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  1. It seems ok, bit of a laugh but I don’t like the feeling of the bikes, feels like the luge. The dialogue is pretty painful. So far the snowboarding seems like the best bit (maybe they should have done Steep 2)
  2. Thanks. I’ve done a reasonable job on the leg, looks a bit scuffed but I’ve used a thin file and it seems ok, I hope paint will cover it. For the backpack it’s impossible to get the mouldline remover in. I’ve tried using the citadel files and filed one down, not sure it was the most efficient method.
  3. What’s the best way to get rid of the lines on this leg and the mark, and the plastic bits sticking out from the backpacks which I cut out of the sprue? I have the citadel mouldline remover and files but not sure they’re the right tools.
  4. The sheer amount of specials spawning is ruining this for me. It just feels like a slog, everything coming at you all the time. I’ve really enjoyed it, but the thought of another long session on it is a bit much.
  5. Balls, 30.516 after half hour of laps and I haven’t even moved a place.
  6. I cashed in some ms reward points for this and it’s fantastic. Very pleased with the ‘purchase’.
  7. Painting question, just getting going, can I make do with one brush from the starter set or do I need more?
  8. Re the aiming, I did tweak sensitivity and acceleration, turned off motion blur and it's quite playable now but doesn't feel quite right still. The last player having advantage thing seems to be corrected by taking it in turns to start (so two halves to each match) on the one I played, at least I think that's the way it works as my opponent then conceded. Good concept, requires some serious brainpower to get your head around it though.
  9. Can’t remember if this setting was in the last flight but I’m struggling to get to grips with the aiming exactly. Reduced the look dead zones and axial and it’s way better. Set it down to 7.5 and it feels much nicer to aim with.
  10. The start, until you can infuse was the hardest bit for me by far (aside from maybe the Fia quest line which made me want to smash my TV).
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