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  1. Some of the new created maps are very, very good.
  2. Is the Vallejo air paint for air brushes/sprays only ? Potentially silly question or name convention.
  3. Looks great. Gotta get your bases done now!
  4. How do you guys store your figures? I’ve got a ton to paint and have moved places so don’t have a kallax storage area anymore (need to jam them into a small space really). Have put little magnets on the bottom which may help?
  5. Awesome, booked for Birmingham. Thanks!
  6. Any tips for picking the right tyres? Whatever I select it feels like I'm driving on ice
  7. The searches don’t seem to be there for me today on iOS and chrome browsers. Anyone else lost these?
  8. Looks stunning too. Not totally sold on the augments but an enjoyable first day today with it.
  9. I have the exact same thing on iPhone. Seems to ‘cache’ the log in but if it needs to do a full sync and load then it falls over.
  10. Something seems odd with the graphics on PS5. 60 fps and motion blur turned off, still looks like it’s on to me.
  11. I followed this guide to install the epic games launcher https://gamerant.com/how-to-install-epic-games-launcher-on-steam-deck/ However it’s basically a nightmare using the touchscreen for mouse. Is there a better way. I’d like to have fortnite running on the deck but wanted to check if this was the right way to do it before I download the game.
  12. I’m painting a primaris warsuit and noticed a dent in a leg. I figured I’d make some slash marks with a hobby knife to make it all look like battle damage. Mistake. My plan is to take the paint off and fill it with either liquid or normal green stuff. What would you recommend, and if normal green stuff, what tools? I thought about these: 10 Pcs Clay Sculpting Tools Flexible Silicone Carving Modelling Tools Clay Color Shapers Pottery Sculpture Sealers for Clay Pottery Shaping https://amzn.eu/d/1o22lyQ
  13. How are you guys playing mp already as it hasn’t unlocked here - vault edition.
  14. Can’t believe TJ really thought it wasn’t going to go that way given his shoulder injury - throwing it out 20 times since April. Madness.
  15. I discovered today you can get all the daily searches on Edge iOS and then Chrome iOS switching to desktop mode.
  16. Every time you get an achievement you get booted from game. Incredible.
  17. I was struggling with the first pressurised ship. Managed to electrocute myself so restarted and all the doors were open already depressurised. Presumably to do it properly you have to find an ‘in’ and solve it that way ?
  18. Yeah it’s a superb follow up to (the new) Modern Warfare. The prisoner mode is cool.
  19. Anyone playing this? I wasn’t sure at first but there’s a lot of strategy to had found. Essentially a 40 player battle royale, only you are punching and grappling across a city. You learn moves by reading comics, and you’re encouraged to get into combat by being awarded with perks. https://www.rumbleverse.com/en Seems to have been quite well but quietly received. It did fall over the other week when a few streamers with big audiences were broadcasting but seems to have recovered nicely now.
  20. Finished the two necrons I’ve been working on slowly today.
  21. What wireless keyboard is that?
  22. Thanks @Davros sock drawer I’m working on these Necron overlord where I’ve used runelord brass (with cryptek armourshade) and brass scorpion (with agrax gloss) and Necron royal warden with retributor armour gold for the skirt and decals, and runelord brass again with cryptek. Leadbelcher for the metal with iron hands steel at points for highlights and on the blade. I went for a tesseract glow flowing through the scythe which I’m pleased with - the guide had it as caliban green but I just wasn’t keen. The overload has a screaming bell tailcoat but I need to glue that back on.
  23. That’s ok I managed to snag one from forbidden planet when they flicked in and out of stock. Did you dry brush all over the gold parts too? I’m toying with how to do the edge highlighting on some necrons, and I read silver highlights on where I’ve done retributor gold and other golds but bit nervous about that.
  24. How you’re getting in and around to do the cabling I don’t know, I’m struggling with a necron overlord which was only made easier as I dropped it and a bit snapped off (so I can now get in to paint it)
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