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  1. In terms of positives, only conceding 2 goals in normal time in the whole tournament shows the progress England have made
  2. I don't have space to put it vertical or behind the telly. Horizontal doesn't look anywhere near as a good as vertical, however the "vent forward" looks a bit better and means all the heat is dispelled. Edit: now with picture, didn't realise how dusty the soundbar is...
  3. The series X really blows out some heat doesn't it? I got one recently and the only space was in the TV unit which is closed on 3 sides (open front). After a couple of hours playing I noticed the fans had really kicked up so checked the temperature and the whole unit was really hot. I left a good 5-6 inches between the main vent and the side of the unit but it was still baking. My solution was to turn it 90 degrees so the main vent was pointing out towards the open front.
  4. yeah I kept hearing that through out the game
  5. What are everyones recommendations on pizza sauce? I have tried a tin of pizza express sauce and made my own with tinned tomatoes, both ok but looking for something which will that really pop with fresh tomato taste
  6. It seems to be game specific, got the above with Gears and Dirt but straight in with Ori and No Man's Sky
  7. Its not appearing on the Gamepass app, Hopefully it will later today so I can try it by streaming to my phone
  8. Is xcloud now streaming at 1080p regardless of whether its running on a S or X?
  9. Is there any obvious ways to tell its running on a series X blade? just smoother and shorter load times?
  10. Content is King in this industry (just look at Nintendo) and at the moment Sony have more exclusive new shiny things than MS. That will change soon (I have brought an X to play flight simulator) and I think it will be a difference conversation in 6 months once the internal studios start churning out title. However, what will be interesting is what kind of quality bar MS maintain; Sony's model is around mega hits which have huge budgets and massive amounts of polish to justify the price. MS may be slightly more around having X number of "great" games every month so may set the bar lower. MS wants to be the Netflix of games with gamepass which is great, but Netflix is home to a huge amount of average content.
  11. My main concerns around the S was the small amount of SSD space (and upgrading this effectively brings the cost up to that of an X) and the fact it's tied to the S branch for last gen games. But it looks amazing and is a stonking deal especially with gamepass
  12. My concern with the S is that people talk about it losing graphical features compared to the X at the start of the generation. Later on, when the X is being pushed, then I wonder how much of a poor relation the S will become.
  13. My local game and Argos both had stock this weekend so it's worth checking around
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