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  1. Am i right in saying that you can only merge accounts from within the game on consoles? I sold my copy a while ago so I think , unless there is an option to do this via the web, I am scuppered. Also am I right in thinking that, if I don't merge accounts, I will need to unlock all the hero's again?
  2. Playing on my chromebook, I have tried playing on the android app and through the chrome browser. To my eyes the chrome browser stream looked noticeably better, would be interested to see if anyone else can test to see if this is consistent Update: playing on xbox.com/play on my android phone (rather than using the Xbox gamepass app) also seem better
  3. wait, you don't ink the base? Sorry real noob question; how do you back out of match making once you have started? I can't see an option anywhere.
  4. I would play what ever is new, plus the latest multiplayer game I can enjoy with friends. I would also pull together a testimonial game of FIFA with the old Rllmuk BAP Crew.
  5. Noob question as someone who hasn't played the first too much? Am I missing out not using motion controls? I found them fiddly so turned off after half an hour.
  6. tobert

    Foo Fighters

    Its it wrong that one of my highlights was Sam Ryder and Queen doing somebody to love.? Just about the least Rock and Roll singer you can think of but he totally owned it and his vocals were amazing
  7. Everyone should watch this, it's joyously bonkers and a brilliant, brilliant film
  8. As well and looking amazing the sound in this is also brilliant. The excellent foley work along with the 3D audio really place you in to the world. Walking around a derilict sky scraper tonight, listening to the groans of the building and sound of the rain outside was hugely atmospheric. I would highly recommend playing with headphones. The game is largely identical to the previous versions but the graphics and audio really pull you into the world
  9. It's the standard controller https://amzn.eu/53DISO7
  10. PSA - the pro controller is currently £45 on Amazon. I have just ordered one
  11. Could you play by streaming on xcloud? its got touch control on phones
  12. Anyone playing on PC; does this better suit a mouse? on control with a pad feel just a little clumsy Also I could imagine that this in VR with motion controls would be next level OCD satisfying (and with added arm ache)
  13. Budget permitting you could splash out on something like a razor kishi and turn your phone into a budget steamdeck (...with added latency depending on your location/wifi)
  14. You can if you don't select the energy saving option on power down
  15. Just to echo others in here, saw this tonight and thought it was utterly amazing. It's bat shit mental but is also hilarious and somehow entirely coherent and consistent with a real emotional core. Best thing I have seen in a long time.
  16. They are looking for £220, it comes with the elite strap and a carry case
  17. sorry one more question; I don't have a PC so will i miss out on a lot of the good stuff with quest (no PCVR games obviously but also side loading etc)
  18. Is it worth getting the 64GB quest 2? Someone is selling one locally on Facebook Market and I am tempted. Am i right in thinking you can't expand the memory with SD cards? also do you get the full 64gb or does the OS take some of that up?
  19. This videos is brilliant, thanks for sharing
  20. Do you remember when most issues with a console were sorted by blowing on connection in the cartridge..?
  21. its kinds poor UI as its presented like a like its just a spin with all items getting an equal chance
  22. Are the roulette weighted towards the lower prizes in this? it has been the lowest possible reward in pretty much all of the 10 or so spins I have had so far...
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