, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. I’ve not tried Switch (but it apparently does). All require plugging a dongle into the relevant system and then it’s wireless, and comfy. Need to have more of a play today.
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