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  1. I'm interested in this - it looks like a digital only release though? Hoping for a trial or demo as it could be good, but also potentially not!
  2. Has anyone used the Funimation trial for 3 months? I downloaded the app but no voucher has come through yet - seen a few people query it on Reddit but no resolution.
  3. I’ve found that remote downloading from the MS store website rather than game pass app seems to work.
  4. I am disproportionately excited for the reveal of the venum ufc kit.
  5. Has anyone got remote downloading reliably working? Sometimes it does. Sometimes not. Mixed results from game pass app and /or Xbox store website.
  6. I can’t help but feel that Paul is absolutely going to wreck Askren.
  7. It’s brilliant on Series X although does drop occasional frames at certain points / tracks. It’s a game changer. Completed it on PS4 and did it again recently on Series X.
  8. Finally got a victory. Unlocked the Umbra clan and got a win first time (and I didn’t think I’d have much chance after my first battle!).
  9. I’m fairly sure the series x is still 30 as well, I downloaded the trial and it felt horrible.
  10. Anyone got the extra SSD card? Is it just plug and be seamless with internal storage?
  11. I think it does... Anyone use the app for remote play? I find it works really well (iOS) but it connects, disconnects and reconnects itself about 2/3 times before being stable. I assume it's testing bandwidth or something.
  12. Man Lewis looked tiiiiiiiiired.
  13. Possibly silly question ( I got the disc version of ultimate on Xbox. How do I unlock Rambo etc? I thought they all came with it but him, Spawn etc are all greyed out.
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