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  1. tobert

    It Takes Two

    I think the system of only getting game over when both players die is genius, it allows them to makes things challenging but you soon realise dying individually is not that bad. Plus, as you say, it adds a bit of tension for the person left alive. Also, the game changes up so quickly if someone struggles with one bit they will likely be onto another bit before it becomes too much of an issue.
  2. Is it possible to play this offline? I think my kids would love the pirate theme but I don't want to risk potty mouths online or getting trampled on as they learn the ropes (they are 4 and 6 years old). If there is a way to sail around on your own that would be perfect
  3. I have been really impressed with remote play on the ps5. I always found it hit and miss on the PS4 and PS4 pro, sometimes fine, sometimes a little choppy. But in the PS5 its been rock solid. I am using an app called PSPlay on my android phone and it allows me to specify a 1080p image at 60fps with HDR without any issues. It also allows me to use my Kishi Razor which essentially turns my phone into a handheld PS5. I also tried the same app on my Chromebook tonight and again it was spot on. It's superhandy, especially when the kids are watching something on
  4. tobert

    It Takes Two

    This is a just pure joyous fun isn't it. Looks lovely, plays wonderfully and just throws so many brilliant ideas and mechanics at you each and every level. Everything I have seen is Mario/astrobot levels of joy and invention, but with mate.
  5. tobert

    It Takes Two

    You control the camera and I have actually found it makes me feel a little qeasy, I think its a combination of the split screen (which is present online) and a relatively fish eye'd view
  6. tobert

    Disco Elysium

    I am struggling with this, I seem to be spending most of my time wandering aimlessly unsure what to do next. Is that kinda of the point? it sounds like I should just be going with it and enjoy talking to the different people. I also have a few items and tools but don't really know if I should be experimenting with these or using them when explicitly told to.
  7. tobert

    Disco Elysium

    Not played this before, playing on ps5 and the controls are...odd. sometimes the interaction prompt comes up, others times it doesn't. Sometimes it does something, sometimes it doesn't. Either I am not getting the controls or its a bit finninky
  8. tobert

    It Takes Two

    Could you friend not download and play the PS4 version on their PS5 if needed?
  9. Is there anything stopping you creating an Xbox account, getting gamepass cheap on a trial and only using the streaming option on your phone? (I.e. not buying hardware) I believe you can use any Bluetooth pad so, if you have one of those, then the only outlay intially would be for gamepass. That could be interesting if they upgrade the xcloud servers to Xbox series x and allow people to stream to Tv's
  10. I tried this last night, it did indeed look a lot clearer in the space station, but when I tried warping somewhere else it crashed. It crashed again when I flew out of the space station, and crashed again when I finally made it to a planet. Anyone else been able to try it?
  11. Anyone played in PSVR yet? I have not been particularly taken by Hitman in the past but looks like it could be amazing in VR
  12. Standard deliver 30 to 60 days
  13. I wonder if the psvr version on ps5 will be able to take advantage of machines extra horsepower
  14. I got the game on stadia and PS5 and thought the ps5 version looked a lot better. I am not sure how much of a difference the 4k HDR version on stadia pro makes as I was playing on stadia boggo. I ended up selling the stadia kit to a mate.
  15. Just brought this, its not offical, but doesn't look too ugly and is currently half price so seems like a good deal https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08MCJ5YQY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Is also charges other USB C controllers like Xbox Series X/S and Stadia
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