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  1. Why not try it. To be honest if you enjoy doing it and can cover the cost of your materials, it sounds like a perfect balance of enjoyment and not collecting a load of clutter. no clue how easy Etsy is to set up. I assume you have to pay tax on your earnings though whereas eBay is just the fees (although arguably I guess that should be declared, not sure how that works)
  2. No I don’t think so. A few others are tricky to get close joins too. I may try playing with those since I glued one now so that’s lost. Not really one for show but I assembled my first non push fit model today which I was pleased with as it was fiddly as anything.
  3. Sort of worked but I think these sigmar ones are just a bit like that. Even with force I can’t close the gaps really.
  4. I’ll try cutting the pegs, didn’t think of that!! Thanks
  5. I got an age of sigmar magazine and annoyingly some models just don’t seem to fit flush together (on the shoulders). Is this a thing with some models?
  6. Saw this on this thread weeks ago and was saving it. Watched it tonight and it’s just brilliant. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Finished my space marines, and attempt at edge highlighting. I tried one in black to see how it would look, looks ok but the lighter blue is better.
  8. This worked really well, thankyou. Still gets a bit gunky at the tip after a while but I just rinse and kitchen towel to remove it. Going to do my other brushes now the same way. Annoyingly I got paint into the ferrule which I was desperately trying to avoid but gave it a rinse and hopefully will be ok.
  9. Thanks I’ve tried that. Will see how it panned out tomorrow
  10. Thanks. Have I buggered the brush up by using it immediately?
  11. I got a Windsor and Newton brush from Amazon, not cheap and right away the tip looks borked. I’m thinning paint with water , just not getting a great point. I’m twisting it in the paint to draw it to a point but having no luck - any tips?
  12. My Imperium 9 turned up but it says I also need Imperium 10’s sprue. I thought they were all standalone but I can’t find issue 10 anywhere as out of stock
  13. These are amazing, what set/brand are these from?
  14. Oh that makes sense. Thanks.
  15. So the new map is out and… none of the old skins seem to work in it. Which seems pretty bloody annoying unless it’s just a launch thing before the Bruce Willises get in to make the start more authentic?
  16. Had a crack at edge highlighting. I stopped after realising I need a smaller brush. Still, some good lines.
  17. I’ve not tried yet. I got some tyrant skull dry paint for the astrogranite but haven’t tried it yet as I think it might be the wrong colour. I didn’t realise you could dry brush with non dry paint.
  18. Any recommendations for what to do with the stones/base? I feel like I should do something with them but I tried agrax and then on another some nuln oil and ended up binning them as looked crap.
  19. This is mine. Tried a few but settled on this in the beta and have stuck with it.
  20. That’s awesome, would love some more photos. Are the rocks and skulls on your bases the citadel ones?
  21. I had an email back but for mine they said they couldn’t see an achievement I got and asked for a screenshot which I’ve sent.
  22. That’s the worst map I’ve played so far. Hovercrafts are unstoppable. There’s almost no verticality on breakthrough.
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