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  1. It makes my iOS devices get really, really hot. Same with the game pass app too, on my phone, feels like it’s going to spontaneously combust.
  2. My daily breakdown shows: 461 / 5,976 Points earned I can’t see how or anywhere to get more points. Assuming there’s no cap as being mentioned, is the rod current offers on (things like rent a film etc)?
  3. I’ve had the aforementioned ‘to do’ and sound bugs. It’s pretty annoying (not sure I’d sell my PS5 because of it but I’ve had similar frustrations).
  4. So this worked when I actually rebooted my router (not the Orbi!) and was working fine, but today the issue has returned with the ping app showing spikes on iPad and iPhone - same problem returned on remote play. Does anyone know what causing this? I can reboot again to fix the issue (presumably) but be good to know why it goes tits up.
  5. I’ve been playing it a lot and really am enjoying it. It plays more like 2019 than 2020 for me with the weird turning/braking issue of the last game changed back. The triggers on the PS5 are fantastic (and that comes from someone who doesn’t like the triggers). But it’s very much the same game with some polish than an evolution, although the story mode is rather good I thought.
  6. Everyone I click ‘Don’t show me this again’, it shows me it again anyway. I went through a disproportionate amount of effort to get a 5G channel separate (thankfully my router does let me, but I am using a wireless mesh hub into that) and I still got the message on a 100% 5G network so I think that’s just a bug.
  7. Rebooted my router, thought that did the job but quickly the same problem has returned. Tried that ping app and yep, frequent spikes
  8. I'll try this too thanks. Is my router's local IP address the on that I type to get to the control panel in a browser?
  9. Urgh I rebooted my wireless access point (Orbi mesh) but not the actual router! Will try that tonight.
  10. I'm finding that this was working brilliantly for Xbox and PS5, but the last few weeks it's been stuttering every few seconds. Given it's happening on both I assume something on my network has happened, but nothing has changed at all. Any ideas of things to check?
  11. I just subscribed to this. Been meaning to for a while but just kept forgetting. Very lame. Excited for my first drop.
  12. Ok great thanks!
  13. I’m sure I earned more than 5K points last month, but the image at the top of this page suggests you do indeed earn up to a max of 5K per month. The searches alone get you close to that so is that right?
  14. Anyone use remote play and noticed a change? It’s been flawless for me on series x (iOS iPad remote play) but since Saturday I’ve had a network warning on the app (top left) and it’s been stuttery. Nothing has changed on the network, I don’t think there has been app updates. Am at a loss what to try.
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