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  1. I use the arrows which arreap around the aiming rectical alot, these basically show the direction or noise (along with wether they are above or below) It basically workes as a simply motion tracker and allows you to get a rough guide of where a merc is and whether they are traing to flank you.
  2. I wasn't sure about this when I first play it, however I played a few forum peeps last night and it completely changed my perception. Knowing the maps and character abilities and working together is the key and raises the tension a lot. Really really enjoyed it and am also experienceing the SC:PT Phemonminon of playing the game in my head in the real world (thanks hitcher, currykitten and U1 for showing me the way - and putting up with my crappness )
  3. I have played a little online and I have mixed feelings. I think the Edge reveiw was spot on it that its all about the people you play with and that you need to learn the maps. I played a few games with Randomes and no one talked and I think I saw a spy once (I was a merc) is 8 minutes. The live interface is also quite clearly not finished, there is no icon to show who is taking and "that" crash bug is inexcusable. finally is it me or is the frame rate a bit pants, if you spin around quickly it struggles to keep up. I played for a few hours on Saturday night and it screwed my eyes (although that was about 3am) Other than that is looks very promising (first "next generation" live game IMO)
  4. they both seemed ok (downloaded them late so had a look at them on my own) but neither stand out (samey locations/scenery) I would love to see one modelled on the Penthouse level, having firefights in the kitchen and stairs areas would be cool
  5. tobert

    Amped 2

    hmm that was one of those rare - "everything went right" runs (it was my first of session that lasted for a couple of hours and never came close again )
  6. tobert

    Amped 2

    Yeah I like the fact that you don't have to meet people online to play (always found it difficult arranging Top spin matches) that said you can also invite people to play so you can compare tips online. If you see me on send an invite oh and how does the score logging work? does it keep the best score in each section individually for all runs (i.e. the best combo ever, the best media ever) or does it take the totals or your highest scoring run (i.e. you might get a really high overall score but actually find one of the individual scores goes down) or am i taking this too seriously
  7. tobert

    Amped 2

    played today and got some new high scores, is anyone else still doing this?
  8. I should be on after playing footy, so about 10pm, with a new map it might actually mean that everyone is at the same beginner level as me
  9. tobert

    Amped 2

    OK so I registered on the XSN tournament in game and then played a few games by selecting Just ride (Career). However my scores have not been updated. Do you need to set a game up in Live or does it take them from the career mode?
  10. tobert

    Amped 2

    OK I have joined, do we need to play together or do we just post our score?
  11. tobert

    Amped 2

    I am up for this although I don't know if I can make the time for an XSN tourney. Having said that I have only played a top spin one, how does it work on amped 2, how many games do you have to play?
  12. I have seen a few copies of RS3 for £15 second hand at game station (its were I got mine from) and its the best £15 I spent this year.
  13. I can do a RS coop mission at 9:30 if you are on (or deathmatch depending on whos about)
  14. I am playing footy and then entertaining the missus but if I can clear some time then I will pop on
  15. I think my favorite Live Phase is right now, I have just got RS3 (a little late to the party I know) but I am loving it. previously I have never really got into Live and have only played randoms which never really appealed (no team work/talking and yanks) but with Rainbow six I have got into a few games with some forumites and it has been fantastic. I played a few excellent games last night on the Carnival stage with 4 on 4 (most of the time) and it was really close. I was with Bravestarr, Sladie and Listy and the great thing was we were working together in a team, warning each other and working together to cover an idea. It was kinda one of those momments when the joy of playing over live kinda "clicked"
  16. Yeah they were some good games of Rainbow 6 and I played my part in all of them: i.e. hiding behind you and Daveb or getting myself killed "so that you knew were they were" Seriously though even if I did get my arse kicked it was great fun - and I sooo getting into RS3 :-)
  17. OK played last night and did two things which greatly improved things: 1 - Increased the input sensitivity - so that I didn't move like a pig in mud and 2 - Played a few games of sharpe shooter - although I died a lot it allowed me to learn the map and get more practice of close quarters combat. hopefully that now means I will now be slighly more effective than a one legged man in an arse kicking contest...
  18. I might be around as well (also depending on social activities) Yawdib - I will send you a friends request when I am on are you playing co-op or adversary?
  19. DaveB - you can take me off the list as I wasn't able to pick up a copy of RTCW today However at least you will be a little less oversubscribed... BTW might be on RS6 later if anyone wants a game pre/post wolfie
  20. saw you all playing this tonight but annoyingly the sever was full all night
  21. Cool, cheers for the tips guys. I really want to like this game (good sence of "military Cool" - If i Can say that without sounding like a american weirdo) I have heard a lot about the G3A3 it does seem like the best gun. I think i will try a little sharpe shooter to get practice (it takes an age to learn anything in Team survival as I keep Dying!) Failing that I will pick up Wolfie tomorrow and play with all of you stead
  22. Got this on the cheap recently and have been playing it quite a bit. Really like the Co-op aspect but this weekend I was trying the adversary options. Trouble is I am crap at it and basically get thrashed everytime (i.e. Walk around, Bang! I dead - without even see who did it). Because everyone has this game they are normally very good so I spend most of my time waiting for the next round to start. So if anyone has any tips (apart from aiming for the head) then please let me know. Things hit a real low yesterday when I was booted from a game full of jeering yanks (they were the only people on at 1am)
  23. I got this recently and would be well up for a few games on Co-op My gamertag is Tobert :-)
  24. I borrowed this a while back and thought it was Ace, I might pick a cheap copy second hand. Are you all still playing on Tuesday 24th? p.s. also picked up Rainbow 6, love Co-op online but not sure on deathmatch. Keep an eye out for me online always up for a few coop missions Gamertag: Tobert
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